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I’m a teenage girl and have an interview at McDonald’s, Is jeans and a nice shirt ok to wear?

Best answer: Yes. That happens quite frequently at Chuck E. Cheese.

Why all the lies?

Best answer: Some of us do

What happens after subway training?

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i went to go get lunch today and was really craving some mcdonalds so thats where i went & i rolled up with my car and asked them how fresh is your soda. well he told me it comes from a box and i think he was high cause obviously soda come from the store. i like my soda fresh. i dunno what he didnt get about... show more

So i just finished my training yesterday and im a little nervous to ask the owner about my schedule. I admit i was a little nervous and messed up a little while making the sandwiches. It was hard to close some sandwiches and veggies kept falling out. I also had a hard time when people came in with subway gift cards... show more

Best answer: McDonald's started cutting down Ronald McDonald in the late 90's to appeal more to adults, the people who have the money.

I completed my welcome meeting and I went through all the paperwork and gave them my sizing of clothes and was also asked to finish my food safety/health and safety assessment at home. I have completed it but now I’m waiting to start so how long will it take to get my scheduled hours ? Thanks.

Why doesn't McDonalds food go off?

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I've seen videos of 10 year old McDonald's burgers, and they sill haven't gone off. I know this is not normal. Not even wildlife want their stinking American garbage.

What is a kfc fill-up?

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Best answer: Well, that would be nice, but it would cost more and would take longer to cook. So probably most people wouldn't go for it.

Pizza coupons ?

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Best answer: It depends on what the sizes actually are. Try call and ask for the sizes in terms of inches. For example, at Dominos, a medium is 10" and a large is 12". So with the given prices, the medium would be roughly $1.10 per inch, while the large would be roughly $1.17 per inch. (the formula is: {price} ÷... show more