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Is occasional tanning going to give me cancer?

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I like to tan once every 2 weeks for 8 minutes or so. I am ghostly white otherwise and I am not trying to cook my skin into a tan I am naturally very pale and just like a little color to my complexion. Is this harmful?

A bit of body smell is good or bad ?

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What size of silicone implants should i get?

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I had a breast Augmentation consultation last week. I’m 5 feet and 100 lbs. i am initially a 32AA and would like to be a full C cup or a small D cup. I have a base width of 10 cm. The nurse suggested 290 cc high profile to get the look i want but im afraid that it would be too small, so i was hoping to ask for a... show more

Tattoos are disgusting, and I would never date a woman who has one.

Is pure aloe vera good for the face?

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Please help me with this?

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Best answer: The aftercare sheet doesn't say because there isn't really a set time to it. Basically, you can as long as it doesn't hurt or irritate the piercing. For some people thats immediately. For others that not for 6 months.

How many minutes does it take for the sun to tan your skin?

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He has his ex wifes name tattooed on hos abdoman so why not get my name tattooed too if hes wanting to get our wedding date tattooed on his ring finger? Is it because if we divorce it will be easier to cover up? And since he got her name tattooed did he love her more? He claims he never loved her and the tattoo... show more

Which is sexier - a clear, pale complexion or a natural, golden tan?

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Best answer: This depends what their natural skin color is. A person who is naturally pale is beautiful. A person with naturally golden tan skin is beautiful. A pale person who goes and tans is not though, as they are not embracing what they naturally have.

What eyebrow should I get pierced?

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Best answer: The choice of side pierced means nothing and stemmed from very old rumors. I do get your reasoning that it would be a better addition on the right side since your nostril is done on the left. Either side, I'll sure it will look great.

How to get rid of freckles(read descrption)?

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How to chew with SNAKE EYE piercing?

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Best answer: For at least one week you should be avoiding food that requires chewing. It causes pain. Eat foods like soup, dairy free yogurt, ice cream etc. ( Yes, you should be avoiding dairy for at least 3 weeks ) You’ll be starting to eat properly again after about a week or two. It’s an annoying healing process but... show more

Best answer: okay you might be young and don't know so I'll simply explain it. *ahem* ANYTIME a guy sticks his uh, 'twinkie' in a womans well... 'pothole' WITHOUT protection, she can be pregnant! I suggest go to your doctor or get a pregnancy test. And no you're not a virgin anymore.

this is my first tattoo and whenever i shower i notice little pieces of flakes will fall off and i know im not supposed to force them to come off so it normal?

OK I already have tattoos on both sides of my neck and I want to get another one on my throat area but the problem is that I have already asked my parents about it and they aren't happy and said no and I really want to get it done I'm 29 years old it's not like I'm a teenager to ask for there... show more

Do you currently have a bad tan line?

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I still have a bikini top tan line from last August.

Can I still get my nipples pierced if I have larger nipples?

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Females--do you have any tattoos?

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Best answer: Absolutely not. Only degenerative council estate trash who engage in mixed race debauchery have those.