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I get it, running is a high impact sport that may cause your lower back to become sore but, is it normal to happen after every run? I could just be doing a light jogging warm up or a few sprints and my lower back will ache (usually at night when I'm laying down). Even on days when I don't run, i can still... show more

Best answer: Its definitely not bad for being 13, overtime your body will grow and get stronger and you will destroy that time soon enough.

Best answer: A half marathon is 21 kilometers. Our local race, which has no elite runners present, in a rural area, is usually won with a time of around 75-80 minutes. Last year's winner would have been running 3:43 per kilometer. The long run you described was at an average of 6 minutes per kilometer. Most beginner... show more

I usually keep it tucked it alongside my waist in my leggings. Last night I tried kept stuck it in my sports bra inside my cleavage, but the sweat afterwards made me think that wouldn’t be a good idea

I m a freshman high school cross country runner. I m a girl and weight about 102 lbs, I don t know if that matters but I m adding all the detals in case it does. I just want to know that best things to eat. Also, I run 2-4 miles a day at my current mileage in case that helps.

I was watching a cartoon where this guy tried to increase his speed by running on a moving sidewalk. I noticed that the sidewalk was moving in the opposite direction he was running in and it got me thinking. Would he run faster if the moving side walk was going in the same direction he was going in?

Best answer: Run at least 3 miles during your training. Your body will get adjusted to that and 1.5 miles will feel like a breeze, allowing you to keep a faster pace during it. Keep at it. You can shave that time off!

In 7th and 8th, I used to be able to run without stopping but when I joined cross country for 9th grade this year, I am unable to run without stopping. We always do 2 miles or more everyday and I am unable to run the whole time? Please help I’m the slowest runner and I used to be fast

Best answer: You can always ask to compete with the boys, since you would like to be challenged and you know you're faster than the other girls. Your instructor will either allow it or not. Even if you compete with the other girls, you can still compare your time to that of the boys, and determine which ones you would have... show more

Best answer: 1.5 miles in 16 minutes is not really very fast so it should not be very difficult to get down to this time if you can already do 17. Take it in easy stages otherwise you could get injured. Try running more than 1.5 miles but at a slower pace. 2 or 3 miles if you can manage it. Alternate that with running... show more

Should I run cross country?

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Best answer: Go for it. ☺ It's more important that you enjoy it.