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Best answer: Parents change their minds when they see proof that alternate points of view are valid. They do NOT change their minds as a result of arguing, complaining, or debating. Step one is to have an adult conversation with ONE parent, not both, asking what you can do to show that you are ready for a job. Agree with... show more

right now I’m debating whether to be homeschool or highschooled. i don’t enjoy highschool or how they have been teaching. I have been very very stressed but I do have a lot of friends at my school. my family wants to travel around the world and live at the beach, but to do that I would have to be homeschooled.... show more

What kind of adults do they grow up to be?

More parents are homeschooling because they believe that schools are less safe. I agree that we have problems in public school but socialization would be my concern. The closest childhood friends people make are often from school. Homeschoolers miss out on kindergarten, first/last days of school, the drama in... show more

i’m in 8th grade and i’m in a freshman algebra class that i can’t switch out of. i’m only being homeschooled this year and i’m freaking out over it because i don’t know what will happen if i fail it. i had a D last semester.

Why does he not care?

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Best answer: The "why" is his to answer. You need to find a partner you can depend on, not this "boyfriend." Sounds like he's getting ready to bail.

What is public school like?

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Best answer: No fear mongering here. It depends upon the individual and the school. Insecure people will try to make you feel helpless and scared. Most kids are regular kids. There’ll be kids with issues. Steer clear. Do you think an urban school in a poor area is going to be identical to the high school in a we’ll to do... show more

Questions about Homeschooling?

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I am a Senior in High school and got extremely bad grades in the first semester. I am planning to do homechooling for the second semester but is it possible to hide the grades I got in the first semester on the transcript my parents are making? My parents doesn't want me to lie about grades on transcript that... show more

Summer school?

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Alright, so basically this year has been rough (9th grade). I have an extremely weak immune system and get sick for weeks at a time, and pretty often. It got to the point where we had to pull me out to see if homeschooling would work for me... My mom said that I would have to go summer school to get the credits and... show more

I recently decided to start online school for many reasons because it is very flexible and will take off a lot of stress. The most common online school was Connections Academy so I withdrew from my previous school and started the enrollment process there. I really wanted to know about how flexible this school was,... show more

School is unsafe?

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Hey guys. I stay home most of the time and am homeschooled online. This was my choice. I get lonely often because I don’t really socialize with anyone. I really want to go back to normal school, but In my area, they aren’t safe. I saw a girl get stabbed with a pencil in the hallway one day. She was taken to the... show more

Can I skip a grade?

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I used to go an online school but I am going to be completely homeschooled. Is there a way I can go to the next grade? For example, If I am in the 8th grade can I start homeschooling at 9th grade? If so what do I have to do? Or can I pick a grade? Thank you.

Homeschool vs public school?

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Ok so I go to a public school rn but my mom was thinking it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to homeschool because of all the school shootings. Thoughts?


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Is it possible for someone to receive a cap, gown, and diploma for being homeschooled ?

Best answer: Then why do you want to OUTLAW home-schooling? Maybe promote it, as it is safer.

I have been through a lot and suffered going and studying at a traditional school setting. From my experience further and beyond I don't wish that what happened to me to occur once more to anyone else in which everybody was rude beginning from the teachers and along to the other students.