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Some one broke in to my friend's car but didn't leave a finger print and didn't take anything. Also there were no people there at that time and no camera. How would they catch?

on a rainy day 2 children were murdered the detective asked the whole family and arrested one of them. the maid said she was dusting the room and the mum said she was making a barbecue and the father said he went to the shops to get their bikes repaired. the detective knew who it was and arrested them. who was... show more

Best answer: Go away, troll. No one goes to prison for kissing.

Will i go to jail if i eat money??

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in the unlikely situation that i ate a $20 bill (this did NOT HAPPEN) would i go to jail for this consumption?

I was pulled over by a officer. He stated the reason for the stop was because i ran a red light which is false and his dash cam can show that. So upon the stop he noticed my inspection was expired an processed to write me a ticket for the inspection only not the red light he claimed i ran

How to make your house swat proof?

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I m a Paramedic who s considering a career in LE. I know that some criminal offenses can get you DQ d, but I also know that some things are a case-to-case basis. Google searches don t consider these factors. If you re a former or current LEO can you tell me what s my chances of becoming a cop based on my specific... show more

Best answer: The driver would go to juvy. The passenger, cops would call parents for pickup. No charge. The driver might get stiff penalties, license suspended until 18 and then classes to attend and driving tests to pass to get it back. Fines. Insurance goes Way up for 3 years.

Who has the right of way?

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4 way intersection. 2 stop signs across each other. One car going to left hit the stop sign first and has to wait for the cars without the stop sign. Another car going to the right shows up later. Now the road is clear, does the car going to the left wait for the car going to the right since it will take him a... show more

Like what are some crimes you can commit that will only make you go to jail for 3-6 months?

At the Virginia DMV, after you wait in line to talk to the information desk and tell them what you're there for and get your paperwork, they give you a slip with a number on it such as B51. Then you wait in the seating area until a robotic voice calls your number. As an example, "Now serving B51 at window... show more

Shouldn't adults with a clean record be allowed to carry anything needed to match a killer robot with a machine gun ?

Best answer: Make him some tacos, he’ll feel better.