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Commercial airline pilots only!!?

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How much money have you spent to become a commercial pilot and work as one? Also if you dont mind saying how much years of experience do you have and whats your salary?

Best answer: FAA rules say you can get a PRIVATE pilot's license at 17. You must be at least 18 for a commercial pilot's license. And yes... You CAN upgrade from private to commercial, but you'll need several hundred hours more of VERY EXPENSIVE training.

Like a maintenance person moving it from one hangar to another?

FAA documents are so technical I can't find basic information about how many passengers a part 135 aircraft can carry.

I'm trying to find the average passenger size for part 121 planes but I can't find anything about it The FAA documents are so confusing. I just want to know the size range of this classification of aircraft.

Best answer: Trade-A-Plane and Barnstormers are definitely your best venues. You'll do best with good photos, accurate logbook info and a fresh annual.

Best answer: Magnetic. The bearings and tracks are laid out reference to the WGS 84 geoid with current magnetic variation over the geographic area. The track will change along route both because of the change in variation as well as because it’s a great circle route. If it is integrated into aircraft instrumentation... those... show more

Best answer: My mother in law, did you check the oil, do we have enough gas, is this thing safe? As we took off, I hit my hand on the door and said... oh my gosh we just hit a duck! I hope we are going to be ok. A few minutes later I dropped the throttle and acted like we just lost our engine... then banged on the... show more

Commercial pilots ONLY!?

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Best answer: There are all sorts of "commercial pilots", not just airline pilots, who represent only one segment of commercial aviation. I'm a "commercial pilot" and am home every night. I've had other flying jobs where I was away from home for many days or weeks at a time. So, if you are referring... show more

Specifically, how are the spars, stringers etc attached? In a model airplane the answer would be cement. But how are real airplane (say a Piper Cub) connected?

Best answer: Anyone on board will be killed instantly and anyone in the close vicinity would likely suffer injuries at best. So basically the same as if any plane exploded suddenly.

It's such a mysterius place, everyone wants to know wtf is going on there.

Why did the Skycatcher fail?

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Best answer: - It was intended to be made in China, many saw this as controversial - its introduction coincided with the 2007 sub-prime crisis and financial problem that followed. Suddenly, the attractiveness of a $150000 twin seater became questionable; many general aviation makers faced huge set-back around 2009, with... show more

There has been some talk about the return of supersonic aircraft for travel. Can they muffle or silence the sonic boom or is this just speculation? Also, do you think it would affordable for the regular everyday non business travellers?

Best answer: Gee, maybe you would think like most mechanics and pull the starter to grease up the Bendix shaft. Or you could be like the Jet-Dork and use any WD40 spray can crap rated for a Dodge 3/4 ton truck. Old sorry azzed Skippy-Doc doesn't even know what DEF is for his Dodge truck sitting on the ground. Sorry there... show more

Aside from the licence and school/university education are there any other qualifications or courses that would set you apart from other candidates when applying for a job with an airline?