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Best answer: They are going to lose when the likes of gay men, islamic 'feminists' and Marxist-Leninists are the leading people in their fold. Too remote from mainstream America. Buttigege won't win because he is gay. Bernie and Warren won't because they Marxist. It's become a party of goons and goon... show more

Best answer: Trump would have lifted the sanctions against Putin for invading Ukraine Trump spoke about dismantling NATO Trump and Rex Tillerson of Exxon would have signed a deal for Russian oil

Best answer: Insulted by liberals who vote Democrat.

Best answer: It's the only system that works in a country with liberty. Other systems can work, but they come at the expense of freedom, at the expense of personal sovereignty, and with the denial of human nature.

Best answer: It just seems more conservative here, because most of the TROLLS are point gaming conservatives playing 50 sock puppets apiece. Most of the higher level, long standing accounts, are democrat leaning or Liberal....with the same ONE account for a decade.

Best answer: Overall, whites with a four-year college degree or more education made up 30% of all validated voters. Among these voters, far more (55%) said they voted for Clinton than for Trump (38%). Among the much larger group of white voters who had not completed college (44% of all voters), Trump won by more than two-to-one... show more

Is china still a communist country?

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Best answer: Yes. That is what their government says. The new communism where every country in the world sends money to China.

Best answer: They prefer the LIES of the antiquated Georgian system which ensures that power remain in the hands of the wealthy.

Best answer: I don't know if the Democrats have any sane people left, which is too bad and sort of their own doing. They certainly don't stand a chance in 2020 and my hope is they flush the losers out and begin to make sense. While there is no chance against Trump, it's not that difficult to do better than the... show more

Doing research for a class and need some impute

Best answer: Non Applicable. And anyone that thinks Jesus as depicted in the bible, were he real, would have registered, supported, campaigned for, and voted for any modern political party is a hopeless idiot. 😂 😘 Lolz