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I think it's time for it to go anyways. Think about it: Governor, congress/senate races use popular vote so get with the times and go popular vote!

https://www.yahoo.com/news/tijuana-borde... Yes, I know they are not allowed to vote but I am sure the Left will find a way around that.

Is it lack of education and roll models in their neighberhoods and growing up without a father, isn't it genetically in their blood for men to screw around and leave their kids, didn't they do it back in Africa before they were slaves in the U S A, in African Muslim culture a man can as wives as he wants,... show more

Best answer: I qualify. So?

Best answer: Yes. My mother, a lifelong Republican, decided in her 80s that she wouldn't vote for anyone who wasn't pro-choice. Married for almost 50 years, until my father's death, with 3 children, she thought young women needed to have a choice, and control over their reproduction.

Best answer: Thats not even possible. Trump did not win only 2%. I would check your figures if I were you. Also, the reason the Electoral College exists is because the US is a Federalised State. What that means is that each State is actually technically a country of their own, but give some powers to the central federal... show more

Best answer: @ Legion and Ted K There is now a criminal investigation into the handling of ballots by the Democrat election officials in Broward and Palm Beach counties. It is spelled E L E C T I O N F R A U D. Standard Democrat tactic since forever.

Best answer: That will depend on how things go. If he works with both parties and the economy goes well, he will be reelected. If people feel he still he is not kind to certain groups and is extra nice to others then there should be high voter turnout and whoever get's voters to the polls will win.

Who will the Democrats run in 2020?

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A. The fake Indian B. The fake Mexican C. The old rich white person

Best answer: It would not surprise me if HC ran again .. I think she has her heart set on being President. Personally - I don't think it's the best of ideas for her.

Best answer: No, I wouldn't vote for him. I don't mind his films but that doesn't make him president material. He's good at pointing out problems but not so good at providing solutions. He's an entertainer not a politician, we've had enough of entertainers pretending that they are politicians. We... show more

Best answer: Nothing changed.

Best answer: Fine with alt right wing fascists like libcrusher.

Best answer: Liberals want them to have voting rights. Name one reason they wouldn't want about 20M extra voters and I'll come off my stance.