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Someone told me that Meghan Markle secretly wishes death upon Prince William and his children because they are the only things stopping her from becoming queen, and Prince Harry from becoming king, Is this true? He said that Meghan Markle is American though, And that she is representing America very well in... show more

What does royalty do nowadays?

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Best answer: Philip, husband of Elizabeth

How old is Prince Charles?

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Best answer: His collection of molecules & atoms that make up his entity are 69 years old the atoms & molecules themselves are as old as the Universe 🌌 is!

Best answer: They will begin printing and issuing them within 12 months, but it could be as long as 25 years, before all notes bearing his mother’s image are withdrawn from circulation if using the method used by the Australian Mint. I quite often see the original polymer $5, which was released in 1992, and its a... show more

Best answer: He didn’t need to marry for wealth, fame, or royalty. They were in love.

Best answer: Im game, she is the most popular royal after all.

Best answer: Which one are you jealous of

Best answer: Her crown was hurtful to her mother's birth organs so yes.

Best answer: Only Queen regnants (monarchs in their own right) are numbered. Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother was a consort (the wife of King George VI) so she never got a number. There have been several queens of England/UK called Elizabeth, but only two have been sovereigns. Henry VII's wife was Queen Elizabeth as was... show more

Best answer: You are not being serious. Charles is the heir to the throne. After the Queen dies, Charles is king. He has a wife, Camilla, who becomes his consort. Edward will be bestowed Duke of Edinburgh after his father dies. The Dukedom of Edinburgh is not the monarchy, the job of king or queen regnant. Only the spouse of... show more

Best answer: Not a chance, Without a parliament???? next step civil war. that's why it wont happen.

Why did He go after Prince Charles younger sister instead of Prince Charles himself? Prince Charles is the heir to the throne and is expected to become kind one day, while Anne Is just another royal. Therefore, Prince Charles is more valuable than Princess Anne. There's no doubt that Prince Charles is worth... show more

Best answer: Yes. He was the eldest son of the heiress presumptive. Only if her parents had had a son of their own could Elizabeth have been replaced as the next monarch, and by the time Charles was born, it was obvious that was not going to happen. So, Elizabeth was going to become Queen, that was clear, and Charles was... show more

Best answer: Not ever ever, she got a down on them.

Please don't say that they bring in millions of tourist, because tourist do not come to the UK just to see a glimpse of a royal family member.

Best answer: If Diana had ignored their affair, Charles would've tired of Camilla. Diana made it exciting for the idiot. Charles would have clung to Francis the Talking Mule if it got up Diana's nose the way Camilla did.