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Are haunted items on eBay real?

9 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 15 hours ago
I like to buy a real haunted item so I can see a ghost in my house or hear some noises because my brother and I love being scared and it's fun to be scared. lol. Do you think they are real on eBay?

It happened at 3:58 AM..and since then it hasn’t happened again. Was this normal? Or a paranormal thing?

Is it true that you accept paranormal phenomena?

9 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 2 days ago
Best answer: There is indeed a spiritual world with both miracles and tactics of fallen angels.

Best answer: Depends how old she is. Kids and youngsters do go through phases, particularly if they think it makes them look more cool than their friends, and particularly if their parents get uptight about it. Anyone who presses hard on their eyelids will see weird things. I used to do it when I was a little kid. Try... show more

Can ghosts make use of solar power?

13 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 6 days ago

I am a lone wolf?

8 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 3 days ago
so i am a werewolf, not going to say no hate bc u can do whatever the **** you wanna but i am a real werewolf with no pack, 12yr female if anyone would like to start a pack or let me join theirs leave your #, sc or insta and we will talk

and tells you this because, in his own words, you deserve the truth?. He is calling everyone a liar and for some reason, armed with nothing but other peoples opinions on his computer, he thinks that he has all the answers to the world of paranormal even though his only experience is possibly Superman comics

Best answer: Impeachment is impossible as long as there's a Republican supermajority. By Trump's own words, he could shoot someone and his supporters will still remain loyal.

Will I get cancer from touching metal?

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Paranormal science question?

10 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 4 days ago
Best answer: Similare experiments have been performed with plants. The ones that were told good things flourished, while the plants that were shouted at shrivelled.

Is there a building in your town with a reputation for being haunted ?

4 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 2 days ago
I love stories about the supernatural . Is there a building in your town with a reputation for being haunted ? Is there a haunted house down the street from you ? For that matter, is there more than one building in your town with a reputation for being haunted ? I've read about haunted stores and schools, so it... show more

I found an old picture of people around my age. The picture is from 1911 and the kids look about my age. It’s weird because I am literally drawn to that picture for some reason and always feel the need to look at it. It feels as if there is the presence of one of them pulling me to the picture. Recently I have been... show more

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Empath how do they do it.?

6 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 2 weeks ago
My daughter came across an Empath this weekend.. And she told my daughter of her daughter was a lil freeked that this lady whom she had never met.. knew what she knew about her... and then finished it up with he hurt you bad but in the end.. 3 shoes will fall and he will hurt way worse than he hurt you...... show more

so far there has been nothing. How can I help to open the channels of communication between us?

Best answer: Long ago, I used to go to the park and sit on a seat connected to the bottom of a pendulum. Then used body motions to cause the pendulum to swing back and forth. Enjoyable way to kill some time.

Best answer: If the possibility of many lifetimes is posited, then "wiser counseling" would tend to be available (much as younger people have access to libraries, teachers, etc.). There could be a whole "civilization" of souls in between lives, etc. Some sources supporting your question's... show more

Flute noise coming from inside my room?

6 answers · Paranormal Phenomena · 4 weeks ago
Best answer: If it was a flute playing random notes then it is probably a kid messing with a flute and you are hearing it through air ducts. If it was playing a recognisable tune, it could be someone next door having a practice session EDIT! One long note? That seems more like an appliance. At the same time, when you are... show more