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Is it some kind of paranormal or what?

6 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 5 hours ago
First occurance happend a year after we moved in to this house, I was having my daughter take a shower while my 6months old in the other room(Just right next to the bathroom), as soon as I turned off the shower I heard some kind of Japanese person talked loudly then its gone. I quickly grab my daughter and ran to... show more

Do different counties have different paranormal beliefs?

6 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 2 days ago
Take the grim reaper for example - In the USA he wears a hood, in the UK he wears a bonnet and in Australia he wears an Akubra. Do you have any other examples of different ideas about the paranormal which are related to culture?

Is this really why we need Trump and Pense's Space Force?

Carl Jung has suggested that all people are conjoined by the Collective Unconscious, and by the Superconscious (Which is the Jungian equivalent of God). Therefore, at the subliminal level individuals are able to communicate with each other; regardless of whether or not they happen to be in close... show more

What is chikra?

6 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 5 days ago

Has anyone seen Somehting Sureal, like Out of This World?

14 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 2 weeks ago
Just Curious, it could be anything like E.T's or Paranormal etc Angels

Can Coffee Make You See Things?

9 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 1 week ago
Last night I had 2 espressos and I only drink not even one once in a blue moon. I had weird, almost creepy dreams last night and when I woke up in a panic I thought I saw a ghost. I believe in ghosts and have seen them before but I thought maybe it was the caffeine or my eyes adjusting to the light? Any explanations?

Have you ever experienced anything paranormal?

13 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 2 weeks ago

I smell random perfume in my room?

5 answers · Other - Alternative · 2 weeks ago
Well, this is kind of a strange question, but bear with me. Ever since about half an hour ago when I laid my head down to go to sleep. I started smelling this strong perfumey smell when just a minute earlier, the room smelled of nothing. I tried to ignore it but it kept bothering me, so I turned the light on and... show more

Best answer: I am quite impressed... just not positively.

Best answer: Yes very often at one point . I used to feel intimidated , like I was being tormented by this evil man and sometimes I 'd hear a girlie giggle in the room as well . This force would make me float out of my body and retreat once it won . After I felt relieved it was over because it was genuinely horrible .

Have u ever seen a ghost/jinn/demons etc. before?

7 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 2 weeks ago
i saw a dwarf dancin towards me and a hairy black hand that touches my leg. And when i told it to my mother i cant believe that she said that ghost was living in that area long time ago before our house was built there. and also one night i turned off all the lights and it gets black out just to sleep but i saw... show more

Does it sound like I spoke to a spirit last night?

7 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 2 weeks ago
Does it sound like I communicated with a spirit last night? *NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS FROM SCEPTICS* *I was told I was 'on drugs' in a previous comment. I do not smoke or drink alcohol not to mind do drugs! I am too young to even do drugs and so will report anybody for slander if I receive comments like that... show more

What was that noise . can u help me?

5 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 2 weeks ago
ok im a strong believer in the paranormal because of how sensitive i am to it but i dont know what it was . ok so the other night i was in the kitchen with my mam talking when i kept hearing this faint quick whislte , it sounded like a dog whistle. it began coming from the hall (apparently theres a gateway there)... show more

What demon/spirit is this?

5 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 2 weeks ago
My friend said he saw a demon holding on to some kid at school. He described the demon/spirit as having eyes as red as blood, black body with long claws just floating holding onto the kid. Ive googled but i dont get anything. His family is very familiar with these stuff so i dont think he is lying.

What can cause objects in real life to look pixelated?

8 answers · Other - Alternative · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: The person's own brain/optic system "Glitching" momentarily.---Unless several persons notice it at the same time---no record of that though.