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...would Harry's children with Meghan enjoy the title of Prince or Princess? I don't wish anyone's death, by the way. As far as I know, the grandchildren of a prince will not be titled Prince(ss) (only, the grandchildren of a monarch will), hence the Queen issued a Letter's Patent to make George... show more

Is she one of the most iconic Canadians?

What Is ROYAL Or Blood Line.?

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Best answer: Queen Elizabeth II is Queen of the UNITED KINGDOM OF GREAT BRITAIN AND NORTHERN IRELAND. The British monarch has reigned over England, Scotland, and Ireland for centuries, first a separate realms, until some realms were united into one, and another partitioned into a realm and the rest of the country a... show more

Wikipedia states that the first documented coronation in Westminster Abbey was that of King William the First (William the Conqueror), which took place in 1066. Where were the predecessor monarchs of King William the First crowned?

Best answer: It was likely both. Moreover, people in government had realized that he was a bad bet for monarch, so of course they made things as difficult as possible as far as his choice of a wife was concerned. I have no doubt that they were hoping he'd pack it in so they could be rid of him. It's not really... show more

Best answer: I'd suspect her leanings are more towards Conservative. But she's NOT supposed to have any political preferences.

Best answer: If Wagner did Jazz, then yes, but I think he predates Jazz, Maybe Wagner invented Jazz and that's where the Queen has come across it. Bit odd for Germans liking Jazz, they didn't like it at all.

Might have helped if they had a drone shot .

Best answer: If this is anything to go by, Princess Anne may well give it a miss this time!! Clearly Catherine may not make the long journey either, which may mean not William either. Perhaps they'll... show more

Best answer: Without a shadow of doubt it would be our wonderful Princess Anne, the Princess Royal, she is so kind, caring, warm and charming, so elegant, regal and dignified, such a loyal and devoted patron of well over two hundred charities and at 67 still an incredibly beautiful looking lady. she is GORGEOUS.

Best answer: If it were Harry or William, I'd invite them to the nearest boozah, for a very large, double, enormous vodka and tonic and if it were any of the others, just ignore them by looking in a shop window, at all of the second hand crowns and tiaras on sale.