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Be honest in how you perceive someone who appears to be in their early to mid twenties.

Is my nose big?

8 answers · 2 days ago
I always been insecure about my nose https://ibb.co/eU15hx https://ibb.co/mbYMpc

Best answer: Mary kate

Are my eyes green or brown?

18 answers · 5 days ago
I’m just not sure because some people say they are green and some say brown. Thank you!

Best answer: **** yeah

Are small eyes on girls ugly?

14 answers · 6 days ago
Best answer: Not at all! And don’t try to “contour” bigger eyes with Makeup because that will make you more uncomfortable when you are not wearing makeup. I can tell you that guys don’t like cakes girls with tons of makeup but Girls do what you want because it should be pleasing you not others. If you want bigger eyes because... show more

Best answer: Like Miss Universe.

Focused on Physical Beauty?

4 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: Cause once you have that everything else falls into place. All of the sudden you can get with the girl of your dreams, you get the job etc.

Best answer: All you can do now is wait. DO NOT shave again. If you get a really long "straggler", trim it very carefully with small scissors. Check at Walmart, there may be things you can use to keep it smooth and shiney while it's growing out. Good luck.

Best answer: Yeah, but he just isn't into you. Its not you, its him lol

Man, I don’t want to wear Green! I don’t have any shirts/pants in green anyway - I think it’s sort of lame :P But I do have this pastel shade of teal colored shirt that I love! I also wanted to wear pink short-shorts on Saint Patrick’s. The thing is, my friends always punch me (playfully) if I don’t wear anything... show more

Best answer: I am aesthetically challenged, so no. I see everything from the inside out.

Best answer: stunning