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Basically, which feeling is stronger, your hatred of Trump or your love of free stuff

Does Scorpio have the Darkest Personality?

12 answers · Nuremberg · 1 month ago
Best answer: I'm a November Scorpio. When I was 5 my dad gave me a puppy, I played with it but one day I strangled it..and I got a rush of excitement. In school I used to put laxatives in ppls lunches, set things on fire, vandalize my teachers cars. I peed on my teachers desk too. I was expelled from 6 schools. I killed... show more

How do you interpret this sentence?

4 answers · Dresden · 2 months ago
“Don’t shed no tears, the flash will light your way.”

What did Adolf Hitler do that was so bad?

19 answers · Nuremberg · 2 months ago

Best answer: No More like "anyone who isn't me or really close to being me."

Can you believe people born in the 2000 are adults?

5 answers · Dortmund · 11 months ago
The 21st century is running out of diapers, it’s eldest are 18.

What is your stance on Net Neutrality?

104 answers · Dresden · 2 years ago
This week could be a poignant moment in net neutrality. What are your beliefs?

Do we need more recruits into The Wandenreich?

7 answers · Dortmund · 2 years ago
Best answer: Well we have attempted to get more recruits but to no avail so no.

Best answer: Berenice Gabrielle's epithet is called "The Question" How it works is that she is able to question someone about themselves which weakens them maybe. Jerome Guizbatt's epithet is called "The Roar" How it works is that he creates sonic screams that cause damage.