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Why do you think Trump won in 2016?

9 answers · 2 months ago

What's Trump done for USA?

4 answers · 2 months ago
Best answer: Added several trillion to your debt, has caused a massive decline in international visitors to the US (when tourism is around 10 per-cent of your GDP), reduced the standing of the US on a global basis and created an environment likely to create a recession or worse.

Why are so many cats unfriendly?

8 answers · 3 months ago
Best answer: Because they're jealous of dogs... nah I'm joking. Dogs descend from wolves, which are pack animals; because of this, they love being around other people and crave being with others. Cats on the other hand descend from tigers, leopards, and other bit cats, most of which (not lions) are solitary animals... show more

Is this even legal?

6 answers · 3 months ago
My college is trying to get 50 undergraduate students to apply to go on an expedition to mars. The planet that takes years to get to. So you’re trying to get thousands of dollars out of me in tuition fees just to throw me into another planet and leave me there? I don’t even think the astronauts wanna go to mars.

Best answer: He finally got one right. Had to happen eventually.

If I'm playing in tournament or playing heads up if i miss one or 2 balls I start questioning my stance, stroke etc, and only play worse. I get nervous and let snide comments get to me and sometimes just have confidence problem though I know I can play really well at times

I just recently purchased a 2006 Pontiac G6 GTP which has a double din radio with a small screen on it. That small screen displays different options such as door ajar, low fuel, etc. I'm afraid if I install an after market touch screen radio it will create problems because of the door ajar and other commands... show more

Liberals. Are you against this?

6 answers · 8 months ago
Best answer: If she was my daughter, I. would rather see her take an interest is soccer or basketball, or literally any other sport than shooting guns. But thats just me. The only way this interest could have occurred is if it was pushed upon her by her parents, so I feel sorry for her.

Do you have a pool table?

10 answers · 12 months ago
Best answer: Not any more. They were a "thing" in the '70s. Waste of space in the house IMO. That's what pubs are for.

Best answer: "Billiards" is the game before the creation of pockets attached to the table. In "Billiards", the game was to manipulate the numbered balls on the table according to the angles using the dots or arrows on the top of the rim of the table. "Pool" was created after the addition of pockets... show more

Best answer: no, not really, williams is 42/43 probably the oldest winner since reardon in the 70s. there arent a load of youth powering through like before but there are good players, its more open which is good, i mean anyone in the top 10 could win one of the majors, that makes it better if anything

Is snooker pointless?

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Best answer: Slavery in China has taken various forms throughout history. Slavery was reportedly abolished as a legally recognized institution, including in a 1909 law fully enacted in 1910, although the practice continued until at least 1949. Slavery affected and continues to affect many in China. Women and children were... show more

What time does tonight's MNF start?

4 answers · 2 years ago
Best answer: Rey Weeks not only knocked your tonsils out he must of hit your brain. It's tuesday and all NFL teams are off.