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Some people in the family who don't deserve it get expensive things we splash out when it comes to us we get stuff from poundshops why can this be and what should I do

Should I be angry at her??

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Hey guys, so my girlfriend and I of almost 2 years, are expecting a baby, and while this is normally a happy moment in our lives, it really isn't. For starters, she has a 3-year-old son from a previous relationship she was in, and when she found out she was pregnant she really told me that she doesn't want... show more

I hate my dad. Any advice?

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Best answer: My parents don't get along too. I'm gonna be honest so.. Mom don't love my father when they were married. Dad's family abused Mom and non of the family liked the marriage. Now my parents have $42,857(my country don't use dollar so in my home currency, that is alot[60,000,000]) debt to the bank.... show more

My daughter wants to know about sexual things and even spoke to a friend about private parts. They’re things that a kid doesn’t need to know until he/she is 18 and in college! She’ll find SOME way to bring it up anyhow. For example, if we’re looking through the jewellery from her aunt’s marriage...she’ll ask... show more

My wife and I are in our mid 20s. We met in college and discovered we had similar childhood experiences. Both raised in pretty bad environments with parents and family who were poor, unprofessional, and irresponsible, put drugs or alcohol before their children, and blamed all their problems on everyone else. My... show more

Best answer: She's upset because your doing something that she should or wants to do, even if doesn't look that way. My mom acts that way, sometimes she says thank you, other times she yells because its something she figures isn't important or she could do better. Its because its her life and her house. My mom makes... show more

I have seen some female children behave in masculine ways and socialize with mostly boys. Is it their environment, such as having brothers, that causes this? The parenting?? Or just how they are?

I feel like crap now. She walked into my room with just bra and panties, and I got super hard. SMH! I swear I do not like her at all. I just couldn't control my erection. Ever since, I can not look at my sister the same way.

My family member is 50 something and I'm 17. Ever since I was 8 , he picked on me. Last week he started picking on me , so instead of confronting him I opened a few cans of "his" tomatos that somebody GAVE him months ago and I poured them out to annoy him. Right after that , he took all the food that... show more

What is a liberal?

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I'm 16 and all I do is tell my dad to stop being sexist and racist when he says horrible things, and he scolds me constantly and always calls me a liberal, but I haven't really said anything to him except for that? I don't know what he means, he makes it out like it's a bad thing

I m 21 with a job & focusing on going back to school. I m the type who always has to be doing something. can t stand to be in the house unless I have to. So it s not like I m a lazy individual. & always help ppl when needed. I live with my mom for now until I save enough & get back in school etc etc. my... show more

My overall socialization and development has been delayed. For years I blamed myself. I am 36 and I only recently figured this out. I am ultimately responsible but there are a few points worth mentioning: -Dad is an insecure man who abused me (mostly emotional mind games but also physical and verbal abuse however... show more

Best answer: I would say probably 85% of a person's circumstances aren't their fault. It's not your fault, it's theirs. Your circumstances have been rigged in such a way that your failures were predetermined from birth. What are you willing to do about it?

Best answer: Recognize it was your Mom's mistake to hold you back and not anything you did wrong. Maybe write to your deceased grandfather apologizing for your mother's actions.