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I can't really tell my first trip on an airplane but it was awesome I love flying. My first trip on an airplane was classified information. The second time I rode a plane was to Orlando 3rd Arizona 4th Arizona 5th Orlando.

I just had a holiday to Spain, and I had to ask for a seat belt extender and I had to keep half of me in the aisle to avoid crushing some stranger. How is this legal? I'm only 265lbs 5ft 8 man, logically I should be small enough to be comfortable but plane sets are to small for normal people. Rant over

I am currently going to school in the field of study in medicine because I enjoy working in hospitals, helping, and working with fluids. I am 21 and I had rode an airplane for the first time back in December. After that flight, I have started gaining an interest in airlines and airplanes and found that a job as an... show more

i've recently booked a ticket with areoflot airlines from riga to Colombo my full name is EvanaHennedigePoornamaSanjula De Silva. (desilva being my surname) but my eticket says EHP SANJULA DESILVA. Will i be denied boarding?

i am Bangladeshi . I have a family reunion visa of Brazil. I went to Brazil . I did need round ticket when i visited Brazil first time. So now do i need round ticket again to go to Brazil or i can come by one way ticket ?

it keeps telling me to enter a valid address. I did give them my correct address! I have tried Chrome, Firefox, and Bing all with the same results. I have tried this many times over two days with the same results. What gives?

Should I fly business or economy?

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Best answer: If you are of normal height and weight, travel Economy and keep the money for something more fun. If you are very tall or large, spend the money on the more comfortable seat.

How do I go about planning it? What do I need to consider?

I get all confused with the military time as well and the time difference. I have a flight leaving May 16 at 20:00 and it says it is a 10 hour and 30 minute flight, in which I will arrive to my destination at 15:30+1. I’m lost lol. If I need to book a hotel, would I book it for May 17? When do I actually arrive to... show more

Best answer: Depends on the ticket. Some are ineligible for refund, and subject to a fee if you want to change.

Best answer: Yes. But possibly not in one single flight for al of those destinations. And, of course, you need a passport, and possibly visas for some of those places. Promise me that you will look at a world map and see where those places are.