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I m going for a run on the beach and i m just going to run in a sports bra and running shorts. If I ran into the ocean to cool down, would it ruin it?

Best answer: No, it doesn't. You can research breathing techniques for cardio/running to see what some experts recommend as being helpful.

Best answer: Maybe the humidity was higher than usual, making the sweat less easy to evaporate and thus less efficient for cooling

Best answer: The reason your legs are hurting is because when you go from a sedentary lifestyle to a active one, especially in a sport as demanding as cross country, your body needs time to adjust. When you're preforming any high intensity physical activity, small tears are made in your muscle fibers. It's no cause for... show more

Is there a certain plateau/peak that slow athletes can get to?

Why do I keep pulling muscles?

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I'm a 57 year old man in the best shape of my life. I run every few days and go to the gym also 3 times a week. Lately I keep pulling muscles such as my groin and back. Is this Age related and if so what can I do to hep prevent this from happening. Thanks

Best answer: 2) Sounds like a side stitch. You can do a web search using that term. In my experience, they are more common when doing intense running, and more common in warm weather. As far as anyone knows, they are harmless. You can lessen the probability of getting one with a breathing tactic. Most runners will have... show more

Best answer: You say you are getting slower. That concerns me. With proper training, at your age, that should not be happening. One possibility is that you are ill. However, my guess is that you are training too hard. You may be doing your workouts too fast. You may be spending too much time outside of team practice. It could... show more

Best answer: Large manufacturers of running shoes offer several models to serve a range of people with different pronation / arch characteristics. Chances are, you haven't been choosing the right models for your feet. Go to a store specializing in serving runners. Tell them you walk a a lot, you overpronate, and you are... show more

I started running this summer (at the start) and took my time down a minute but just this last run I got my pacing right. I ve only ran about 5 times one being a mile and the rest being two. My question: is this a good time? I m pretty fit and not lazy so started the summer at a 15:45

Best answer: yes, any regular exercise will make one fit ...

I wear a regular workout tshirt and dark workout leggings so I'm not naked. I can't help but be creeped out by these men giving me attention while I'm running. I had a guy flirt with me near a stoplight and someone just stalked me recently. I don't get it I'm slim built so I don't have large... show more

Best answer: I used to experience this a bit. I suspect you are either running too fast (not at a conversational pace), eating/taking a supplement of something that your body may not agree with ingesting before exercise, or you may be deficient of a substance such as Vitamin B12 or Iron. I personally think ALL runners... show more

Is it wrong to hate a certain race?

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Best answer: No I understand 10ks seems AWFUL. 6.2 miles at a fast pace???? No way... 5ks are much less commitment :)

Best answer: I like the answer from Steven S. Here is my version: You will die if you run twice a day, every day. You will die if you don't turn twice a day, every day. If you train properly, running may prolong your life. Whether it does or does not, you will have better health in the meantime. But, if you exercise too... show more