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Best answer: I wouldn’t do too good but at least I’d experience a quick death.

Best answer: I've seen shorter Japanese who were good at this, and so height seems to not be an issue.

Does this make sense?

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Best answer: That's your choice, if it's worth it to you to have an attack and risk dying so you can box then go for it.

Best answer: if you watched his fights you would understand ...theres an old saying ..anyone over 200lbs could be a heavyweight champion ...he had a great left cross ..and more important ..a great neck one fight he got hit by an uppercut ...his whole body was lifted off floor ..he never blinked ..other fighters were in... show more

So I somehow get stuck in bizarre situations where I either have to defend myself or someone else, for example, I was at a concert with my sister and this creep was going around groping girls and groped my sister and I immediately got pissed put him in a choke hold, took him to the ground, punched him in the face... show more

Why did mike Tyson lose to Douglas?

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Best answer: Mike Tyson was partying, drinking alcohol and having sex with some Japanese girls the night before the fight. True story look it up for yourself.

Why isn't a boxing ring round?

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Why is boxing hard?

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Best answer: The cardio, the fact that your opponent punches back, and all of the crazy injuries that come with the sport.

His biggest wins are a 39 year old Larry Holmes and a light heavyweight Spinks. He also lost to pretty much everyone that mattered in his era (Holyfield & Lewis). Yet there are many fanboys that still have the audacity to say he's the best all time and better than Muhammad Ali.

. With both their illustrious careers coming to a close... how highly do you think these two boxing icons will rank among the top P4P ALL-TIME GREATS!!! Obviously, NEITHER OF THEM CAN APPROACH SUGAR RAY ROBINSON STATUS... but, I think they rank pretty high still!!! Pacquiao's the first and ONLY 8-Division... show more

Best answer: So the rules of each bout are different and set by the commission, for instance, a professional fight in the UK would usually be sanctioned by the BBBC, under standard BBBC rules the doctor can stop the fight in the manner you describe. In Las Vegas however, the NSAC set the rules and the standard rules direct... show more

Best answer: Robert Alexander flows better. Robert has better nickname choices

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