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Best answer: They were both past their primes when they fought and they're only a year apart in age if I remember rightly so there's no excuses. Prime Tyson didn't want to fight Lewis but if he did he still would have lost.

When the first fight a "draw", they knew Golovkin won but tried to say it was fair. Now they are trying to actually say Canelo beat him twice despite the fact Golovkin actually beat him in the first fight and edged the second. This is agreed upon by most experts.

Best answer: Well, its possible, but you'd have to be an amazing boxer, and put in a ton of hard work, to go from having no record whatsoever to being able to qualify for the national team in just 4 years.

Best answer: You need to meditate for a month.

Best answer: Yes. Any animal with a brain and whose brain can get jostled around can be knocked unconscious. Gorilla, dog, lion shark. Losing conciousness might vary among animals, but others too are capable of being knocked unconscious.

Best answer: He's got no choice but to exercise the rematch clause immediately, he's the cash cow of heavyweight boxing, his whole empire is on the verge of collapse now, I'm not exaggerating, if he doesn't take the rematch then he's off PPV in the United Kingdom and he risks getting beaten by someone who is... show more

Joshua vs Ruiz?

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Why did Joshua look a little irritated after the ref stopped the fight? What was Joshua saying?

Best answer: Yeah loads, I'll list some that I can quickly recall. Loser's name in capital letters JOSE LUIS CASTILLO vs Floyd Mayweather Jr ANDREW GOLOTA vs Riddick Bowe DAVID PRICE vs Tony Thompson ISAAC DOGBOE vs Emanuel Navarette ROMAN GONZALEZ vs Srisaket Sor Rungvisai SERGEY KOVALEV vs Andre Ward There are... show more

Best answer: Death

Best answer: Clay was NOT the best fighter of all time, but was the most over-rater fighter I ever saw fight. No one who was beaten by Leon Spinks could ever be considered the best fighter in history, and Spinks dominated Clay. In addition, Clay was given many decisions which he did NOT deserve.

Best answer: yes, it is a sport that mostly has immigrants from poor countries and people who grew up in bottom of the barrel conditions in wealthy countries.

I’ve recently discovered boxing as such an interesting sport, but I have no idea who to follow. I definitely like outboxers from what boxing I’ve watched, with my two favorite boxers being Floyd Mayweather and Muhammad Ali. Who (not retired) can I start following to help me really get into the sport?

Best answer: Wilder's right hand is frightening. I have to put his right hand up there with the likes of Sonny Liston's / Ron Lyle's. But past heavyweight juggernauts like: Ernie Shavers & George Foreman had harder punches on average than Wilder. Foreman didn't have to throw a long torqued punch (like... show more

Hes 50-0 officially but his final fight was a spectacle against a wrestler, so his real record is 49-0, do you agree?

Is the sport boxing a sin?

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I'm 13 I'm a male and this 10 year old guy wants to fight me! and he's a big 10 year old! almost my height! do you think i should fight him?

Will Floyd Mayweather Jr get married?

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