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I’ve looked through many lists and keep seeing the same ones.. Ryder, Rhett, Roman, Rowan. I don’t want a generic name like Robert either.. I like unique names. Help!

Gender Name...?

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Best answer: Sure. You can call a boy Sue as well, I heard the song that proves it.

Best answer: It sounds pleasant and close to adorable.

Her last name will be Winters

Saylor. What is your rating

Vivienne or Vivian ?

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Sister name for brother Jackie?

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old fashioned are nice. maybe with a modern twist? Nothing you d hear everywhere. I don t know. No Hippster


Best answer: Audrey. It's my daughter's name <3 I love that it's simple yet elegant. Also that it's a well-known name but not overused.

Which name is better?

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Best answer: I love both names and both colors! But I choose Indigo over Lilac. Not totally sold on the middle name choice, it's a bit too much of a colour metaphor (like blue sky) for me personally, but if that's what you're going for - I say go for it. I prefer Indigo over Lilac purely because I love the potential... show more

Best answer: Beatrice Poppy Phoebe Piper Bianca Bertha Helga Olga Onya George Jasper Graham Vincent Sebastian Oliver

What's a good nickname for Zach?

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Autumn, Winter, or Summer? I've only met one person with a seasonal name & her name was Autumn. are these names popular in your area, what do you think of the people that have these names & what do you think of the names themselves?

Is Jez Brady a nice name?

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My daughter has come! I want to name her Jezebel (Jez for short)

Rate these names out of 10?

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Billy Eddie Jack Nathan Romeo Silas Tokyo

Name a famous "Clyde"?

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Name suggestions?

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Boy names that sound warm? I like Miles and Henry...any other suggestions?