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Best answer: None. They aren't and never will be members of the royal family. Charles will probably be known as King George VII while Camilla will possibly not be given the title of Queen.

Names fit for a princess?

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But not Elizabeth or Victoria

Best answer: The young Diana was used as a brood mare and then discarded. Charles behaved like a self-indulgent spoilt cad who had a mistress and expected his wife to look the other way as he carried on with another man’s wife. Diana grew older and realised she didn’t have to sit back and take it, so she moved on and sought... show more

Best answer: Only if they hated the child.

Best answer: Better weather trumps the boring royals.

Best answer: One hopes not, they would be scarred for life, With the introduction of DNA testing ,these practises are no longer necessary.

Best answer: It's as trendy as having three degrees on the Island.

Best answer: Saxon Why are you asking a history question in philosophy?

Best answer: Like f//k it does "cognito" the money coming in comes from the crown estates - the family itself bring in zero A number of surveys have been carried out on why people come to the UK as tourists The existence of the "royal family" has never been in the top 3 of why they come here "Each... show more