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What is your all time favourite movie?

61 answers · 17 hours ago
Mine is Robocop 2 followed by Predator 2

Are you a dude or a chick ?

41 answers · 8 hours ago

Best answer: This is a deep question Anon. I honestly think the short answer is, WE DON'T. Ok! look consider this, with every passing year, we get closer to creating intelligent machines, maybe even conscious ones. If we can do this, could someone or, something else do it too? Maybe we are living in a simulation created by... show more

Mines Dairy milk nom nom nom

Best answer: I will pray for you, yes i have and still am :( you aren't worthless you just don't appeal to yourself and i wish i could give you a big hug and make all the pain go away, it's awful to feel so hopeless and unworthy and i hope one day you'll feel better and see just how worth it you are. Good luck... show more

I'll choose. California New Jersey Vermont New York Colorado Illnois Maryland Delaware Oregon Washington

What is your greatest desire?

21 answers · 18 hours ago

Whats on your mind right now?

28 answers · 2 days ago

Are you always thankful?

43 answers · 2 days ago

What time do bees go to bed?

13 answers · 15 hours ago
Best answer: When its dark? I could Google it for you Bob.. ;-) EDIT. Stanley Googled it for you, didn't you Stanley? I SURE DID. ;-) https://www.buzzaboutbees.net/do-bees-sl...

Favorite old TV show?

15 answers · 4 hours ago
Mine is Cheers

Can you make your own soup?

27 answers · 9 hours ago

Best answer: i never did...but, i'll try this one :) hahahahha edit: oh boy! i just did it and it seems so funny hahahahhaahahaha

Best answer: yea .. I don't like people who I can't be with having feelings for me ..