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Who is the most intelligent royal?

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Or more than that since it's been a proven that the British Royal Family has black ancestry?

Best answer: Prince Charles no doubt. Not only is he a man, and Sarah Ferguson's a woman, But Prince Charles has his whole family with him. Prince Charles is going to bring everyone. He's going to bring, Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince william, Prince Harry, Prince Edward, And all of his security people.... show more

Best answer: Not keen on the lyrics to your verse Mr Bailey, dont give up your day job.

Best answer: Yup, Kings and Emperors are higher in status than Presidents. So when they look at the President of the United States, The British Royal Family laugh at him and say, 'Look at that peasant President, Thinks he owns The United States, but even he knows that he's not in our league'. That's the truth... show more

Is Kate a British princess?

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Best answer: Yes - Kate is a princess and she is British.

Best answer: Yes obviously. The man is about to die. The boy is the future King. And has his whole life ahead of him to look forward to. The man may be upset about it, but he knows that there's nothing that he can do about it.

Best answer: Rumor has it Sarah Ferguson had sex with Prince Charles after she beat up Camilla Parker Bowles.

Is he?

Where my fuggin butler at?

Best answer: As I have said before, people are entitled to their views, however ridiculous but, I draw the line at imposing them on others.

Best answer: Yes, he lives in different castles built by Ed the 1, trying to keep ahead of the taxman.

The winner gets to marry Prince william, and become the future Queen of England, and the loser has to marry Prince Harry. Should they set up this official fight?