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Should I be homeschooled?

6 answers · 3 days ago
Those are the only two options unless you want to go to a liberal high school. I don’t want to be homeschooled because my parents are fanatics and I don’t want to go to an all boys school because I’m not a flaming ****** but I’m not allowed to go to public school. What do i do?

Best answer: There used to be a federal loan program where the person could get part of the loan paid back for each year of working for a public, non-profit organization, including the schools. Students could get up to half of their loans paid off that way. This would have to be a federal program, as people might work in a... show more

Best answer: Nope Your "right" to smoke stops the minute you inflict it on others.

Best answer: You cannot work 40 hours a week if you are enrolled in school at all weather at home school or if it's public school. During summer vacation or when school is in vacation you can do 40 hours a week until that time you're limited to 30 hours a week and before you ask you can't just quit school when your... show more

Best answer: The pyramids are alien spacecraft landing pads.


Atheism is?

8 answers · 3 weeks ago
A-Selfishness B-Denial C-Ignorance D-All of the above.

How to stop feeling like this?

6 answers · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: You’ll be okay, you’ll do great. If anything I think you’re afraid of being ‘socialized’. Being in a public school for the first time will be exciting. If you make it look bad, chances are it will turn out bad, if you walk in with a good and open understanding attitude, chances are it will go better than expected.... show more

Jesus Christ was the single greatest american of all time.

Best answer: They are nothing alike. They are complete opposites. MLK believed in freedom, equality, and social welfare. He wanted to help black Americans, impoverished Americans, and do so using non-violent methods. dt believes in self-enrichment, lying, committing treason with our nation's enemy, inciting racism,... show more