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Best answer: 15 years ago the boss wanted me to tow a snow cat trailer weighing 12,000+ lbs with my company truck, which was rated to tow 10,000 lbs. It is not expressly illegal here in Arizona and at the time it was okay with our transportation department. Then I had an epiphany. If I was responsible for an accident towing... show more

How do non motor boats go up stream?

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How do non motor boats go up stream im talking sailing ships new or old 1500s to today. if i was traveling to deliver supply s down stream how would i get the boat back to the start

Best answer: Extensive info here: Does not address far-out theories, such as floating islands or US Congressman Hank Johnson's marvelous notion of islands that might tip over and capsize.

Best answer: Yes that is an instrument panel. The boat has twin engines as the gauges are duplicated.

I'll be 15 in a week, and I have to buy my own vehicle, I'll need that in about a year. I have around 1,000 that will be going towards my car..... But..... I'm a huge outdoors-man, we live rural with no cable or WiFi and I've been hunting and fishing since I was 8 or 9. But I've never had the... show more

Does anyone know what this is?

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Best answer: It could be a paravane

Going on vacation in a few days and bringing the boat with us. We will have access to a launch our boat from New Symrna and hoping to go to Miami. Is it possible?

with oars. this is normal?

Best answer: The bridge is the command and control position for the entire ship. A wheelhouse a part of a boat or ship serving as a shelter for the person at the wheel. It's often a question of scale as to which term is used.

Best answer: Quite often called the officer of the watch. That person is nominally in charge of the ship and responsible for the safe operation of the ship, maintaining it's course etc. They usually have binoculars with them at all times when on duty.

Salvage Rights?

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So in the boating world you can get modern pirates. If I became stuck in my boat and someone came and offered to tow me off they could claim salvage rights on my boat. Somebody said there is something you can say to the other boat, something about insurance that then makes the other boat unable to claim your boat... show more

Best answer: It's up to the vessel's owner. Some may add a number to the ship's name, some just use the old name for the new vessel. Queen Mary 2, or sometimes referred to as QM 2 for short is an actual Cunard Line passenger ship, completed in 2003.

What’s a good fairly priced sail boat that could possibly make crossings in the future or to the Bahamas!?? Or a good spot to look for one and what’s harbors etc??