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Hi Im a vegetarian for 8 years now and im a male 32 years old and 2 years into my vegetarianism i started growing my first white hair and since then increasing till today and also same for my 2 years younger brother who with whom i started my vegetarianism and genetically our parents and uncles and aunts from both... show more

Best answer: in general, wild fruit would be much healthier than anything you buy in the store which is full of chemicals. That assumes you know what is safe to eat in general.

Best answer: Stop preaching to her - that's the worst part of veganism.

i.e. do vegans avoid buying food from company X because company X also makes non-vegan food or do vegans not shop at the typical grocery store because that store

Best answer: Taste?

Best answer: That would depend on how you cook the rice and plantain. I always cook rice in vegetable stock .. so .. vegan but I fry plantain in butter .. vegetarian but not vegan you'd have to use oil for it to be vegan.

Best answer: Its a buzz word that has become popular and means very little. Kind of like "super food" (no such thing) or "eating clean" (who eats dirty food???) NO food, animal or plant, can be obtained that doesn't involve killing something at some point. Insects and small animals(and sometimes not so... show more

Being a vegan is bad?

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I almost fainted in class today because I’ve been eating only plants for the past three weeks and my stools are gross and fluffy. I think being a vegan is bad for your health. I followed a freelea diet and only ate 30 bananas a day, and now it’s driving me bananas! someone help me I want to go back to being a... show more

Best answer: One is less ripe? Different kind of cabbage?

Are mushrooms vegan?

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Best answer: Yes, they're fungi. Harvesting them doesn't hurt animals or the animal house (ecosystem)

Synthetic meat has been created in the lab. In the future, it will be readily available to the public. I've always wondered whether vegetarians who eat it would be still considered vegetarian or if they would be omnivores. Technically, synthetic meat is still meat but no animal would be killed for it. And most... show more

They're killed for your taste buds and then they become feces. That is so disrespectful. I'm not trying to be disrespectful to meat eaters, but don't you feel bad for the animals? Or do you think their purpose in life is to provide you with five minutes of taste and then get pooped out and flushed down... show more

What are some whole grain foods?

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Best answer: yes I think avacado is overrated, but i do like good guacamole

Best answer: That isn't a milkshake. The first step to recovery is to stop lying to yourself.

Best answer: Fear of Vegans? Yeah.

I know people just LOVE to say that it's cheaper to be vegetarian or vegan, but I'm still not sure how...a tin of cheap chili to have with rice for two meals is a hell of a lot cheaper than salad or some other vegetables prepared to taste good and be filling. I'd like to try being vegan, hard switch... show more

I've noticed over the years going to Asian restaurants that even the vegetable dishes often come in a thick/viscous sauce with an odd 'gelatine' like texture. Do any of you know what this is? Even if you order a plate of say bok choy in garlic sauce, the sauce has that weird thickness to it...