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I think there is a ghost in my house, what should I do?

14 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 20 hours ago
Best answer: You should purchase a Ouija board so that you can communicate with it. Ask it if it knows any good jokes, if it only knows the sames ones that you do then it is not a real haunting.

What do demons like to do best?

13 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 3 days ago
I know they don't like to cross the vastness of time and space and punch holes through dimensions simply to spend the day in a teenagers bedroom. So what are their preferred activities?

Girlfriend told me she believes in ghost and levitates?

12 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 2 days ago
It’s a long story, but I’ll just get to the point. GF tells me every other night that she’s scared of being at home alone because she levitates. I was like... really? And she’s like yes. I’m like, ok. Let me see and she said they’re scared of you. I was like... why? And she said I can’t tell you, they’ll get mad at... show more

I have a evil demon what to do? Details will be long?

9 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 2 days ago
I have a demon that haunted me mostly at night time I just started to get back on track for sleeping for almost a month I didn't sleep when I did it was only 4 hours I hear evil growls sometimes I seen it once I am going to try take pictures when I get my phone I am using my laptop right now. I will be honest... show more

Weird beeping inside my wall?

7 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 1 day ago
There is this weird beeping coming from my wall and it sounds like a radar beep but it goes for 4 or more times. my wall leads to my backyard and another room. i am confused. i know it isnt a watch or anything like that, its nighttime and kinda freaking me out. it appears to only be in my right ear and when i turn... show more

What type of spirit / ghost is this?

9 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 3 days ago
Best answer: I used to be a hunter. Not heard of this type but there are some others that were not human. You may want to look at some of the Egyptian texts to see if you recognise anything. The old myths may not be myths but something rooted in the past. There are some baboons depicted in the Hathor temple Dendera -... show more

Christians, why is "creation science" superior to real science...¿?

6 answers · Other - Alternative · 3 days ago

Paranormal experience seeing things at night... what does it mean?

8 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 5 days ago
I remember last night I got up to when the phone woke me up. Then around my bed there was a bizarre looking figure with arms. The figure was small but I mostly saw some sort of shadow. Then I saw it move towards me when it disappeared. I was startled but I have seen bizarre objects like this before. What does this... show more

Does this news article cast doubt on any alien abduction being real?

9 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 7 days ago

Have you ever experienced the paranormal?

9 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 1 week ago
Best answer: Yes. In a physics lab, an electron was behind a potential energy barrier. It did not have nearly enough energy to get over the barrier. But then it appeared on other side. It quantum mechanically tunneled thru. This is impossible classically, but it happened. This must be paranormal.

Have you ever had a paranormal experience?

7 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 1 week ago
Yesterday at work(I work at a fast food restaurant) I went to the walk in fridge to restock my food line as I was walking I saw the door close behind my manager as she went in. After seeing that I tried to hold the door open because I assumed she was was coming out with food to restock as well but when I opened the... show more

Best answer: There is a good chance that vibration from a wagon outside caused vibration to run up the legs of the desk and made the pen vibrate on the desk. This would explain the movement and noise. This is more likely to be the cause if you have no carpet but hard tiles or flooring in that room where the desk stands.

How can I get rid of a demon?

11 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 2 weeks ago
Last night I wanted to test to see if I'm going crazy or if it was a demon but I got my answer right away before I wen't to the bathroom my phone charger was fine but when I came back it was broken in half I also heard a evil growl which was loud I have been hearing noises today to so I been blasting music... show more

How can I prevent the psychic from reading my mind?

8 answers · Parapsychology · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Get her to sit on your lap. And you can both talk about the first thing that pops up.. She won't be trying to read your mind then.

Was he chased by someone or something? Do you think he ever made it out alive..?

Is someone in my house?

7 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 2 weeks ago
I’m spooked. I woke up around 5:26 am because my sister was getting up to go to the bathroom (we share a room). I tried to go back to sleep but soon heard a noise that scared me, it sounded like an exhale.Or like a whispery “haahhh” / “hhhhh” This alarmed me because it sounded human, not like an animal or house... show more