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I'm 14 and I want to get my septum pierced . But my mom doesn't want me to . She let me get a stud in my nostril last May but now she says that septum rings are trashy . Well i think they're cute . My grandma told me that i can get one if i want to so should i get it done with her and not tell my mom ?... show more

Best answer: I'd be supportive of them; and of course I'd attend their wedding. My love of my children is not dependent on their sexual preference.

Hey everyone, I'm a 53 year old Married White man and I have three daughters between the ages of 19 and 23. Their friends are in the prime of female youth and I find many of them to be irresistibly beautiful, sexy and very attractive. My mind says this is not right, but my body really wants them sexually. My... show more

I was raised in a chaotic house, with an older and younger brother, with my single 23 year old mother. My dad was not in the picture- as he didn’t look at me like I like I was his child- only a mistake that was created by my parents night of “fun”. I was taken as well as my younger brother by Children’s Aid when I... show more

Well, i am turning 25 in June, I am wanting to do a little shopping today at my Local shopping area (A five minute walk away) She is NOT LETTING me go. I have $17 and she owes me $10 (I got her some groceries yesterday) I have told her where i am going but she is REFUSING to let me leave the house. She is... show more

My wife is depressed ! Help please?

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Me and my wife got married at a young age and we’ve been together for 4 years now, she is 23 and I’m 27, I work as a maintenance guy and she used to work in a restaurant. I love her smile because it warms my heart, I love the sound of her laugh, I love her extreme shyness, I love the way she like kids, I love how... show more

Best answer: My spouse and I have agreed that it's not cheating. Each couple has to agree on the rules for their own relationship.

15 and raising my siblings?

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I’m 15 years old and I’m raising my three siblings. A four year old, a ten year old and a eight year old. My mom is an emotionally unstable woman. All she does is sleep all day and lock herself in the room. Sometimes she leaves to her boyfriends house and doesn’t return for a few days, leaving me with no choice but... show more

Sometimes when my family comes over (sister, brother in law, and nephews) I stay in my room and don't talk to them. I'm not always this way, sometimes I stay downstairs and hang out and play with my nephews but I don't always because I have really bad anxiety. If it is rude, I don't mean to be.... show more

I work at a restaurant that gives discounts to kids under 16. I mistook a 15 year old for being 20-something, and a 12 year old for a late teen. Some parents get upset that their kids might not receive discounts because we mistake them for ADULTS.

I'm 15 and she just turned 18. I'm having my birthday two months later, so that's 2 years apart. She looks much more physically developed than me. I thought this didn't matter after a teenager is around my age. It only seemed to make a big difference in 6th grade or when we were 5 years old.

I turned 16 a few months ago. I'm now old enough to get my driver's license. However, my father is giving me second thoughts about driving. He doesn't think I'm capable of driving. I told him I'm ready to start driving, and that I want him to teach me. He refuses to teach me. He told me,... show more

My husband and I have been married for 10 years. I have a twin sister and she recently started dating someone and it seems like this upset him. They met online. He has cut all ties from her and told his family to do the same. And he told me to not contact my family or there would “be repercussions.” I told him that... show more

Do I have sepsis?

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My mum won t take me hospital although I m convinced j have sepsis. I have a headache and fee awfully tired my throat and ears hurt and I just feel sick. I knkw that sepsis kills thousands in the UK and I don t want to be in that thousands. How can i convince my mum to take me hospital as I need medical care. I m a... show more

Anyone wanna give me advice?

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Please read all of this. Long story short, I live with my aunt and uncle cause my father was a deadbeat and my mother couldn't care for both me and my autistic brother. But, I hate living here. I know it's a better place that where I was. However, my aunt and uncle fight constantly. He throws things at her,... show more

How should I have handled this?

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My auntie gave me a gold necklace. Later that day my cousin (her daughter) started shouting at me saying it's hers and it wasn't her mothers to give to me. I asked my auntie if that's true and she said yes but she gave it to me because her daughter never wears it and doesn't like it. Her daughter... show more