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Best answer: AFL draws the highest in-person audience (beating Super Rugby, NRL, cricket and netball). TV ratings are a mixed bag.

Is it ok to switch footy (AFL) teams?

5 answers · Australian Rules · 4 months ago
I'm 14 and I have been raised as a Collingwood supporter. But I hate it. I hate the atmosphere around the club, I hate the bogan supporters. I even hate the colours. I attended the North vs Pies game a few weeks ago and I was generally supporting North in my head.

What should I do about this auto accident?

6 answers · Rugby Union · 5 months ago
Some lady ran a stop sign, failed to yield, and T-Boned me. Now I have pain in my neck and shoulder and hip and hand all on my left side because she hit my driver side. Also I have constant headache's all day which makes me just want to sleep all day. I've been in pain for 4 weeks, lost my business,... show more

Is it too late for me to become a professional footballer?

2 answers · Other - Football · 7 months ago
I’m a girl who’s just turned 18 and i would love to get back into football again. i started playing when i was around 5 and stopped playing in my early teens. i was always above average for my age and had never came across a girl who played better than me. i was eventually taken out of the girls training programme... show more

How Long does a NRL match in Australia last.?

4 answers · Rugby League · 9 months ago
Best answer: There is 80 minutes of time allocated for the game but statistics show that only around 35 minutes is actually played.

Should QB Drew Brees sign with the broncos?

11 answers · Rugby League · 11 months ago
i feel like if drew brees sign with the broncos they will be a superbowl contender in 2018. The Broncos are 1 quaterback away from being superbowl champions again they have a elite defense and i believe drew brees can revive Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders. I think Drew Brees is at the point of his career... show more

Would a "Stahlhelm" be effective as a bicycle helmet?

7 answers · Rugby Union · 1 year ago
If i stuffed it with proper lining

Describe your dream girlfriend/wife?

7 answers · Rugby Union · 1 year ago
Best answer: My dream husband would be someone who loves me as much as I love him, even on my worst days... It would be great if he had a body like Anthony Recker. Baseball players have the biggest butts.

Do cons now realize that whites can be terrorists?

9 answers · Other - Football · 1 year ago
Maybe it's time to quit blaming Muslims for everything.

Anyone here going to the NRL grand final?

4 answers · Rugby League · 1 year ago
Best answer: no the last Grand Final I went too was 2005, when the Tigers beat the Cowboys, i'll be watching on TV, what position does your cousin play. they reckon tackling that PNG side is like tackling granite.

How can I raise money for a football kit in school?

4 answers · Other - Football · 1 year ago
I'm play on a girls football team and we need to raise money for a new kit so we don't have to share the boys kit! Any ideas on how?

Atheists, would you like to be cultural Christians?

7 answers · Rugby League · 1 year ago
Best answer: My ancestry and culture are Jewish, but I'm an atheist. Hi. Gangsterghost!

Why is australian football a separate category?

5 answers · Other - Football · 1 year ago
Best answer: Australian posters on here?

Do western union open on Saturday in UK?

4 answers · Rugby Union · 1 year ago

Can I get a key made at walmarts?

4 answers · Other - Football · 1 year ago

Which league is more competitive serie A or la liga?

5 answers · Other - Football · 2 years ago

Why do American football fans not like rugby?

23 answers · Rugby League · 2 years ago

Mom and I sat naked watching tv?

30 answers · Rugby Union · 2 years ago
The other day I woke up thinking my mom was gone and I got naked. That's just what I do when I'm alone, it feels good, I hate wearing clothes. Turns out she was home and she came out while I was watching tv on the couch. I felt really embarrassed at first and she was like "Oh sorry" but after a... show more

Why do Australian football players not wear helmets and stuff?

6 answers · Other - Football · 2 years ago