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Best answer: False. Some women don't even want kids at all until they're in their 30s. I didn't.

Best answer: Do whatever I could do to be there for her and help in anyway possible while respecting her decisions in regard to keeping the baby. I raised 4 daughters and 3 sons but thankfully pregnancy was a bridge i didn't need to cross but kids do make mistakes and we as parents must realize that and help with solutions... show more

I was circumcised as an infant. I couldn't care less about it. I don't know why my parents decided to circumcise me and I DON'T care. Not that I would circumcise my own son (I don't see the point), but I'm not going to hate on my parents for it. I'm also not going to hate on other parents... show more

So something about America that has long confused me is that many of the same groups of Americans who are opposed to abortion also seem to be in opposition to teaching young people about sexuality and safe-sex. They seem to prefer an abstinence approach, even though that has not worked out since Adam got up on... show more

Best answer: Yes we are teaching our children wrong in school where is starting at a very early age to segregate boys with boys and girls with girls this gives the children the wrong message right off the bat boys should be taught to help the girls and the girls should be taught to work with the boys! Not that boys should hang... show more

Best answer: So you allowed yourself to get pregnant with someone who is abusive, depressed to the point of suicide? Get him to a suicide prevention hotline and back off of trying to "save him". You can't. This is a job for professionals. Instead, consider saving yourself, and your baby. You are in big trouble... show more

Best answer: When you greet them at the door, say, "The baby is sleeping. Why don't we visit a few minutes first and then I'll go and get her." Your husband can be in the other room with her while you visit. Enlist your husband in this, too. He can talk to his family. You can also hold your baby, say hello,... show more

Best answer: Pregnancy and childbirth is natural and women generally feel pain when they go through it. It's been that way since the beginning of the human race and it's nothing to feel guilt over. At 23, she's a grown woman who made her own choices to have a baby. You said yourself, she was just as eager to have a... show more

I am 24 years old with a 2 year old daughter. I never was topheavy. Before pregnancy, I was a solid B cup by the time I gave birth, I was at a double D. I am also 5'8 at 135lbs with a size 11 shoe. My D's lasted for the entire year and 5 months I nursed my daughter. Now I am left with saggy A cups. I'm... show more

Can precum get a girl pregnant?

20 answers · 2 weeks ago
I'm 16 and yesterday nearly had sex with a 15 year old. I refused because I had precum on my dick and didn't have condoms,but she wanted to do it anyways and she was not worried at all.

Why do girls get pregnant at 18?

5 answers · 1 week ago
Best answer: The same reason they get pregnant at 12 or 40, unprotected sex. If you mean why are they having unprotected sex at 18 years old when they know the possible outcome then I presume they don't care.

Best answer: I've thought about that too.

How do i lighten my vagina?

9 answers · 2 weeks ago
My vagina is darker than the rest of my body, i know thats normal, but its way too dark, Im so stressed out as i really dont have a clue what to do. I wanted to try creams but im worried that its not safe or won't work. I tried shea butter mixed with coconut oil, and applied it when i go to sleep and leave it... show more

I'm having severe kidney problems and am scheduled for emergency surgery but I'm trying to wait until baby is big enough. I am also scared of complications of surgery while being pregnant for baby and me. So my goal is to make sure baby gains more weight. Because of my kidney issues I've been rapidly... show more

Do you hate being pregnant?

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I'm 32 weeks as of tomorrow and I can't stand my situation at all. I miss working, quit my job because I was serving at a party bar and just knew I wouldn't be able to bear it being around all the drinking and stupidity, and financially it was best. I'm bigger with this baby than my previous 2,... show more

Best answer: Yes, it's the parents' fault. The parents chose to drag their kids along with them, walking 1000's of miles with no food or water (other than what they could carry) and under unsanitary conditions, with a large herd of other people who might have had God knows what kinds of sickness. And why did the... show more