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Best answer: look at who sponsors the show - A home improvement store !! But, you have to keep-up.. The newest cordless tool is a flashlight attachment that uses the rechargeable drill battery.

Best answer: Assuming your customer is buying all the material, and is paying you $1,000 for the labor, take the $1k, do the best job that you can, and learn from this experience. Take pride in your work, so no short-cuts. Keep a positive attitude. View this job as a 'lesson' and don't consume yourself with the... show more

Whirlpool model# wed4815ew1 120/208v 24A 60Hz 120/240v 26A 60Hz It has two ratings, one right below the other, on the dryer itself. It has a NEMA 10-30R plug. I want to know how much actual amps it's going to use from the wall, and how many volts.

I recently moved in to a new property and the washing machine I had from my old property has a hot and cold fill hose connections on the back of the machine. My problem is my new home only has a cold water supply in the utility room. Anyone know what my options are instead of buying a new cold fill only washing... show more

My old dryer had a 3 prong cord and outlet I bought a new dryer with a 4 prong plug. How can I safely use a 3 prong without a ground wire? Are there adapters? Are they even safe?

My landlords plumber has put in some new hot water pipes to shower room due to a leak. He has installed a pipe resting horizontally on top of a fuse box is this safe?

Best answer: If the fan is running, but no air is flowing, check your filter. If there is no filter, your fan and coils need to be cleaned and a filter added. Other than that, you need a trained technician to service and troubleshoot the problem.

Best answer: Nail polish remover is an acetate solvent. It is no longer 'on your floor.' IT EVAPORATED. The problem with your floor now is that in addition to the nail polish, the nail polish remover has REMOVED the Floor VARNISH. You need to go to Home Depot or a similar store and get a small can of MINWAX... show more

when i try to look it up i only see that it has foam i want a 12 x 12 piece or what ever size thy make it in of PVC but not a tube but a nice flat piece for my DIY project