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Yep they don't just have a non belief like "real" atheists have. They go further ... they INSIST that no proof for gods can EVER be found & some of them INSIST that proof might be found & then if there's enough proof to convince them they'll be happy to bow down in subservience &... show more

What is it like being an atheist in Mexico?

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Best answer: atheism relies far too heavily upon logical fallacies, dear.

How do I stop feelings insecure about my body?

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I used to never feel insecure about my body until o got to high school. There are so many pretty girls and although I know it’s better to be smart, I’m not smart at all so I need to make up for it by being super pretty, which I am not. I’m average at best. I’m 5’5 1/2 tall, 115 pounds, have a 30d bra size, a 25... show more

Best answer: This is gross but super hilarious. I'm dying! lol

Why do bad thing have to exist?

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There are more atheists or religious here?

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Best answer: 69% of Americans identify as Christian. This doesn't include Americans who identify as Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, etc. Only 3% of Americans identify as atheists. So there are far more religious people here.

Best answer: She consistently speaks highly of NCWJ. As far as I recall, that's the only one. Unless, as I sometimes suspect, referring to Shadowfire as the Warlock might be an effort at flirting. Oh, I remembered GANGSTER GHOST. She says he is sweet.

Best answer: It could be, God may give you a better friend than this one or trying to protect you from this person for some reason it could be.

Jea, is every living Christian on Earth a disgusting lying fraud?

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