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What kind of fruit are tomatoes?

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There were two of this fruit trees in front of the house, and the recently started bearing fruit , and I'd like to know what they are. They turn red when ripped.

Best answer: It's a silk floss tree (also called kapok or java cotton trees).The seed pods are filled with fluffy white silk, which appear on the tree when the pods burst.

Best answer: Olives are bitter Cinnamon Almonds coconuts? chocolate all fruitless trees

I often see it growing out in the wild (the wild ones tastes even better and looks greener than the ones in my own backyard). May I ask, does anyone knows its name? Please help if you can. Thank you!! Here I made a small pot of soup with abalone slices (wild Californian Abalone), the green leaved herb, and an... show more

Best answer: That isn't necessarily true. What would happen is a mystery because we've never confronted that scenario.

Why cant it be less scientific and more reasonable?

Best answer: No. Life would have evolved differently in other planets. DNA and all organic compounds would be different. We could not eat plants or animals from other planets.

Why do otters climb trees?

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Best answer: Hey Grass! Howzit? Sometimes otters climb tree to survey their territory, sometimes for fun (they are very playful creatures), and sometimes to get away from predators. I hope this helps!

Best answer: I am sure there would be, they have been trying to tie global warming to man made, but for all the reasearch done, no conclusive evidence to date. The correct term is climate change, an event that has been in cycle since there was a climate. Politicians came up with the name global warming, like Al Gore made... show more

Why the grass green? Is it?

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Also how do you make a person fall asleep quickly I need it in less than a minute my friend is a mad woman

What bushes cause cancer?

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