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Best answer: southern Florida and lowland Hawaii (most of Hawaii except way up high in the mountains). I don't think it snows in southern California either, down in the LA basin and south. The desert states (Arizona over to Texas) can get ice or snow pretty far south, even sometimes into Mexico, but I do not think the... show more

Best answer: The reason why the Eastern [sic] US [sic] been getting a lot of precipitation lately, whether it's snow up north or rain down south is related directly to the persistent strength strong Pacific jet stream and its effect on the jet stream across the U.S. The Pacific jet has created a trough of low pressure over... show more

Best answer: Alabama

Coldest february ever in hou.tx?

8 answers · 3 weeks ago

Obviously we had hot summers and cold winters from what i remember but never ever hearing about a polar vortex or severe heatwaves like the last 9 years

Best answer: One way it can it be so foggy when it’s -2 Fahrenheit with 2 feet of snow on the ground and drifts 5 feet high in the yard would be if the wind is bringing warmer air into the area. As relatively warmer air blows over the snow pack ... it cools and condenses into the microscopic cloud particles. In this case ...... show more

Air Quality Alert?

6 answers · 3 weeks ago
The area where I live has an air quality alert for tomorrow. We usually only get these in the summer. Why are we having one in the winter?

Why is Snow White?

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Best answer: Snow crystals reflect all of the colours of light spectrum which, of course, is why it appears white. It is also totally politically correct and falls on everyone regardless of race, colour or creed. However it is old-school challenging in the sense that it sets survival tasks for people and kills the vulnerable... show more

What Is the weather?

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Since the solar angles won't change much in a few days

Best answer: Hair forms during a thunderstorm when the winds cycle up and down lifting the rain drops so high up to where the air is freezing even in the Summer so the droplets freeze and if the winds are real strong this keeps happening until the hailstones are too heavy to be lifted and that is how you get the biggest... show more

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