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I keep my room at significantly higher temperatures than the rest of the house. And my family gets annoyed because it causes the AC to kick in and freeze everyone out. Is there a sensor on every room to check temperature and of so what would one look like ? Os there a way to "disable" it?

Would that even be possible?

It's 39°F Do I wear a coat?

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Best answer: East coast weather is governed by a number of often counter acting factors. So it is infamous for it quick changeability. That's why those of use who grew up in the east dress layered. Which means we start with a light layer of clothing next to our skin and then add additional layers of clothing, like... show more

Best answer: not likely

Tuesday’s low temperature?

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Ok, so if the weather report says Tuesday’s low temperature will be, say, 42 degrees, does that mean Monday night(Tuesday morning), or Tuesday night?

Best answer: Isn't southern California SUPPOSED to have Mediterranean climate? Is Willa still affecting your weather. Central Oklahoma got to 80 on Saturday.

Best answer: This happens because a high pressure weather system with a cold front moves in . weather systems often move from north west to southeast. This happens in central Oklahoma. I, be seen the temperature go from 93 degrees F to 28 degrees F in central Oklahoma, and a more than 20 degree F drop in 20 minutes in New... show more

Best answer: it will be sold to Europe in the Brexit deal they are all Vikings anyway

Best answer: Not quite. Utah ranges from the cold alpine NE to the very warm SW. St George advertises itself as "Where the sun goes to spend the winter."

Why do hurricane have names.?

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Is it too early to snow right now?

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Best answer: No, not in Colorado or New Hampshire and Vermont and Canada and many mountain ranges

Best answer: The real reason why Hurricane Michael explosively intensify so quickly had to do with highly favorable environmental conditions: very warm gulf water temperatures and very low vertical wind shear. - Condensation of the water vapor evaporated from warm waters is the fuel that drives tropical cyclones. - Low... show more

Best answer: The UK has a maritime climate. We get whatever the Atlantic throws at us. At this time of year, the jetstream usually passes to the south of us leaving us in cold air from the north. A group of Atlantic storms has moved the jetstream north, leaving is in warmer air from the south. You can leave the bikini in... show more

What is the current weather in USA ?

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