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Best answer: Genetics, which gave them stronger twitch muscles. They tend to be better at a lot of things with the exception of swimming, since they have overall less fat (thus less buoyancy) and thicker (thus heavier) bones. There's an old saying.. always bet on black.

Best answer: He says things that doesn’t need to be said. But I don’t think he’s racist though.

Is boxing dead?

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Best answer: Is popular all over world. At USA is less interest lately. That is just fad.

Best answer: Joe Louis

Ivan Drago vs Deontay Wilder?

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Who is the stronger windmill?

Is 16 too young to start boxing?

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I just don t understand Mike Tyson. I can t figure out if he s stupid, or brilliant and just sounds stupid, or if he s crazy or just inexperienced. Like, what is he? I know Mike Tyson mysteries is fictional, but the interviews at the end seem real. Does anyone know if they re unscripted at the end? I just. What is he?

Best answer: I had GGG winning by 2 points 115-113 but I said it before GGG had to either KO him or win 10+ rounds for the judges to give it to him because there's more money involved with Canelo winning, he's the bigger PPV draw.

Did GGG get Robbed?

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Best answer: GGG looked tired in the early rounds but won enough during later rounds to win another draw.

What did you think of the fight?

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Best answer: I had GGG winning by 2 rounds. But again, this fight was pretty much GGG vs Canelo, De La Hoya, the referee, the three judges, and Canelo's steroids. So given the handicap I'm shocked they didn't flat out give Canelo a UD with two judges scoring it 120-108 and one 119-109

Best answer: Garcia and Porter are def. not hell bent on facing Spence. Pacman was likely rooting for Garcia against Porter because if he had to fight one, stylistically Garcia would be an easier fight. Porter could make it an ugly rough fight just like Horn. Garcia did just loose, it won't look too great in Pacmans... show more

I’m anxious as hell most of the time I hate meeting new people but I really want to start boxing because I love the rush of fighting and I feel like it would be good for me so are there any alternatives to finding a trainer or if not does anybody else with bad anxiety know any techniques to feel less anxious... show more

Tyson, Bruno, Holyfield those old school boxers would have completely demolished the boxers of today,

Let’s say a 10 round fight. Oh and this is both fighters as they are today so none of that “in their primes”

Best answer: Gloves are most likely going to be needed as well