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Do you like Trump?

13 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: Not so much. I voted for him because I like Hillary a lot less. And Johnson stood no chance of being elected.

Best answer: Envy, they can't stand the success she has had as a left wing politician.

Best answer: marxist teachers and professors have slimed their way into our educational system and are indoctrinating kids ..

I mean someone who obviously is not going to run but you you would think might make a good president.

Best answer: Sanders is a socialist. Some people never learn. Children are drawn by the promises of socialism because of lack of education and inexperience. The promises are never delivered.

Is really capitalism the only system?

6 answers · 18 hours ago

Forget about your personal opinions on her, honestly, do you think she could win a rematch against Donald J. Trump?

Best answer: Oh they do and they is why they want to get rid of it. That way the states with the largest population will continue to elect who they want. Former SSgt.

Best answer: Iraq was Bush II cleaning up the mess left behind by Bush I during the Gulf war. We should have destroyed the Iraq Army and gotten Saddam at that time. We did not.

Best answer: Republicans, for sure. They are both cartoon characters. You couldn't make them up.

Most people vote for a party and don't even know their MP's name

When was trump elected?

14 answers · 6 days ago
Best answer: He was not...…..he cheated to win....

The other day I tried to go and vote at the polls, and I got stopped by security who told me that because I was not wearing a top that I would not be allowed to vote. They told me that indecent exposure is enough grounds to revoke my right to vote. Why do teenage boys have the right to commit mass murder with semi... show more

Best answer: Well I think thats why people elected Trump. He doesn't appear to be in their little elite club.