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I feel so terrible .. I give my daughter whatever she wants cause I had 5 siblings and never wanted her to feel the struggle . So I gave her everything she want's .She is now 16 and her birthday was last week and me and her father brought her a car , A new phone & a big party . She wasn't thankful AT... show more

Don't say "look pretty", that's already obvious

How can you move out without money?

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I'm 22, when I left school I didn't qualify for any grants as I have 2 working parents, they refused to pay for my college so I considered a loan, it was approved but they needed collateral, my parents refused to put anything up as a guarantee, so I worked. During that time I paid for driving lessons, a... show more

Why am I so stupid?

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Best answer: We don't know why, because we don't know you.

I want to move to Japan.?

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I feel like I’m a failure?

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I’m 29 and still going to school. I live at home with my parents still. My brother, who is younger, is graduated, moved out, and has a full time job. I feel like I’m never going to become anything more

Who should get their own room?

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4 kids, 3 rooms to split between them. 2 kids get their own room, 2 have to share. 13/yo girl, 12/yo girl, 9/yo boy, 5/yo girl. Who should share and who should get their own room?

Best answer: Usually, the youngest is the favorite. All parents regardless of what they say, have a favorite. My husband has his favorite, I have mine but we don't vocalize it. In the end, not having the same relationship or closeness with a parent another sibling might have doesn't mean they love that one more, it... show more

Best answer: You should tell him the origin of Santa. Saint Nicholas was a real man at one time, and his legend has lived on as Santa Clause. Research the story and tell him.

I'm 39 year old and my dad always tries to put me on the spot on family events . He always works it in the conversation and says stuff about how I don't want kids, and says that women who don't have kids are no good that they are good for nothing. I told him that I wanted to buy a bigger house and he... show more

I'm 16 and I have literally no privacy because of this and I've never done anything bad but they just started putting a camera in my room since I was 12. I never know when they're watching me change and it's just so weird and awkward. Whenever I try talking to them about it they just say... show more

Best answer: I don't like to drink milk -- perhaps because I also have Aspergers Syndrome! There's something about the taste or texture I just don't like. I've always been a very picky eater, probably because of some sort of sensory sensitivity.

My husband and I share an upstairs studio apartment, so we can hear everything the other person is doing. With most of his free time he plays games online. And by free time, I mean every second he's not eating or at work. When something bad happens and another player does something that makes him angry, ... show more

Best answer: We only have what the Gospels said, and in them Jesus is clearly anti-family. He said in Luke 14:26, "If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters--yes, even their own life--such a person cannot be my disciple." That's from the KJV, but the other... show more

Me, my little brother (22) and a few friends decided to get together at a cabin for the week while we're out of school. The plan was to mainly drink, camp out, fish and do a bit of hunting. The area we are in is a bit far out and kinda hard to get to but anyway. Earlier we were out fishing by the lake out... show more

So much anger toward my mother?

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I'm an adult and happily married, but sometimes I feel so angry when I remember the way my mother treated me when I was still living at home. Now that I think of it, I realized she was more like a bitchy sister than a mother. She only loved my brother, and not me. For example, I remember how she hid my Greek... show more

Would you go to the funeral?

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My egg donor was an evil, horrid woman. She made sure I knew she hated me. I was beaten into submission and called names since my earliest memories. My siblings were allowed to treat me badly, and they knew it was permitted. I left as soon as I turned 18. I was still in the same city, but she would get drunk and... show more

Best answer: nnaybe you should talk to your parents about it and tell thenn how all this nnakes you feel

Me (16f) and my brother (8) have always had a very close relationship. We play fight and wrestle eachother a lot, so physical contact is not the problem. It’s just that recently he has been a lot more interested in touching me all the time. Nothing inappropriate, but sometimes it feels kind of awkward. He randomly... show more

Is my son okay?

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Best answer: There has to be a reason for such aggression from your son. If he is not in therapy, he should be. Something may have happened to him which has caused him tremendous anger and until you get to the bottom of it, he will always be this way. So get him into therapy very soon.