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I just think the whole concept is dated and pretty harsh on the actual royals. Like the kids for example

Best answer: I suppose it depends very much on the "attitude" it is born with. No one can know what kind of attitude any baby is born with, let alone whether or not it will change at a later date. This crystal ball has never been the same since I dropped it some time ago.

Best answer: I am speaking from the other side of the pond here but it seems like those angry with the Brexit vote are most likely the ones behind these shenanigans.

Best answer: Lets hope so, registry office hopefully. With 26 tea pot collectors waving them off. Honeymoon in Saudi Arabia.

Best answer:

if her husband is the father?

Best answer: Thank goodness she has the intelligence to not marry a cousin. You do realize that Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie are 1st cousins. The very thought of cousin marriage gives me the creeps.

Best answer: He was just being nice to the Australians. It's the sort of thing you say on a royal tour. Most Brits and Australians grasp that. I'm sure you do, too.. The announcement was, in any case, issued from the Palace in the UK.

what have she ever done to warrant this.