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I go to a boarding high school and I am friendly, but not friends, with a foreign exchange student who needs a place to stay for a week or more during a break later in the school year. She doesn't have many options in terms of where she could go but I'm not sure if I should let her come or not. She can be... show more

I have a B.S. degree in Psychology from a traditional 4-year university in America. I'm 26 years old now and I want to try something different! I'd love to go back to school to study textiles or photography but I want to do it in England. I don't even know if this is possible! Money isn't a concern... show more

Please let me know of any programs that are either government paid or paid differently that cover part or all of college tuition. I am interested in a program that allows me to volunteer abroad in developing countries to either teach, farm, buiild, etc. I am a currently a high school senior.

I have classes from 8 to 18:00. I come home, then cook food for the family, I don’t have time to study til 21:00. I finally start studying, sleepy, don’t understand very well, don’t get time to study for other subjects, I sleep at 23:30 to 6:00. I gotta do some morning works to do as well .

Best answer: I'd go for Sweden, because, as you say, it will give you the opportunity to visit more different places and that's worthwhile when you'll be there a long time. If Sweden is going to be so much cheaper but you could potentially make New Zealand work financially then maybe you can use some of the money... show more

Best answer: No, why would you think that?

Best answer: I have had from 8in subs to 15in subs and from my years of experience, 2 12in subs will be ya best bet and tbh sound the best! This is a MTX bass package, amp & 2 12in subs for $250 or so

Is it even free for foreigners? Is college studies also free?

Best answer: Speaking as a former exchange student, any of these countries will be interesting. I did exchanges of varying lengths in Mexico, Brazil, and England. Brazil and England were my favorites, but all of these trips were very special and enriched my life. If you know basic Polish, this country might be the easiest. I... show more

I am a student from Bangladesh looking to get admitted at a good college abroad, i have a passion for studying science, but an academic accident didn t give me an opportunity to study science. I think i have what it takes. And i am willing to work hard on it, but i dont want to go through high school again. Is... show more

I would like to stay in state for college where I can get relatively low tuition, but I would like to spend a semester abroad for at least to different places. Do most schools allow this? Is it plausible to do?

I am a Canadian high school student who is yet to apply to university. I am looking to study medicine abroad, mainly because it is much faster, and I am looking for a change of environment. But my question is, is it worth the hassle and the money to do my undergrad and med school in the UK if I want to practice... show more

I am an American student in the UK?

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I am studying English Literature in London and doing a course on Shakespeare. We have been reading several of the Roman tragedies and frankly, I found Titus Andronicus SHOCKINGLY violent and perverted. Out tutor did not warn us about this beforehand and I felt quite traumatised. My English classmates said that... show more

Best answer: Most European unis will require you to have at least 3 AP or SAT II subject exams in order to apply. If you'll have those, then you may be able to get into some European unis. I'm not sure if you'll get into a uni in Germany, though - those unis are free if you can get in, which means that getting in is... show more

But not a foreign exchange

Good Study Habits?

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Hey guys! I'm in eighth grade and i'm about to go to high school. I realized that my study habits are terrible. When I do my homework, I always end up getting distracted and forgetting about it. I do pretty good on most of my tests EXCEPT math. I used to be really good at I never had to study for tests but... show more