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This is the first time I have taken the test and I am just stressing about the grade

Best answer: You need to find a way to calm down because 'fear' actually takes up brain space.When you are feeling fear, you are not thinking about the questions on the exam - you tend to forget the answers, because the brain is focused on fear. Definitely try deep breathing exercises - while focusing only on your... show more

Best answer: A syllabus is a list of the topics you need to cover to pass a certain exam. Not every education committee covers the same topics in their syllabus. For example, in mathematics, one syllabus may cover Venn Diagrams whereas another might include surds instead. Make sure you know what topics are covered in your... show more

What score do I need to get security forces. I hear the minimum is 33 but I feel they won't accept the minimum and they'll want at least 50+ Plus how hard is the asvab? Is it like college work.

Is graduating at 15 worth it?

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I'm working on the CHSPE and will graduate at 15.

Best answer: Chill out and relax, unless youre a person who functions better under stress, in which case panic!

What rhymes with luc?

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Poor trump still Does not understand how the U.S goverment works. He's also at high risk for being charged with obstruction of justice. Even if the Russian collusion was not real, trying to obstruct, impeded, or interfere with any ongoing federal investigation will you you charged. Comet laid a huge case for... show more

Best answer: could very easily happen.

Best answer: What school teachers are terrified of school rankings and standardized test? Many teachers are annoyed by rankings simply because there is no "right" way to rank a school. A huge problem was started by Newsweek when 1 writer decided to start ranking schools. All he did was take the number of AP tests... show more

My IQ is 110, is that good? im 14?

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Best answer: Google: (Your state) department of education GED

Best answer: Take out the tests you have taken. What kind of question did this teacher ask. What kind of questions did you get right. And what did you get wrong. What you got right is as important as what you got wrong when trying to evaluate your study skills Find the answer for every one you got wrong. Where is the material... show more

I wasn't

Best answer: Data / Facts / Research seems to support your view...

Ok so I️ cheated on a test, fine whatever. I was told I would have a 0 for the test I cheated on which is fine and what I expected, well i’m also being assigned ISS (In school suspension) when no other kid who’s been caught cheating had to go to, they just got a 0, well I technically “admitted” to cheating on 1-2... show more

Best answer: I'm a dog....