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I’m a junior in high school right now. My parents are divorced so I live with my dad and stepmom while my mom lives in a different state. I am very close to my mom but with my dad its been hard to connect with him all my life. Anyways, since I’m close to graduating high school in the next year, hes been asking... show more

My daughter is 26 and she used to be very skinny in high school. As an adult she gained so much weight and doesn’t do anything to address it. I told her she needs to lose weight, but when I do she throws a fit. She has her own place so what she does is outside of my control. However when I see her in town I can’t... show more

Best answer: I've been cooking for years but I've never been in a situation like this- but I'll try my best to give advice because that's what this website is about.. amateurs giving advice to other amateurs! (Im jkjk) Anyways, maybe just think about the reason your grandpa is so insistent on cooking food for... show more

How much freedom should teens have?

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(Teenage girl). My parents complain that I don’t do things, but they mean things they want. Some examples; my friend is an (asexual) guy, and we don’t “like” each other. We’re homeschooled so we don’t get to see each other. If I want to go to his house, his (single) mom has to be home, who works like 6 days a week.... show more

As a kid, I only lived with my mother and we were poor. They never came to a bday party nor did they ever pay attention to me, but I am successful 28 year old. They only reached out 2 years ago, but I always pretend to go on errands when they visit. What do I do? They said they need 2k to live pay some bills? What... show more

It seems like life has gone down hill since my sister’s suicide. My mom lost her job as a nurse because she had 3 medication errors in the week following my sister’s suicide. Idk why she was even trying to work because she clearly wasn’t safe to do so. She got her license placed on probabtion and hasn’t worked... show more

Since the left has been falsely accusing people, even black people and Jews, of being Nazis, we should start calling all soy boys child molesters and try to ruin their lives with these rumors. Eye for an eye, right?

I want to join the military?

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I want to join the military but my family doesn’t want me to should I just leave without telling anyone and come back in 3 months?

I’m 28 and have 5 month old baby. I NEED A CAR NOW!! How do I force my mom to buy me one ASAP?? I don’t want to bring my baby around disgusting public transportation

Best answer: Yes as long you are sure she is taking contraception

We butt heads, she fights with me over it a lot. There's only a path to squeeze by in the dining room and hallway. Every frwaling thing has a story to it or belonged to sone great grandma or relative. She's got stuff from like ten families. Should I be more patient? I'm so tired of helping clean it up... show more

Yesterday my grandma had a party at her house, my whole family went and extended family too. It started at like 10 AM and I got there at 12 PM, I drove there to find there were no seats. I walked in the backyard and everyone was sitting down and I got offended because no one offered me a seat, I would have had to... show more

Best answer: This is one of the many downfalls of living with others. You should be living in your own place.

Best answer: yes, i resent the ennotional abuse, it affected nne all nny life

i'm 16 my parents wont let me drive or get a ride from my friends so if i want to hang out with friends my parents have to drive me.. if my friends want to go watch a movie and then go eat somewhere i cant go because i cant ride with them. i end up missing on so many social gatherings. and i can't have my... show more

My mom constantly acts like his grades are the only important thing in his life, despite him being in 7th grade. She has been saying that he isn't allowed to be around the family when we all gather to hang out for a bit because he's failing a class. Here's the thing: He used to be doing just fine. But... show more

My brother has a classmate who’s in a group home and his mom won’t get herself together. My mom disapproves of the friendship. She told my brother to be kind to this boy, but don’t make him a best friend. She says that successful people hang out with other successful people. I can see the point in that, but it... show more