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Is there only two genders?

56 answers · 4 days ago
Best answer: God created Adam and Eve. A man and a woman. Yes, only 2 genders.

Boy middle name that start with E?

17 answers · 19 hours ago
First name's Quentin

Best answer: Fletcher is nice.

Best answer: Ruby is definitely better

Best answer: Penelope Lorelei and Penelope Wren are both very cute!

Is Fay a real name?

33 answers · 4 days ago
My stepbrother's wife is Fay. It sounds made up. Is it a real name? Okay yeah I know it's a name because it's her name. But it's like if I had a kid and named him Zumexibbo. It's not a REAL name that anyone else would have. It's not short for anything. Her full name is Fay Rose Mc----- show more

Husband and I are expecting our first child, a girl, next month. We were set on her name the whole pregnancy, then decided to change it "last minute". We have chosen Mackenzie, but I'm not sold on the common spelling. What is the best way out of the below to spell the name without obscuring the... show more

What is a trashy baby name?

17 answers · 2 days ago

What's a trendy name that you like?

11 answers · 24 hours ago

Thoughts on the name Kyra?

9 answers · 1 day ago
What vibes does it give off

Elowen vs. Athena?

14 answers · 2 days ago
I really like just “Elle” for the first name but it seems incomplete so I love it for a nick name for Elowen. He likes Athena... I personally don’t LOVE it because nick names are not as cute I’m unsure about it. Thoughts !

What do you think?

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Best answer: Not the first name. Ben means "son" The Hebrew word ‘eduth means “testimony, precept or warning.” It comes from a word that means “witness,” that is, someone who gives evidence.

We are due in June with our fourth baby (after 2 second trimester miscarriages). This will be our final babe and we need help coming up with names that fit in well with our family. Dad: Andrew Richard Mom: Deborah Wynne 7yo: Frederic Alexander 5yo: Oliver Theodore 3yo: Basil Anders Thank you!!