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first off, please dont try to be cute or funny and tell me to use a paint roller or spray gun. if everybody always took easier alternate routes, there would be no need to ask, right? if you ask how to fix or repair or customize something, and the answer is "screw it get a new one or custom order it or try out... show more

Trying to temporarily fix the radiator in my car. Since I am low on funds atm. I know where the hole is I just cannot get to it because it is inside the grates on the radiator. So I was wondering if there is any expanding sealants that will hold up again heat and pressure?

The problem is that my house at the end of the block and there's only one gate on the north side. The east side wall doesn't have a gate. So we seldom go around there. Some imbeciles take advantage of this and have started throwing garbage there. And some wicked assholes set it on fire. I'm sick and... show more

My husband is making a toy for our daughter. He wants to make it so when she puts all the pieces in their spot the light comes on, but if any pieces are in the wrong spot it won't. This will plug into the wall in the playroom. His plan is to use reed switches and magnets. put the magnets in the pieces and they... show more

What should I do?

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Best answer: If you are unable to seal the holes with tape you are stuck with it. If the holes are small as you describe I doubt whether any significant leakage will occur. You could view the situation on a cold day with the fan extracting steam to see if any escapes. But from what you have said I would not be concerned.

Best answer: pls tell us where the meter is and where the panel is. in many homes, they are right next to each other and thus the normal wire size chart for amperage to be carried is applied. [google will find it]. if they are separated by some distance [meter on pole and panel on the house?], you need the chart that adds... show more

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Solder wick doesn’t work?

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Please help I just bought a solder wick and it’s not taking off any solder. I am putting flux on the tip so that it can work better and putting the solder iron on it but nothing happens. It’s my first time using it so maybe I’m doing it wrong? I tried watching YouTube videos and they all do it the same way I’m... show more

Best answer: jungle Wood best Wood, especially from home......bamboo rosewood mahogany top notch from jungle Asia *Grunts Groans Pounds Chest*

Using self leveling concrete?

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I'm wanting to level the concrete in my basement bathroom, and will be using self leveling concrete for my first time. I've watched some youtube videos on applying it and everyone is using a trowel to spread it after pouring it. So my confusion is this..If self leveling concrete is really self leveling,... show more

Can I use pavers for a sauna?

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Can I save some money and go 24" OC or do I have to go 16 " OC ?

I believe I want to start designing my own shipping container home. I am thinking of having most of the ground and driveway and more to be concrete except for maybe a small area of grass at front of lot. Just wanted to hear your opinions and ideas on mostly one large concrete slab for the home itself and also... show more