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Best answer: . YES and NO... Its a tricky question, and requires a tricky answer... Contrary to popular belief... Mike Tyson was NOT a puncher... not in the stylistic boxing sense... not really. See in boxing you've got three "PURE STYLES," and then you have "HYBRID STYLES" that are some... show more

Worst comes to worst I have to punch through someone’s car window will my hand or arm be badly injured and bleeding?

Best answer: He has the potential. If he can match/exceed the resume of Muhammad Ali and come out on top of his era, then maybe you can make a case for him. But right now it is pretty difficult to say. I'll wait until his career is done then see how he ranks with the greats. Right now you gotta appreciate these great... show more

Best answer: Fury has more ways to win the fight. Wilder can only win by knockout and from what we've seen from this fight it is really hard to knock Fury out. Even if it looked like he was completely out he got back up. Fury will probably have the advantage in a rematch.

White boys only tough with a gun shooting unarmed black men. Floyd mayweather knocked out mcgregor. Take away nra and white boys are weak as hell

Best answer: i agree, it was close, a draw isnt a theft,

Best answer: He outboxed Wilder for the majority of the fight, who needed the two knock downs just to draw level...apparently. The scoring by the Mexican judge was so out of line with the other judges that it does nothing for boxings’ credibility. Both Lennox Lewis & Floyd Mayweather had Fury ahead along with many others.... show more

Trump v Obama boxing who wins?

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Best answer: Maybe not, but he is certainly one of the greatest of all time for having to deal with his toughest adversity - racism and prejudice. Everyone had so much hatred for him, but all he did was smile at them while he beat their favorite white fighter's ***. Also the fights in that era were basically street fights.... show more

I stand solid at about 5’10 183 pounds and I done boxing and sparring for a few years.I haven’t had a fight since last year.If I fight someone who claims to be 5’9 but really is 5’8 160 pounds will I have the advantage and the upper hand.I shadow box for a few seconds a day and I notice I still got some speed even... show more

Hi there I'm 19 and weighing 53-55kg. My goals are to become a good ammeutuer boxing athlete. I train 4 days a week sparring,padwork etc. Running is done Monday Wednesday Friday Saturday 430am 8km. boxing with my trainer is done 4 days on Monday Wednesday Friday Sunday. What can I be doing in the gym for... show more

Best answer: In that DREAM you got lucky. Just don't try this in real life!

Many consider Ali's prime to be before the ban and at that time he would be considered a cruiserweight today. Could he beat Usyk? Would he be able to move up and handle giants like Fury, Joshua, and Wilder?

How would I become a pro boxer?

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I'm 15 btw

Best answer: P4P. the Lightweight version of Roberto "Hands of Stone" Duran is the all-time greatest Latino boxer I've studied and seen on film. Duran was able to do everything that Julio Cesar Chavez, Carlos Monzon, Kid Gavilan, Jose Napoles, Alexis Arguello, Carlos Ortiz, Salvador Sanchez, & Kid... show more