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What's the cure for male hair loss?

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His upper shaft resembles Sasquatch?

I want to get about 6 inches off my hair, but I don't want to go to Great Clips. I was considering SuperCuts. Another idea is beauty schools but I don't know about those? Cheap means hopefully under $30. I'm in Winston Salem.

What color is your hair?

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Best answer: green

Best answer: Red dye fades really quickly, they're also tricky to remove. It may give you a red tint to your hair if it's dark blond. Also reds tend to suit people with cool toned skin. Browns can fade too but not as fast as reds. Doing a strand test with both dyes can help you decide which one you like better. Or try... show more

What would I say for this haircut?

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What lengths would I say on the top and sides for this exact haircut to be able to spike it up?

Best answer: it dont bother me since im the one that puts my hair in a ponytail, its a lot easier than curler my hair but everyone does it differently

How to grow out short hair faster?

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Hi so um I cut my hair really short (shaved at the sides) and kinda regret it lol. I think I’m the only boy who regrets getting a haircut, before it was quite long, to my shoulders, is there any tips to grow it out faster?

Is there any proof, my mam always said it did, and all my Friends who have colored there hair repeatedly, have very thin hair,.. All the celebrities who die hair repeatedly seem to have healthy hair like belle Thorn, Gwen Stefanie, ?

Best answer: You can not get it out. It has to grow out.

What color is your hair?

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Best answer: Red. Unfortunately, if I didn't help it BE red, it would be white.

Cord broke how to repair?

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