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It makes them look like clowns, tbh. I see it all the time. Why don't they invest their time that they spend on makeup and use it to go to the gym?

At the moment I only wear mascara and sometimes a bit of eyeshadow. What other makeup items do most people have and wear? Brushes? Tools?

Is it weird I like my dark circles?

16 answers · 5 days ago
im 21 and have had dark circles all my life. They’re genetic. I used to be insecure about them, but now I kind of like them. They look worse with makeup on them so I don’t even cover them. I actually like them now. Is that weird?

Does eyeliner clog lashes?

9 answers · 4 days ago
Best answer: Nope

Best answer: Unsure but you'd best check with relatives. Some have wakes and some go into mourning.

What if I have ugly face symmetry? I don't think any face paint would make my face look good, unless I get plastic surgery.

Flaky, patchy makeup?

5 answers · 2 days ago
I’m not sure if my technique is just horrible or if my makeup is horrible. My makeup always ends up looking really flaky, like it almost forms tiny clumps or balls on my face? It happens even when I JUST use CC cream. I don’t even bother with foundation anymore because it just makes the patchiness 2000x worse. I... show more

How to look drop dead gorgeous?

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I am a beginner at makeup & am looking to purchase foundation. Whats the most affordable one I can buy that works well & where can I buy it? thanks

Best answer: It's fine. sometimes it's excessive, certainly. Basically, I think that its something that individual women should make their own decision about in context. I'll say this.. makeup can't turn ugly into pretty, and it also can't make pretty any prettier. So in terms of a "beauty... show more

Best answer: Powder is after the foundation, it sets the foundation so it is not shiny and doesn't smear.

I put on mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, brow liner, blush, lipstick and I have tried many different shades of foundation that matches my skin tone and everybody tells me that I look nearly the same with and without makeup! I don t get it. Look at Kylie Jenner. She looks like a goddess with makeup and without it, she... show more

Co worker issue?

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I work at a makeup counter and my coworker is very dirty. We are supposed to be a really clean hygienic makeup line, but this girl does everything wrong. She's been working with us for almost 3 months and has went to many trainings on how to properly clean stuff. Well her and I work a lot together and I... show more

Best answer: You can try a white eyeliner for your water line to make them pop out more then a bronze or gold color to make them look lighter and brighter. I do this and I have supper dark brown eyes and it works nicely.

I tried everything!! That Awesome spray cleaner AND hydrogen peroxide. Still stained. Please help!

Best answer: I wonder when people will finally learn the difference between there, their, and they’re. That would be great.