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How to use these?

7 answers · 2 days ago
How are the KROKEN hooks from ikea used?

I need to know how to wind things up to a window that is around 12ft high when I'm standing on the ground looking up at the window. I was thinking a hook a duck rod but they look too short. Can anyone think of any methods?

Metal or wood shed?

7 answers · 3 days ago
I'm in the market for a storage shed.10'x16' w/ two 2'x3' windows and a 4' lite metal door. There will mostly be plastic storage bins that hold Christmas decorations and personal papers and some nic nacs. The metal shed I'm looking at would be insulated by the manufacturer (Rob and... show more

My house has a big concrete area that previous owners used for playing basketball. I want to built a basic shed but can't find youtube videos on how to keep water from going under floor base. All the videos are for slabs but I want to know how to build it on concrete floor. hopefully this makes sense. thanks... show more

Best answer: You need to purchase a beehive plunger which is specially made to be used on a toilet. A normal plunger will never work. If that does not remove the clog then you need to remove the toilet and see where the clog is. It may be in the toilet itself or in the drain. More than likely the beehive plunger will do the trick.

Everywhere i need to drill im detection wiring. Is this common in all batheoom ceilings and isnl it safe to drill anyway?

Best answer: Don't try to alter the wheel rims or tyre beading yourself, there's no way you'll get the fit right without the skills and equipment to adjust precisely, and that's assuming the mismatch can even be corrected. If you can't return the tyres, just sell them and put the money towards ordering the... show more

Do I sound hyper to you?

5 answers · 6 days ago
My mom said that I sound hyper.

It doesn't have to be that strong. It's only holding up a bunch of fake foam bricks, however it needs to not rip the wall when taken off. I will be attaching a lot of these so command strips dont seem to be the best option. A glue or double sided tape would be best

Best answer: does a camping shower stall with tarps and a bucket count? then yes....

My neighbours built a conservatory overlooking my kitchen and garden at the back of the house!? Is that legal? Just wondered if anyone knew the law regarding building a conservatory with windows overlooking kitchens and neighbours personal space at the back. UK. The picture shows their conservatory on the right... show more