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Should schools have armed guards?

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Earlier today I was at a gas station fueling my vehicle, and there was a cop on the other side of the pump fueling his squad car. Suppose I had walked around to the other side of the pump with the gasoline nozzle, and started spraying gas all over the cop. The great thing about that idea is, despite being under... show more

Best answer: Will all depend on the jail you are going too. I've been in a few different jails and done 2 proper short sentences. 6 months and 2 months. I was 19 when I got 2 months and 21 when I got 6 months so that was 8 years ago now. The day you go to jail is the worst. It does get better after that. If you are going... show more

What am I facing in court?

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On Saturday I was attending an 8 hour driver safety class in order to get a speeding ticket dropped. The instructor was doing a test review and was going in alphabetical order asking students questions. When he got around to me, I did not know the answer to the question, so I farted. The instructor was all like:... show more

Say that I found myself in a situation where I am expecting to be arrested soon. Perhaps I commit some crime, and at some point when it's too late to turn back, I realize I have made irreparable errors that will lead the police back to me, and I am expecting them to be at my front door within a few days. And... show more

Best answer: having to stay there with a bunch of HARDENED long term criminals, many of whom have nothing to lose by committing more crimes in prison.

Accessory to murder?

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Me and my friend (who is a crazy MF) went to a store to get some drinks, the store owner kept following us around and started insulting us and ended up insulting my friends mother in the process. My friend then shot the owner several times and den shot his wife and took the surveillance tape and also took the money... show more

Best answer: Are you trained in the art of gental fist?

To commit to get it?

Lots of armed good guys in school is the answer