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I ased a question related to this yesterday. I live in California and I rented a room in my house to someone who ended up stealing $25,000 from me and leaving at night. I know they have a storage unit but I don't know where or it's name. I reported the incident and gave the police the person's name... show more

Do you drive over road kill?

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Best answer: I try not to. I don't want a bone puncturing one of my tires or get gore on my undercarriage.

I'm a pizza delivery driver and I'm just wondering if the police would pull me over for any reason? I live in California.

I'm in need of some new camping gear. Im thinking of going to Walmart for it due to their company return policy, which is stated on their website. You can make a return within 30 days without a receipt. I dont know how Walmart knows the date of your purchase if you dont have a receipt, but that is irrelevent... show more

Best answer: The reason it's a non-crossing zone is that's a place where cars speed up, not slow down or stop. What I can't figure out is how someone so paranoid as you clearly are is a jaywalker in the first place. I mean, you clearly suffer under the delusion that drivers en masse are gunning for you when you... show more

Best answer: Very Rare. Happens much more often in jail. A C/O told me of her son in some little county lock up (Payson, AZ-??) where he was almost raped. Not enough guards or they didn't Care. He was Hispanic, too, coulda been racial. The only real problems with rape in state/Federal is prisons east of the... show more

Do you know of any news articles of a autistic person being accused of rape

He's been in jail for last 3 months.

My school has a bomb shelter filled with cockroaches, there are a lot of them in there. When it’s raining people go down there and it’s just gross but the bugs usually scare people away. Can I call the police on the school? I’m talking about big ones not those little tiny harmless ones.

How do cops get paid?

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I’m a 14 almost 15 year old girl and I’m about 5’6” and weigh 135lbs. One of my friends are having a party tomorrow night. There will be alcohol as her parents won’t be home. My friends asked if I had ever drank alcohol before and I said yes because I wanted to be invited. However, I have never really drank before.... show more