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Was this unfair of my parents?

21 answers · 2 days ago
They made me bike to school every day uphill for 2 miles. I had to get up at 6 am and I reeked of sweat.

she won't let me right now, cause of course it can be dangerous. I understand that and i would be extremely careful with them if she were to let me. But what should i say to convince her?

So my brother offered me to ride his motorcycle in his apartment complex’s parking lot .i hit the gas to hard and ran into a car and broke my leg and I was given a ticket for reckless operation.and now my brother just texted me saying that the total damage to the people’s car came out to $1400 dollars and... show more

Best answer: no......but you can get trapped by fear in your own mind.......

Best answer: yeah.

Best answer: No, that's very kind of you. You're a good son/daughter. I approve. <3 Also, many of those painkillers can be WAY more addictive, and have nasty side effects, anyway! So if it's enough for him to just eat some weed..? Then all the better! And it getting you high is just a nice bonus, I feel like...... show more

What’s a good punishment?

24 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: I’d like to believe this never happened but I believe it with how crazy young ones are now days. I say just give him a stern talking to, and make sure he goes with you when you take him to get the car fixed. DO NOT spank him.. that’s abuse. I’ve seen people get arrested for spanking their children. Once out in... show more

Best answer: Unless you opened up a bottle every day and poured it down his throat, it has nothing to do with you. That's just a very poor excuse. It's NOT your fault. Each and every person has to take responsibility for their own drug use (and yes that includes alcohol). It's OK to ask for help when you need it... show more

Currently, it feels like I’m living in hell at my home with my father. He has become petty & downright evil. To make things clear, my mother left me this home when she died 9 yrs ago, so my house is mines but in her will and testament the home doesnt go into my name until 25. I am a 22 year old female who is... show more

What do I mark my race as?My mom is Black & my dad is Puerto Rican but I don’t have my dad’s last name or a good relationship with him. Literally only my mother’s name is on my birth certificate so I’ve always indetified as black even though I’m half Hispanic. As am now older, do I start to mark Hispanic &... show more

Who can I call or get help from?

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I'm a female, 16 years old. My mom verbally abuses me everyday. From the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed. She calls me a whore and other similar words. She constantly tells me that she's tired of having me in her life and wishes I was gone. She tells me that all I'll grow up to be is a... show more

I've bought a Nintendo Switch completely from my own money several months ago, and my parents took it away from me due to me having bad grades, apparently. I've explained to them that it's under my ownership due to me having bought it from my money only, but my parents said "Our house, our... show more

She says that nobody likes fat women and she is a housewife. She is almost 50 and tries to make herself super young. She send selfies to dad trying to look sexy and tells me if i dont take care of myself my husband will look at other women. When i gained weight she started screaming atme to lose weight. Honestly i... show more

he lost his business and now he has to work for someone else, making crappy money. he screamed at me that i've never gone hungry or naked or cold. hes missed the point completely. we dont have nice things anymore. all the money goes on the house, bills and food so my allowance is pathetic and i got one gift (a... show more

Me & my sister-in-law are both about to have our babies really soon. We were happy it worked out this way because our kids will be close in age & that's so cool. We have a close net family & live near each other. We always do things together, along with my other inlaws, including my husbands other... show more

Every since I turned 18 and my parents found out I wasn’t a virgin anymore, my parents have been treating me in a very petty way. In my opinion. For example, they used to always give me rides to school in the morning but then i started having to pay gas money. But last week I only gave my step dad $20 for gas... show more