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Best answer: My thoughts are that anyone who sincerely thinks a 1 year old is being sexually abused would be calling the police or child protective services instead of chatting about it on Yahoo Answers. By the way, if the child is being abused and you know about it and do nothing, you yourself have now committed a crime. Do... show more

Best answer: More often than not, yes. As a minor, they are not able to earn a living, meaning they stay dependent for longer. They often become dependent upon public assistance, and have a hard time climbing out of that situation. They also spend a lot of time chasing after the fathers, who fail to pay their fair share of... show more

Should i get a paternity test?

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so the baby was born on march 14 2018, we had sex on june 13 2017, does that time frame make sense????

And if it is harmful why? I know many divorced or single mothers that date a lot and introduce the men to the kids. Sometimes it’s one man for a while sometimes it’s a different guy every few months. Is it actually harmful to the children or is that just a stereotype? For the record I have no children I’m just... show more

I'll put details in photo below

Should U teach your kids this?

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Best answer: No, but I'm not a psychopath

How would you feel?

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Hi I have been on and off with a guy for over ten years we have a child . He had an affair , after me finding out he moved the women in to his with her four children in to his home .She fell pregnant they split . We got back together . The women who he cheated on me with , has a baby from him planned to keep it... show more

Best answer: Welcome to the invisibility of motherhood... always in the background, always working your a** off to make sure others are taken care of, everyone always relying on you, but rarely acknowledging that you're even there. I remember going through something similar when I had my first. When you're pregnan,t... show more

Why do pregnant women cry so much ?

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Best answer: Hormones, man. Don't try to reason with it, even she knows sometimes she's crying over nothing but can't help it. Just give her a hug, tell her she's smart/beautiful/amazing/loving/wonderful... and ask if there's anything that would make her feel better.

Best answer: Nope....I trust no one.

that way you could only murder one baby (and yes this is a troll, but perhaps it will make you think about the price someone is paying - The baby)

Best answer: We ditched the condoms when our oldest was 8.5 months old. Conceiving him took two years, we were expecting another long haul. Instead I conceived that very weekend. I wouldn't change it, I love having them this close together. But that second pregnancy was hard on my body. It took several years and intensive... show more

Best answer: This is a very good question, and one which should be covered in your Parenting Agreement as part of your Divorce. Assuming you ARE divorced and not just the 'baby daddy' your Parenting agreement should address your part in the kids lives and knowing who is being introduced into those lives is important.... show more