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Is it ok to have sex with my cousin?

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Is it right to be mad about this?

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So I drive a car that my stepdad bought a year ago for himself. He doesn’t really use it because he works and he has his own truck for his job . So my point is the only reason I’m allowed to use it is because I drive to where I work and my mom convinced him to let me use it . I only use it for a couple minutes a... show more

So my new boyfriend stopped letting me talk to any of my family or friends. He took my iPhone away from me and even changed the password on his phone to keep me from using it. When I asked him for my phone back he told me that he sold it. He says that he's just doing it to protect me. He's much older than... show more

So the 3 brothers will become brothers-in-law also And the 3 sisters will become sisters-in-law also Is this incest

I'm a 16 year old girl so I'm still living at home. My family and I have always been huge meat eaters and honestly I love meat and find it a struggle to imagine my diet without it. However as I'm getting older I'm starting to come to my own conclusions about things more than just following my... show more

If she wants to see an Asian person, she could go to our neighbor's house down the street. Why on earth would she want to go half way around the world to see that?

My brother saw me naked plz help?

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so i was getting in the shower and my brother saw me naked i think . is it weird

He died in 1998, and I haven't really thought about him much the past few years but for some reason lately I just miss him more than I have since the initial loss so many years ago. I used to torment and tease him all the time (he was ten years older than I), but we had some really great times and he knew I was... show more

My family never helps me?

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I feel like I’m alone with everything. I’m trying to pay all of my bills, my car note and I take my mom places in my car with no gas money and give my little sister money here and there and top of this have a whole baby mother I just gave like 200 bucks a month for our daughter. Since she says I don’t do sht so I... show more

I'm black and raised by whites?

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I was adopted when I was 2 years old. I've been with my foster parents for 12 years now. I've attended schools with rarely any blacks. I don't know anything about the african American history. I love my parents but they are very strict and religious. I wanted to attend a rap concert but my parents told... show more

I’ve lived with my boyfriend and his mum for a year now, at first I payed 200 pounds a month board, she decided to up it to 240. I feel like I’m being robbed as I use nothing in the house I hardly eat anything of her shopping I buy my own drinks all the time. Buy my own shower gel all I use is her switch for my... show more

I know that obviously I don't *have* to let her visit, but really what I'm asking is more of a case of if it's moral to just decline her requests. Bit of backstory: I'm 25 and recently married. Husband and I are super happy. He actually cares about me. As for my parents, I was the scapegoat for... show more

I'm so angry at her. In our community, we don't date outside our race. My parents worked so hard to send her to America for an education. Then she ran off with a white man and got married.

Am I a bad son?

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Like every teenager I just like to be left alone and I over heard my parents saying I’m never talking to them What do they expect. Mostly every teenager is anti social I am always watching a series or a movie am I doing something wrong?

Best answer: Why do you not just tell her to stop? Also why the 200.00 is being taken (pretend rent, forced savings/investment, help cover cost of other siblings, mom's personal fun fund, etc) and your age, are helpful to understand if/how much you should be bitter about this. Well congratulations with getting your second... show more

I just asked a question about wanting to get a female pregnant and I don’t have a great job or a lot of money but does that really matter? how am I screwing up the child mufe and the baby mother life because if this. I mean I do have a family, I know they’ll help and if not then who know maybe I’ll land a better... show more

Best answer: It's not unheard of for an adult child to move back home for various reasons. However, it's very rare for a parent to handle it the way your mom is. She's teaching him how to be a toddler! On the drugs, do you live in a state where weed is legal and is he over 21? If no to either of these question,... show more

I wouldn t say that my brother and I have ever had the best relationship but recently it has gotten a whole lot worse. I am 16 and he is 13 and honestly right now I feel scared to be the house. He is constantly verbally awful to me but today he physically attacked me and my parents were right there. He was... show more