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Best answer: No, for someone of 92 she is amazingly healthy and mobile. Most of us have been long dead before we reach such an age.

I mean, she is a divorcée, she is bi-racial, and she is not even British!

Not a fan of Meghan Markle?

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Best answer: She seems fake to me too. Time will tell.

Best answer: She certainly did smile. She was all smiles as she arrived at the Chapel and afterwards. I didn't see the cameras on her much in any case. She wasn't the focus of the event. Nor should she have been. As for her outfit, may I remind you that she had given birth less than a month before? She was going to... show more

Best answer: Harry said in an interview that NO ONE in the royal family really wants to be king. Harry likes to do what ever harry wants to do. Stop trying to make people slam him because you're jealous he married a black girl.

How was the Royal Wedding?

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Best answer: He was sitting between the Princesses of York

What does the Queen smell like?

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Should she have worn that color?

Best answer: Of course she was. If you had watched the wedding you would have seen her several times. Even Fergie (Sarah Ferguson) was invited but unfortunately Camila was too. I was a little surprised because Meghan and her do not appear to like each other. Poseidon

Question on royals and divorces?!?

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Say if Prince William got a divorce from Kate Middleton and Prince Harry got a divorce from Meghan Markle, would Kate and Meghan be stripped off their titles as Duchess?