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Best answer: Angle grinder is the obvious way. Even a cheap one will do for small jobs and occasional use. Note that there are different disks depending on the task and materials, principally stone or metal and grinding or cutting. In this case you need a stone grinding disc. Mind your fingers.

Hi. I have a huge collection of papers I have collected, since I have lived at my present residence, over the years. You might say I am a pack rat. I have a lot of papers that I have saved and accumulated for over a decade. My family and I want to move, and I need to focus on going through and throwing a lot of... show more

Best answer: Can you put it on a skid (pallet), and use pieces of pipe as rollers?

So I just bought a portable gas generator and it didn’t come with a power cord. I have a 220v 30 amp receptacle in garage that runs off a separate breaker in the panel. In the case of an emergency, I was going to backfeed the generator to that receptacle. I used Romex 10-4 (10 gauge copper, 4 conductors) to hookup... show more

Best answer: Face mask and disposable bunny suit?

Urgent problem with my toilet!?

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Best answer: Use your hand to reach down the toilet and as far into the U-bend as you can. Seriously: as long as you have no bad cuts or open sores your skin will protect you and can be washed thoroughly afterwards. Even domestic bleach isn't a problem if it's diluted in a load of toilet water, but I'd suggest... show more

The lock is in the picture below. Don't worry-- it's my house. Any advice would be really appreciated, ty!

Best answer: There is an old adage - measure twice, cut once. Or in your case drill once. A good idea is to draw the elevations of your room on paper (to scale) to help plan where thing go. Or mark them out on the wall with masking tape to ensure you are happy with them before proceeding. As you say it isn't the end of... show more

Best answer: Each footer will need to be set a specific distance below grade depending on soil and frost conditions. The pier heights will have to be set using a transit or level o assure they are at the same elevation. The grade of the rest of the site is not critical because it will be churned up during the construction... show more

Best answer: Depending on how it’s lodged and stuck in there, you could always try using a plier (probably a better tool of choice, but whichever is easier for you) to try and wiggle it out carefully. Because normally you would just plug the HDMI in, so provided that nothing else was done or happen to either the cable or the... show more

i'm pretty sure it's 3'' around and its on the finer side of grinding and it screws on to the angle grinder it's not like a pad or anything hope someone can help thanks

Best answer: Depends on what you are doing and why you are wearing gloves. I wear the disposable gloves for gardening and lots of household chores, it spares my hands. I actually like to have both mediums, which fit me snugly, on hand when I am doing things like tie die or other things where I am using fine motor skills and... show more

okay so I'm building a TV stand and I need to figure out what thickness of steel sheet l should I use 12 gauge steel sheet or 11 gauge steel sheet the steel sheet will be bolted to the frame and the frame will have 2 pips 2 inch x 2 inch square pip and will be all ready welded to the frame then the steel sheet... show more