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Best answer: Get your laws out of my brain. I don't know who the hell you are, or what your obsession is with this crap, but knock it off.

seconds. What part of this don’t liberals get? I’m not going to wait on the cops if they can’t even make the effort to get to my place. And you wonder why I’m not a fan of hanging my guns into the government.

How do I press charges for abuse?

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I’ve been being abused verbally and physically sense I was a child by my older sister. I want to press charges if it’s possible. At the least I want a restraining order, how do I do it?

Best answer: Yes that's true.

Soooo, yes it's me again. Suppose you were all at the edge of your seats eager to know what happened to poor little receptionist Joel. Don't worry, Joel was eventually freed up although he ended up in hospital with a few leg injuries but nothing too serious. I suppose I just have to thank my lucky starts... show more

My job sent me signed blank checks with this six digit authorization area in the middle to be filled out when the amount is filled in. It’s an “A-line “ check , to be used in case the money card is lost. The limit is 2500 and I plan to write a check for like 800$ even though it’s bad. I know my bank will cash it.... show more

So what would happen if I just didn't obey the law and ran from the Police?

as a a female i would say yes because its just as bad for a female to hit a male in my view if him hitting her would do greater harm than when she hit him thten i would say no to that what do you think

I am out of my home State right now on a trip, and just used the ATM machine at a large rest stop. The machine gave you a choice of ten or twenty dollar bills. I chose to withdraw $200 in ten dollar bills, but instead it spit out twenty $20 dollar bills, giving me $400. I checked my online banking on my phone,... show more

Say, you want to play a prank on someone by sending them a card signed by someone elses name, how can you make sure there is absolutely no evidence that gets traced back to you? I was thinking of posting it, but how risky is that?

Best answer: Carbonation is rumored to speed up digestion. So it could get it going faster. However by volume, the same is the same. then factor in how dehydrated you are. Like banana chips.