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Best answer: Water from rivers, lakes, streams, or oceans evaporates into the air when it is heated up by the sun. As the water vapor rises up in the air, it condenses, or starts to cool down and turns back into a liquid. Then, droplets of water start to stick together as clouds.

Best answer: The speakers are of course 100% done. I replaced the speakers on 98 and 02 A6s. The speakers had holes and were literally like tissue paper. I really surprised any sound was coming out of them. Check for sub wolfer in the trunk, it might not have one or would be hidden in trunk somewhere, maybe behind the... show more

Best answer: Same reason. The gulf stream pulls England toward the moderate middle temperatures compared to a continental climate.

Does California have humidity?

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Best answer: Yes. Some coastal areas have very high humidity. Many times 100% which can also result in fog. Even some of the interiors parts like the Bakersfield area can have very dense fog.

Best answer: Florida

Best answer: A dew point of higher than 55.

Best answer: Average annual snowfall for Olympia, Washington over the period of record beginning in 1947 is 15.7" MAX yearly snowfall: 81.5 (1969)

Why are barometers so hard to find?

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Best answer: Yes, it's going to be expensive - no matter what. Especially if you compare it to those 19.99 weather stations from Walmart (or whatever). You have multiple options, depending on what you actually want to do. As for finding outdoor capable barometers - just try a Google search for "marine barometer".... show more

Best answer: A barometer measures air pressure. Unclear what you expect that to do. Certainly it would work in your kitchen, or anywhere else in the world. A Hygrometer measures the relative humidity of the air. Perhaps that is what you mean? but it only measures it, it doesn't change it. A de-humidifier removes... show more

If it snows then will it rain?

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Best answer: yes, once spring comes , then it will rain instead of snow

Best answer: The reason why the entire month of May has been unusually rainy for the eastern US [sic] is b/c the entire month of May has not been unusually rainy for the eastern U.S. The entire month of May has been unusually rainy over much of the southern half of the eastern U.S. b/c of a upper level trof's persistent... show more

I am researching the whereabouts of current Tropical Storm Alberto. Where and when is it forecast to hit the Florida pinnensula - and when / if are those in the Miami, Fl region advised to begin evacuating?

Best answer: Yes it gets that hot. Research what the combination of winds and mountains do to temperatures.

Best answer: 'Rarely ever' does not mean 'never'.

Best answer: I remember June and July of 1976 was the best ever. I had just got out of hospital after about 18 months and it was amazing weather. Been rubbish since then.