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Is her style nice?

11 answers · 19 hours ago

How can she improve this outfit?

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How long do you take in the shower?

53 answers · 6 days ago

Are they white, brown or black?

6 answers · 10 hours ago

What eye color are my eyes?

39 answers · 7 days ago

Is it worth getting underarms waxed?

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or should i just stick to shaving

Best answer: no i think it is pretty

I work at a pub and a group of girls sitting and drinking and had a guy there with them too and one stopped to ask me can they play music on their phones I said no we arnt allowed to play music and I said if it was up to me I’d let them but it isn’t etc and I walked off to get glasses from another table when she... show more

i love the edgy look, the blush pink colors only look good on blondes IMO

Best answer: At least on here, most people are not posting real pics of themselves, they are trolling with other peoples pics

Ordered perfume oil from independent seller and everytime I've ordered perfumes in the mail theyve always had a scent. This one cane and it literally smells like nothing. Did something happen? What can I do?

Best answer: If you think she was rude to you that means she though you were rude to her. You get back what you give out. You gave out rudeness, she gave back rudeness. You thought you were being honest, reality is you were rude.

Best answer: Some people do not value the soul but only the boobies.