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Clemence or Catherine?

48 answers · 2 days ago

Sienna or Siena?

38 answers · 1 day ago
Which spelling

Do you like the name Wesley?

33 answers · 1 day ago

Is valentine a good name for a boy?

22 answers · 8 hours ago

Which name is better?

22 answers · 1 day ago
Aurora Gu or Lily-Rose Gu Gu is the last name Please be nice

Nate would be the nickname for Nathan and Danny for Daniel. Having trouble deciding between the two.

What does it make you think of

Aaliyah or Breanna?

38 answers · 3 days ago

I thought these names: Fashionetta Fashioniqua Fashionesha LaFashion Some advice???

Best answer: Brody, but if the spelling was different, Bodhi.

Boden, Bowie, or Bodie?

27 answers · 2 days ago

Name of the fifth child?

16 answers · 1 day ago
Tammy has five kids named January, February, March, and April. What is the name of the fifth child

Nickname for laura ?

15 answers · 23 hours ago
please dont say laurie ! my full name is Laura Marie Garrison... if that helps for a nickname . I was thinking Lo.