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Best answer: You need to get out NOW, this is NOT a hurricane you want to stick around for! This storm when it hits will come in as a category 4 storm as early as Thursday, this means winds of over 200km an hour, these winds will destroy buildings/homes in its path, power gone etc. This doesn't even include the fact that... show more

Questions On hurricane florence?

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Best answer: Unless you're simply seeking attention ... Yahoo! Weather forum is the last place anyone should go to find out where Hurricane Florence will go. Complete waste of time. Best advice: keep tabs on the hurricane's progress by following reports from the National Hurricane Center at show more

It's fall now and it is still 1000 degrees outside. I live in NC so I know that it will never get freezing cold, matter of fact I don;t even think my area got snow last year. It normally doesn't get somewhat cold around here until Thanksgiving

Why do clouds float?

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Best answer: About 15 inches

Best answer: The Gulf Stream is why. Some other ocean streams, like the Baltic Stream have an effect on the UK's weather.

I hear Ontario/Quebec is the country's Tornado Alley. There was a strong tornado that destroyed parts of Montreal literally just yesterday and most of the city is without power. And didn't Southern Ontario and even Toronto itself get nailed by a tornado recently? Anyway, are Canadian tornadoes comparable... show more

Best answer: The northeast US (including the Great Lakes regions) tends to see the earliest real snow (snow that accumulates) somewhere toward the end of November and into early December. There will usually be some snow in October (you will probably see snow flurries or short snow showers) but it won't be enough to stay on... show more

Best answer: Well, you could get shocked anywhere inside but the odds are pretty low. An open window could leave a route for getting zapped by a very close strike outside, and a closed window would lessen that chance of getting shocked, but you could still get shocked if the electricity has an easy route in, like say the... show more

Does weather affect your mood?

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I m looking to get monthly weather climate data for every country for 2001-2016. The specific data i m looking for includes: precipitation mean max temp mean min temp humidity along with anything extra

How much is 5-10mm of rain?

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Best answer: 5-10mm is 0.5-1.0 centimeters. There are 2.54 centimeters per inch. For YOUR question, it is not how MUCH rain that matters, but how HEAVY the rain is. 1/3 of an inch of rain is not much, especially if it drizzles over 10 hours. but 1/3 of an inch of rain - if it ALL falls in 2 minutes, will soak everything.

Best answer: The dry latitudes on the west coast, the latitudes south of San Francisco, are dry all the way around the world. Because of Earth's curvature, Earth's tilt, different amounts of sunlight hitting Earth at different angles because of those two factors, and resulting prevailing wind systems, dryness is the... show more

Why are tornados so rare in canada?

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Best answer: Tornadoes are a result of the collision of hot humid air with dry cool air. Just not enough tropical hot humid air up there. Tornadoes and hurricanes usually get there starts along the Equator ....................

Best answer: Yes a very HOT summer, it is 94F today and I do not like it hot. ( western Washington state U.S.A.) I do not like HOT !!!!!!!