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What is good vegetarian meals?

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Best answer: grilled cheese and tomato soup. egg salad sandwich and vegetable soup Baked potato with beans, steamed Broccoli and cheese and fresh fruit. pasta with cheese sauce, green beans and crusty bread.

The exception is pescatarians.

Best answer: MX. Mexico supplies 45% of the international avocado market. Of the 57 avocado producing countries, the other major producers are Dominican Republic, Peru, Colombia, and Indonesia in that order.

Can vegans eat animal crackers?

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Best answer: Can't if it got eggs and such.

I really want to go vegetarian and I think I’m motivated enough to, but the rest of my family basically lives off of meat. It’s not like they wouldn’t support me but I’m not sure how I’d be able to keep away from the temptation of it. Any tips?

Best answer: OMG... You're both idiots if you think eating meat causes violence and toxic masculinity. She "told" you to be a vegan, that's funny. You have to choose to be a vegan. I suggest that you be yourself and enjoy your food - whether it's eating meat or grazing on a salad. Good Luck.

I got it online and Trader Joe’s brand. I just want to know if you can eat it directly without preparation and not needing to cook it.

Best answer: Rice and soymilk is the closest taste to cows milk. They all taste delicious except hemp and cashew.

Are you vegan or vegetarian?

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What is the difference btw?

Beans? How can I get enough protein if I'm allergic to beans especially black beans and chickpeas.

I just got a new job. One thing I'm always prepared for are the questions and conversations that occur once people find out I'm vegan. There's no avoiding it as the company I work for buys lunch everyday so I obviously have to tell them I'm vegan. First question is always, "how do you get your... show more

Can vegans drink water?

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Best answer: nope! not a fkkkking LOUD ok! you have to drink extra large spring necter that only comes from the mountain of bahier and the only way to get that is to sqeeze the fkkkk out of this vine for abgout 8 days for half a cup. now go now my brother i wish you well.

Best answer: Which media? The only sites I have seen strongly promoting the vegan diet are generally radical pro-vegan websites masquerading as news sites. To date other than reporting on a variety of studies, which is part of their job, I have not noticed any pro-vegan bias in any of the main stream news media. In fact many... show more

I'm 5'1 and my weight goes between 90 and 100 lbs. I'm not very active. I do go on walks often though. Today I got 57.2 grams of protein. Is that enough? I'm wondering cause I hear plant protein is harder to absorb.

It's unsafe to cook pasta!?!?!?

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Read this!