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Best answer: Bible thumpers aside, the coconut is the seed of the coconut palm, just as dates are the seed of a date palm.

Best answer: D. They're provided by animals such as chickens and penguins.

What is a sunflower?

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List of deadly poison fruits?

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Best answer: Holly Banberry Ivy Yew European Spindle Yellow star fruit. And quite a lot of fruit seeds a poisonous.

It feels like leaves off a tree that have fallen it’s so dry

Please help me understand this?

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Best answer: Phototropism is a plants orientation in response to light. It is positive if it is going towards the light and negative if it is going away from the light Gravitropism is the same thing but with gravity. So in this photo the place bellow ground that say light and gravity would be labeled negative phototropism... show more

Is this plant fully aquatic?

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Best answer: Looking at the way its roots were packaged, it probably is. If you are worried, (you are) Get the base up onto something so that some of the foliage floats on top of the water.

Best answer: Vegetarian diets are overall more healthy - red meat in particular has been tied to various cancers, but mostly colorectal ones. But diet alone isn't the only factor. Steve Jobs tried to cure his pancreatic cancer through radical changes in diet vs. traditional medical treatment, and that was a decision... show more

Best answer: Pics or it didn't happen.

Best answer: In the USA, instead of shopping only at supermarkets, try "farmer's" markets, ethnic markets (such as Mexican, Indian, Chinese), and specialized produce markets. You can find much more variety than what is offered in the major supermarket chains.