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I m in the US, and I m thinking about getting a small (not mini or compact) refrigerator that "must be plugged into its own dedicated 10 amp 120 volt 60 Hz AC only electric outlet." Can I plug it into a standard household outlet if I don t plug anything else into that outlet, or do I have to have an... show more

It used to be you could buy a large set of tools in a cardboard box with the tools in plastic bags and just put the sets together on socket rails at home. Now every set has been shrunk down and comes in stupid blow molded cases that are junk or even worse is the damn foam drawer inserts that never fit anyone's... show more

What is a drill bits?

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the three wires coming out on the welder are black green and white. The wires on the new plug are red black and blue. Which wire gets wired to what? Thank you

Without having to shower again lol.

Left untreated, will cinder block rot with constant moisture, or would that take a few lifetimes to occur? Just curious.

Could you use one of those for an electronic heat baseboard to make house smell good too. On low heat 1-10 the heat would be on 2-3. Or would it melt after all it will be on 24/7 unlike the car heating system.

I smoke now and then but no one knows. I had one in my room and held it way out the window and got rid of it outside. The window is still open and I have a fan on circling the room. The room doesn’t smell much like smoke but will it all be clear by 6Am in 7 hours time if I keep the window open abit and the fan on... show more

to much noise out side kids playing cars mopeds and so on my gf want to put soundproof windows where u can u get them at? this is the windows she has now but want to replace them with soundproof windows

Best answer: This stuff comes in a set size bag. About 40lbs. You can get away with one bag per post but I always use two to make sure of a secure fix. If you are doing more than one post one and a half bags per post will be fine.

How do you notch a steel pipe?

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im trying to weld a handle together with some steel plumbing pipes i have laying around but im having trouble notching the pipe i keep melting the drill bits and even my hole saws im using my drill press to do this is there an easier way to notch steel pipe?

Best answer: Just is a very healthy way to eat and live. More people should do that. The food you grow yourself has mire nutrients and and fewer chemicals that anything you buy at a supermarket.

Best answer: its like trying to understand a foreign language to read your question a builder in uk ..50 years are talking about what we call soakaway start at beginning ..we would line bottom of drain trench with 6" of gravel .lay perforated 4" drain on top .backfill with gravel all round with... show more

I probably could figure it out, but I ask because of permits or whatever. How hard can it be really? I unplug things all the time.

Why is my light flickering?

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We have changed our light switches for dimmers, and they now have LED bulbs but they flicker. This is a sort of slight flicker between brightnesses, not a strobe effect. You don't really see a visible difference in the brightness of the room, but it's a bit like having distant lighting that you see out... show more