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I’ve always wanted short hair, like a pixi cut type. But online recently I’ve had a look and everything says that if the space between your chin and ear is less than 2.25 inch then you would look good with short hair but mine is 2.75 inch. So it says I would look good with long hair. But I really want a pixi cut... show more

Well I’m a young guy, 16 years old. Well I’m currently growing a mullet hairstyle and hopefully side burns (not too long). My friends also went for a mullet hairstyle, all of them, and it would be fun to just have this hairstyle as well. I’ll keep it more modern looking, I just love the mullet hairdo look. Is this... show more

But does she really need to sleep in her rollers every second or third night Must admit she looks cute in them but its like sleeping beside a porcupine

Ok so I have a job interview coming up and I want to look a little older than I am. I'm in my early 20's but commonly mistaken for a 17 year old! Do you think wearing my hair in a bun would make me look older than wearing it in a pony tail? I've tried both and think the bun makes me look slightly older... show more

Why doesn't my hair curl?

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My hair never curls. I've gone as far as using a curling iron on the highest heat setting for 50 seconds and it still turned out flat after I let the curls set.

I’m a woman and I want to shave my head for health and style reasons but I’m worried I will be less likely to be hired. The other side of me is saying that men can get away with it so why couldn’t I but I know I shouldn’t risk it.


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i when to a hair salon today to dye my hair and he used a max hair bleaching solution which felt like my head was being dipped in fire but i didn't say anything. anyway when they washed out the bleach i looked at my hair and my scalp from the bang erea was literally burnt and had 2 small holes. (not deep) i can... show more

What haircut do you like best?

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How can I regain lost hair ?

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Please give me good advice . I have lost a lot of hair due to poor scalp health . I have been wearing wigs but I am upset that no new hair grew despite me seeing many doctors . I have read about this Naturalis hair recovery treatment in medical journals and would like to know where to buy it from stores in New York ?

What is your favorite hair color?

23 answers · 5 days ago
Best answer: Brown

Basically, I bleached my hair yesterday and toned it but it was orange. I bleached it again and toned it again but now it’s like yellow peachy orange. How can I get it to a blonde colour at home? It’s quite strong and there’s not been too much damage Also I put the bleach on my roots first ( I know you’re not... show more

Have you ever had a buzz cut?

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Best answer: Flat top, best cut ever.

Do you think blonde hair can be attractive on black women?

How do I maintain shaved eyebrows?

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I want to get my eyebrows shaved but I’m concerned how much effort it is to maintain them, considering how fast the hair grows back and such, like how often would I have to reshave them and such?

I will wash it at night one day, next day my scalp is itchy but refuse to wash it but then the next day it looks greasy and dry