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I got a ticket for being a passenger in a car that got pulled over and the cop decided to be unnecessarily rude and give me a ticket. This happened a few years ago but I never paid it. My question is normally it’s $25 I believe but how much will it have increased for not paying it on time?

Why are cops such bullies?

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Came home from work today to find a card from the sheriff s deputy trying to get in contact with someone else - I assume the previous resident, because I just moved in here recently and just shortly after I moved in a package addressed to the same name was incorrectly delivered here. Do I need to call them to... show more

Can't the victim simply call 911?

I'm planning to go on a trip to Tokyo this winter from L.A; I am extremely excited. One of my dreams is to get high in middle of Tokyo with my boyfriend. However, marijuana isn't legal in Tokyo and I don't know what kind of security system they have over there. I just want to bring few joints with me.... show more

So the other day I got pulled over and the officer handcuffed me for a few minutes and then took them off and searched my car because it smelled like a dispensary, thankfully I had no pot in the car tho, anyways a few days later I found the handcuffs in the back seat of my car, he must have dropped them while... show more

I'm a runner, and sometimes after I finish my run I sit down for a minute to rest. Yesterday after running 14 miles I stopped and sat on the sidewalk for a minute. Then I got up and started walking. Then a few minutes later a police officer approached me and said someone saw me sitting down and thought I was... show more

If you made it home on the escape how long could they come after you later if they had your liscense plate number?

Best answer: To be honest you brought this upon yourself by meeting up with this guy. How old is the guy for one? and why bash him about having a girlfriend that is 16? but if you are feeling scared. i would get restraining order aganist him. and dont meet up with him again or talk.

I’m on the phone with her right at the moment, the person is a drunk middle aged man. I have no freaking idea on how to advice her!

Best answer: Hell No. I would never remain friends with a murderer. And I certainly would not risk going to jail for perjury over a murderer

Best answer: No. Many departments require you to be 21, so that is only 4 years later. It is possible to be eligible for a pension after 20 years, which would only put you at 45. I was 30 when I joined and retired at 54

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because I know there are always cops around my area I always make sure to stop fully, check all sides and then proceed to go. car in front of me stopped and turned left afterwards I did the same. As I turn I notice a cop on the other end of the street just waiting at the stop sign and not moving at all both me and... show more

Best answer: Stricter gun laws and a background check like we do in the UK. We have NO school shootings. Last one was 22 years ago it's extremely rare.

Legally speaking, a fetus is not a human. At least not until it is viable outside the womb. Therefore, I didn't murder anyone, and would only be facing simple battery charges for hitting the woman. And facing simple battery charges is much cheaper than 18 years of child support and resolved in the much... show more