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What's so special about her?

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What is the point of makeup?

19 answers · 1 day ago
What exactly does it achieve apart from making women look fake?

Will it make my hair to grow overnight? Including olive oil?

I've worn very smart skin-tight leggings to work several times recently without it being an issue however yesterday I was taken to one side & told I was not dressed appropriately & was even told I looked "trashy & suggestive". It was even suggested that I should take them off (while at... show more

Am I too big for modeling?

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Hi, I would like to be a model, runway or catalogue. I am an 18 year old girl and 5 foot 10 inches tall. I weigh 130 lbs. Am I too big for modeling? Also my body measurements are 38 24 38. I am worried that my bust and hips are too large. Would I be able to be a model based on my body measurements?

I'm a girl and my height is 5 feet?

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Am I too short? I'm worried about my height. I want to be at least 5' 5 but I'm 18 and I don't think I'll grow taller.

I'm 14 and I'm not too confident with my looks. I still look like a middle schooler unfortunately and my face looks really young (in a bad way). I feel like I don't look mature enough. I'm not too pretty either. I wonder, as people grow through highschool and get older and start to look more mature,... show more

Okay so i get asked for my number or to go out on dates quite by random guys on th street and i get alot of stares all sortes of attention and no i do not wear revesling clothing especially at this time of the year it is snowing. I have noticed none of the guys say things like wow you are beautiful can i have... show more

Best answer: This is a mental trick by ad agencies. They want you to think that if you wear these clothes, you will look like the models. It seems to have worked on you. Anyone can shop there.

How much should i pay for sexy pics?

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i am an average looking female and I have a male friend who is very attractive. He likes me alot as a friend so I made an offer for him to take sexy pics of himself for me for money. He did take the pics and they are very sexy and all tastefully done..just pics of him in tight jeans and a tight shirt in sexy... show more

Best answer: everyones has their own type of beauty. i think they would say "you have an ugly personality" or "you're ugly on the inside" if they meant you're mean, unless they just came right out and said "you are mean." my mom always says "that was ugly" if i said something... show more

How much perfume is too much perfume?

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I have 18 bottles so far.

Best answer: JEALOUSY?

I love nice lips?

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and how would you rate her looks from 1-10? will choose a best answer.

I’m considering hazel or light brown. https://imgur.com/a/OXBgT

Best answer: Majority or not, it is still an opinion and opinion is by definition subjective, no matter the subject. You will never find a subject with regard to which every single human being will have the same opinion.