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Rebar for hanging chair stands?

9 answers · 1 day ago
I really want hanging chairs in my backyard this summer but the stands are expensive to seat a family of 4. Somebody said to buy rebar to make a place to hang the chairs? Is rebar strong enough to support the weight of an adult? How would you secure it to the ground?

Tile Cutter Too Short....?

6 answers · 22 hours ago
Also... my tile cutter handles tiles up to 18". My tiles are 24" x 7 1/2". Other than renting a larger tile cutter to cut just 4 tiles, what else can be done? I'm trying to score the full length with a glass cutter that doesn't seem up to the task, nothing happens and I'm trying not to... show more

The desk is WHALEN brand and called the “Prescott Curved Writing Desk” model #PRC48D. The actual wood isn’t damaged just the finish and I’d really like to know if there’s anything I could do to fix it without calling a professional

I need to pour a flat cement floor, 8 foot by 8 foot and four inches thick with a 8 inch by 12" footing all around. Purpose of building is to house a large home type sand blaster and possibly store some light weight items in. How many bags ; 40 lb, 60 lb or however they come, will I need ?

I have a new build house hasn’t been graded or seeded for grass yet. It’s getting hot outside want to get central air some companies are saying to put on brackets on foundation for settlement purposes and others saying no it vibrates and noisy. What are your opinions on both?

Best answer: Sand it down and patch it with tape and spackle. Then you texture the spackle with a textured roller to get the same look. Or you let it dry and get texture paint and a textured roller and paint it a heavy orange peel as they call it. I use texture paint and textured roller in the bathroom. That way the steam... show more

We want to leave our bedroom window open at nite. Problem? We live about 100 ft or so from train tracks. They run constantly. Any solutions to cancel out the sound but be able to leave the window open? Moving isnt an option

I need to fix a rotten wooden window frame. I have been told to use epoxy but I dont know what would be best. I would replace the whole frame but that's not an option at the moment. I have seen videos of people using it but I am unable to find the big tubes of expoxy that they use and what type it is. Can... show more

Charcoal in bbq barrel help?

5 answers · 2 weeks ago
I bought a 55 gallon steel drum and fashioned it into a grill cut in half. I'm all set up and ready to go, my only question is, if I pour charcoal into the bottom of the drum, will it be too hot for the metal? I hear talk that it could corrode, and can't find any other info on the internet .I've tried... show more