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I just got my flight itinerary and I have layovers in 2 countries before getting to my destination countries, how many times will I have to go though customs?

So my husband and I booked a 3 hour flight for tomorrow through Allegiant and I bought economy tickets without paying to reserve our seats. Turns out they’ve assigned us seats away from each other, and I now realize just the thought of sitting by myself Is insetting a panic attack in me, as I suffer from anxiety.... show more

I recently booked an international flight from Edinburgh to Newark, without realising there is a 60 dollar baggage charge for each way, im happy to pay this upon checking in My concern is that at the airport they may possibly tell me there isnt room for my suitcase, has this ever been the case before? I cannot... show more

I made a small typo on my last name, got it fixed and now my seat number won't show up. What should I do? Should I take both my original receipt and my corrected name receipt to the airport?

Asking for a First time flyer who’s really nervous! (Myself)...

We are leaving the 5th early morning and and arriving home early morning. I have never been a huge fan of airplanes. Are we gonna be okay? We are flying on Southwest airlines. Should this storm cause worry regarding the plane? Thanks!

My mother works for American Airlines so I get free flights. I'm going back home to Atlanta but my flight has a long lay over in Dallas for 6 hours. It's a 6:00 am flight that's on delta. Mom has flown delta before coming home from work because one of the flights was full or whatever. I kinda already... show more

Other than the cost of the actual plane ticket, what other fees apply? Would I have to pay a fee since I'm a minor, and how much would that be? On average, how much would I have to pay to check baggage? What are the fees that aren't included in the ticket cost? And how much money should I have with me to... show more

Best answer: I imagine if you were aggressive towards a gate agent, you wouldn't make it on the plane.

From 12:20 to 12:00

Best answer: I fly out of SNA so the first thing to remember is that this is done all of the time and should not be a concern. The takeoff will be steeper than at other airports. But if you are not a frequent flyer with other airports if you didn't know this already it is unlikely you would notice. Sometimes the pilot... show more

Best answer: Atlanta is big, but easy to get around. Departures are based around concourses A to D, on arrival check the departure board for your next flight, and head straight to that concourse. The trains are regular, but your 45 min window is tight, and doesn't allow for any delays. Try getting a seat close to the front... show more