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Best answer: It's not common but some do it. If that is what you want to do, then do it, but be prepared for rude comments from the ignorant.

I've been modeling for since a teen and I am in my early 20's. I want to get signed by a legit modeling agency and get consistent gigs on a daily basis and break into acting. I have been signed to an agency that didn't do me any good and made money off me and I didn't get gigs on a daily basis and... show more

Best answer: If you have hand sanitizer available, you can use that. I might also suggest lemon juice, if you don't mind being a little sticky. There are various alternatives involving baking soda or oils, but if you don't want to drop $2.50 for deodorant due to financial reasons, there's not many options.

Instagram OCD!!!!?

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Best answer: ( putting myself in your shoes) well this instagram thing is a problem nowadays... I really think you should think hard about who you are and what defines you, is it the followers?or is it something else and you should probably talk to a therapist it would really help you try and slowly overcome what you are going... show more

Best answer: Square ? Very manly structure I think.

Best answer: Probably, given how gluttony and being overweight are closely tied 95% of the time.

Best answer: Yes, in general the better brands do last longer. You can also sometimes find cheaper ones that look and last OK or I have had good results using a high end base and top coat with a cheaper color. The really cheap ones do not last at all. Wearing gloves when you do anything bad for nails like dishes or yard work... show more

Best answer: Yes, because models are not all the time beautiful they just have the right proportions to fit what a designer wants them to. But they are always polished.

have to get one of it for losing a bet , so which would hurt less

Best answer: Yes, yes I think it's unfair and simply silly. Personality and looks are very different things.

Best answer: Because he may just not be interested in you. Would you be attracted to an obese, acne coated geeky-looking basement dweller if he suddenly covered his acne and bought designer clothes? No. You’re attracted to what you’re attracted to and that’s mentally as well as physically. For example: I think Ariana Grande... show more

https://postimg.cc/image/6ohb1axjf/ why in every fking photo i look like i have super short legs??

Is she pretty or average looking?

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Best answer: Pretty

and they have absolutely no reason to be given that they resemble a Rottweiler chewing a wasp.

Best answer: I’ve never been to Scotland but I was in Ireland, and the women were beautiful there. So I would assume the same for Scot women