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I was told they would charge me $200 to change each ticket--which is about how much the tickets cost me. Which is preposterous. Other airlines charge $20-$40 to do this in many cases.

I want to print my tickets?

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Best answer: What do you mean by "popular"? Foot wear is quite the easy avenue to conceal things.. Bad guys will utilize this prospect to hide things in foot... show more

I know Canada is in squalor, and Canadians envy Americans. But do they drive all the way down from Canada to the States to fly sonewhere? From what I've observed, people in Toronto use the airports in New York City or Chicago. People in Montreal use Logan Airport in Boston. People in Vancouver and Calgary go... show more

I'm flying within Europe, it's the first time i'll be travelling with some form of medication. Is there anything Airport security require me to declare or anything I should know when flying with medication. Thanks

Not really how to sneak it but how to prevent it from leaking? I'm taking a 3 hour flight and am afraid my four shooters will leak once we're up in the air due to pressure. What do I do?

Trying to book flight name to use?

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Best answer: Use the name on your passport, which ought to be your full legal name. Border control people are never going to look at your driver's licence unless, perhaps, you have lost your passport and are trying to board a flight and they are trying to find some way to identify you. But then, if you have lost your... show more

Best answer: It depends on where you are flying. Assuming you are flying within the U.S., Southwest and JetBlue are pretty good. They post when they are having a fare sale. However these airlines do not fly everywhere and if the flight is short in duration, then flying American, Delta and United will be okay as well. These... show more

Or should I just dis assembly them and put them in my checked baggage? Have anyone done this before February 2018?

I will be flying from Salt Lake City to Melbourne Australia in July. I will make a connecting flight in LA. It is about 90-100 in Salt Lake City and I suspect quite hot in LA also. I understand in Melbourne it will be around 40-50. I'll be traveling around Australia and New Zealand. I usually wear my heavy... show more