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Do people still eat animals?

22 answers · 1 day ago
I thought people gave up animals long ago but man on internet said he eats meat. I'm Indian and everyone don't eat meat here.

Can vegans eat bugs?

22 answers · 1 day ago
bc theyre not animals

Best answer: No, its lettuce, grilled bacon and tomatoes.

Why do vegans think meat is murder?

21 answers · 6 days ago
Best answer: Because I know for a fact that the animals you eat do not sacrifice their lives themselves nor do they tear a piece of their flesh for you to eat. By mass producing livestock just for humans to consume is considered a definite murder whether you agree or not. Over 750millions pounds of grains are used as feed for... show more

Are you vegetarian?

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Best answer: We didnt evolve to become herbivores. We are omnivores.

I've been vegan 15 years. I'm active. I work out at the gym 4 days/week, mountain bike, hike, and I have a labour intensive job (carpenter). I feel great! So why do you need meat and dairy?

My best friend went vegan but I am very worried about her. When I bring it up she just gets mad and defensive. How do I get her to eat meat again?

i mentioned it a few days ago but my parents changed the subject. my stepdad kinda made fun of vegetarianism during dinner as well after i mentioned it. i dont want to be vegetarian because people are slaughtering animals, and it might be a bit insensitive but i dont care about that - people are going to continue... show more

I've been vegetarian for almost 20 years. Vegan for the last 10. I have never once talked about it or told anyone what they can eat. I'm not an activist. I live a regular life like anyone else, I just don't include animal products in my diet. It's that simple. Eventually friends and coworkers find... show more

My granny used to kill her chicken herself.

Best answer: I'm an omnivore, so not inclined to eat vegetable burgers. I have had soy-based burgers that vegetarian friends offered. They really were not bad at all. Beet juice would be a taste I don't think I could acquire. Of course, it wouldn't hurt you whether cooked or not. Just how dedicated are you? ;) show more

Best answer: Me. I hate stringy pulpy oranges with that nasty white pith(?) On them.

Best answer: No. Soy had lots more. but please don't think you have to avoid phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogesn are not steroids and they don't affect us like hormones. In fact, if you want to worry about hormones you ou are better off worrying about dairy and meat. Avoiding soy (or broccoli) because you are worried... show more

Best answer: You want an omnivore to eat celery? What? How stupid can you be? Why do you even WANT to get a vegan to eat meat? Why do you care what others eat, or don't eat?