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I just want to know if its possible that I can switch between fuels for no reason from time to time please no answers like don t waste money i choose too, read the manual it doesn t say...specifically weather i can t, simple question simple answer!

I recently got a tattoo of a hibiscus on my calf and can’t decide on what color to put in it I would like it to be on the feminine side I am In in the process of transitioning to a female

Or are we still in denial?

Best answer: FEAR THE WARM UP, MAN! But seriously, On average terrorists kill more people than a 1 degree rise in temperature. I mean, global warming is thing I guess? I honestly just think it's a natural occurrence, environmentalists just want to blame humanity so they can tax us more. There is no money is calling it... show more

Best answer: First generation incest probably won't cause problems. If you and yours continue to procreate with close relatives, it will become more of a probability, in subsequent generations.

Best answer: Hell yea!

Best answer: Tattoos become part of a person's body and image. If you don't like it, it's maybe not unreasonable to ask him to get rid of it, but if he refuses then it becomes unreasonable to insist on him removing it - at that point you have to accept that it's a part of who he is.

They smell & look like monkeys to me. They're voices are so ugly too. They sound disabled and retarded like they have Down Syndrome.

How can I talk to my husband ?

4 answers · 2 years ago
I was watching this show about a young woman who was being bossed around by her husband then after they had two little kids they got a divorce then he was so abusive. When she come on his property he called her a whore and threatened and yelled at her right in front of their daughters. Then she got pregnant he... show more

Best answer: call him a whore and punch him in his goddamn face and kick him at his balls

So why is President Trump so orange?

11 answers · 2 years ago
Is it the chemicals he uses on his hair? politics and government

Girls opinions please?

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I have a hypothetical sports question... When a boy is matched against a girl in wrestling, he wouldn't need to wear a protective cup right? Obviously against a another guy he would need to wear one. But a girl probably wouldn't know about hitting him in that area, plus girls aren't very strong anyways

Best answer: yes

Best answer: Wilson used Poison gas in WWI,. Roosevelt locked up Japanese (but so did YOUR guy), the Tuskegee experiments on African Americans started under him, Truman dropped an A-bomb, gave a pass to the Japanese Unit 731 officers who experimented on humans in China, Kennedy tried to have Castro eliminated, Johnson sprayed... show more