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Hip pain from running?

5 answers · 1 week ago
It is only my left hip that is an issue and I only feel the pain when I stretch to the right side of my body. I don't notice the pain when I walk or even bend forward. By the way, I am in my mid 20s, BMI on the high side of normal, male. Does this type of hip injury sound like a problem with my stride, my... show more

Best answer: It is not only possible, but it is likely. Not selecting shoes that match your biomechanics is a common cause of running injury. Side note: 3 months is a long time for shoes to last for someone who is running 50 to 70 miles a week. I replace my shoes as they approach 500 miles, although I run on paved surfaces,... show more

Best answer: I'd recommend going wider. I find the narrower ones lead me to pay way too much attention to my foot placement. Having a wider treadmill, at least for me, means I can focus more on just running. Do you have access to the narrower one in person? Can you try a demo model in the store to see how it feels?

How can I run even faster?

2 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Defiantly to your coach. She or he knows you, knows how they train their runners, and is in the best position to know your current training plan and how you can tweak it to get the desired results. You may need running drills or to work on strengthening one of more areas of your body, for example.

So this girl that I hate was trying to show off by telling everyone she ran a mile in 52 seconds. I don’t think that’s possible.

I use to do just short distance sprints for exercise so I never use to have the problem, but now that I run long distances (preparing for a 16km marathon) I get extremely painful chafing just under my butt cheek fold that puts me out of commission for 3 days. I’m not overweight nor have any extra fat that shouldn’t... show more

I’m a 26 year old male who’s lived a fairly sedentary lifestyle although my doctor tells me I’m healthy. I’ve never really been a runner/jogger aside from walking a lot. I just recently started hitting the gym now that I’m done with school, and I’ve primarily been using the treadmill to shed some pounds. Only... show more

I wear them until they start falling apart usually 4-7 months. Is this bad for your feet health? I've also had shoes that fell apart after just 1 month, usually Filas.

Does my son need a jock strap?

3 answers · 4 weeks ago
My son is 14 and is gonna run cross country, I have read that he should wear a jockstrap or compression shorts. Is this really true? Where can I get good quality jockstraps or shorts?

Best answer: Yes you most certainly can. Well, assuming you aren't currently 350+ pounds or coming off of a broken leg or something. It's pretty simple. You just kinda, start running. You really don't even need a track or a treadmill, just a running or fitness app on your phone. There is a very common plan that... show more

Should I quit the sport I love?

4 answers · 1 month ago
Best answer: Talk with your coach. You are overloading your life with priorities that will burn you out. Re-assess what is priority #1, #2, etc. If you and your coach feel that your plate is too full, then you need to scale back on the lower priorities (i.e. track). See if you can skip a few track meets and/or skip this... show more

I'm supposed to be in a 5k later this month but I haven't exactly been training. How bad is it going to be if I don't train at all

How could anyone run a 401K?

6 answers · 1 month ago
I love to run. It’s something that has always kept me healthy and I enjoy doing it. But it is still a lot of hard work! I train so much before a big race. I’ve run 5Ks and 10Ks and those are challenging enough! People casually talk about their 401Ks like it’s a piece of cake! How is that so easy for them to run?... show more

How to run faster?

6 answers · 2 months ago
Hi, currently, I am a high school student with an average mile time of 7:30, with my best mile time being 7:22. How can I improve so that I can run an average of 6 minute miles.(I don't train or do sports and I mainly stay inside.)

I'm a girl, I'm a sprinter, I'm 5'4 and my weight fluctuates a lot between 107-110 lbs. I almost passed out today at practice because I didn't drink enough water but I don't even really know how much water I should drink before a hard practice. I just drink when I feel thirsty. I also... show more

What should I do about shin splints?

5 answers · 2 months ago
Best answer: Pain is your body's way of telling you something is wrong. Shinsplints are a type of injury, and has a cause. If you keep repeating the activities that cause the injury, the injury will not heal, it will get worse. Eventually, it will become bad enough to force you to avoid those activities. It may be that if... show more

I'm overall a very fit person, I wake up at 4:30 to either run or do some sort of cardio and then weights. I have run several 10K races and have run almost 20k on my own. I also do a lot of biking etc.. However, I haven't been doing a lot for the past 3 weeks because of exams. To give you an idea, this past... show more

Best answer: Marathons are inherently dangerous because they are harsh on the body. There's risk of dehydration, exhaustion, getting lost, physical injury, overheating, etc. Even afterwards, there's risks of water intoxication. Take the necessary steps before completing a marathon. Make sure you are hydrated,... show more

Why is swimming better than running?

10 answers · 2 months ago