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How to get rid of Exam Stress?

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I have this terrible habit of matching my answers with others and that just makes me so nervous! Especially when smart kids say that their answer was different from mine. Idk I recently had a panic attack during exam and I left 30 percent of my exam because of that. Any suggestions on how to avoid this from... show more

Best answer: Understand that its not that hard to pass. As long as you did the work stayed on track and payed attention in class you WILL pass. I took an exam last year and got a 3 which is passing, and I wasn't worried at all. The fact is the possibility of passing and the opportunities that arise because of passing far... show more

Best answer: 1900-1999 was the 20th century.....of course.

Best answer: 200 point difference between my english and math SAT scores? How will this effect me for college? I think it can go either way. ~Peanuts2345

I hardly have time to revise properly nowadays and I eat a moderate amount of junk food.

Hi so I’m looking for advice, I missed my higher exam due to abdominal pain, I had to go into hospital as the pain was so severe and they believe it could be appendicitis, this was late the night before my exam and I stayed in hospital that night, I got a doctors note to say I was in hospital with abdominal pain.... show more

I'm trying to take my final, this is the last day to take it, and she is dumb af. I've never had an issue taking a test! She's like a retired lady who works 1 day a week who has to keep calling people because she doesn't know what she's doing. I tried telling her a solution since she... show more

Please provide links if possible... according the ap exam website they can’t beep, have an alarm function, or internet access.

She is eleven.

Best answer: You did okay

I was taking my biology final today and this boy was sitting next to me and he kept looking over at my scantron. Then my professor comes over, looks him dead in the eyes, and walks away. He told me later that he looked at the guy like that because he kept peering over at my exam. He didn't say anything because... show more

Have you ever passed A level exam (or any exam) with excellent results which you started studying just a week before the exam? Is it possible? How did you do it and what was your results like?

Every week in biology we are assigned about 300-400 multiple choice questions. They are on a website, the server is run by Moodle, and each practice exam we do has about 50-90 questions and we do four. However, along with a few other people, I photoshopped the quizzes and printed them out to submit. I studied... show more

Best answer: You could support an elephant on ankles that thick.