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Go ahead. Tell me you're one of the "good" cops! You're one of the teeny tiny 10 percent of police who are NOT racist, corrupt bullies! Sure, oh, sure!

Drinking alcohol?

19 answers · 3 days ago
Is it okay to drink alcohol to make myself feel better? I have anxiety, depression, no friends, not close to any family member and don't have a boyfriend, I'm struggling to cope with life, can't get a job, I'm 18, I have no future, I have no level 2 or above qualifications as I failed GCSEs, I'm... show more

Why don't they try hiding the black persons food stamps underneath his work boots? It's much more satisfying and less public outcry to do it that way.

what will you get arrested for

I regularly get solicitors ignoring my sign. Welp, you knoe the old saying "You can chose your actions but you can't chose the consequences?" I'm going to apply that here. All the solicitor has to do when they approach my door is heed my sign and walk away, and that would be the end of it. Once... show more

Best answer: No, that wasn't illegal. A police officer not letting you go to the bathroom when you say you need to go isn't illegal. If you chose to pee yourself instead of continuing to hold it, then that's what happened. If what you said were illegal, all officers would suddenly be getting arrested all the time... show more

The new house I'm renting has an attached side shed complete with lighting and a utility sink. Say that I take a large priority mail flat rate box and place a plastic liner at the bottom so moisture won't seep through. I place that box on the floor in my side shed, and leave a roll of toilet paper and... show more

Is 30 shots a lot?

7 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: Spread over the course of a year it's not drank in less than an hour is likely lethal don't drink shots stick with 🍺 beer.

Best answer: “Land of the free”. Notice the doctrine of feudal serfdom?

Friend who is always asking for money and is in legal binds now says she s getting threatened for money. I asked if she called cops, and she says she can t because of illegal activity (possibly drug related) Should I get involved? I know she ll just need more money later, but she s claiming to be in danger.. (sorry... show more

what would happen if the police found out she was still talking to her ex ?? they dont hang out at all but im just so disappointed in her that she still contacts him..

My sister got arrested for public intoxication last night and she had her phone, car keys, credit card, ID and etc in her $1,000 LV purse. We got a call from her telling us to take care of her stuff right before she got arrested. Would I be able to pick and take care of her stuff?

Weed and Airforce Force Meps?

7 answers · 2 days ago
I'm 21, 5'10 and 153 pounds. I'm a college junior and I play sports on almost a daily basis in this heat and sweat alot. I also drink alot of water. I'm going to Meps on august 15th and 16th. The last time I smoke weed was June 25th. So almost 2 months ago. I didn't tell my recruiter this... show more

This morning I was at Walgreens. The Xtra brand laundry detergent was buy one get one half off, and I picked up two large jugs of it. But then I dropped them, and the thick purple liquid spilled out all over the floor of the aisle. Just then, a cop rounded the corner into the aisle carrying a shopping basket,... show more

What should I tell the police?

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Best answer: It would be kind of strange to call the police on a little snake in your yard unless the snake was malicious. also, if you have proof the neighbors put a snake in your yard that meant to do harm, then you can tell someone. but if its just a garden snake that slithered into your yard, then poor snake lol

Best answer: Do you know anyone who is NOT accused of being a racist?