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Best answer: Disagree - my wife was 33 at the birth of our last child. He came into this World a very healthy 10.2 pounds. I was 40 at the time.

We have only tried once and I got 2 negative tests, and now I have this deep fear what if I’m infertile. Has that’s ver happened to you before?

Me & my boyfriend have been trying since may & in June we got pregnant our 1st time, but I had a miscarriage then in July I got my period & we would have intercourse 4 times a week & then I got my period I didn’t really pay attention if I ovulated , but I then got my period again in August we even... show more

Period or implantation?

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I took a ovulation test the 23 of August & it was positive, I was having intercourse unprotected for the 2 days prior to the test && day of test. Then on the 28th of August I had light bleeding that was pink & it came & went within the span of 2-3 days & i felt like crap, chills or rabdom... show more

Best answer: The ONLY way to prevent ovulation and your period after birth naturally is to exclusively breastfeed and even then, that is not an effective form of contraception. Since you are formula feeding as well as breastfeeding, you can ovulate at any time. If you are serious about preventing pregnancy, then you need to use... show more

My husband has poor sperm motility I believe is what it is called as well as low sperm count. We have been told by a specialist at the U that we would need to do IVF to be able to have a baby because of this. Any recommendations for increasing chances of pregnancy without doing IVF?

14dpo Implantation pain?

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I'm 14dpo today I have been feeling nausea mood swings(attitude) breast tingling ) I'm not sure but i think I ovulated late. I was suppose to ovulated on August 24th last month. my period is due in 2 days on September 9th.I did take Walmart cheap test today but it was negative.This morning I started having... show more

I cant get pregnant?

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I am 28 and my husband is 28. We each have 10 year old sons from previous relationship we have been married and trying for a baby for 3 years now i have been put on vitamins and clomid 50mg 100mg and 150 mg and nothing anything will be helpful im desperate

Me and my husband are ttc and I currently waiting to see if I miss my period but for the past few day I been having a symptom I never had before mostly at night. I like a nauseous burning in my throat almost like having nausea and acid reflux at the same time did anyone else have this with pregnancy

IS this an attached or free earlobe?

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Best answer: Go for it.

So i have been trying for about a year and a half now to have a baby with my bf we tried about everything we could and i would go to a doctor about this but we dont have the money to do that right now so i thought maybe i can ask the world and i have had off periods my whole life but we have tried so much so what... show more

Do you live in North America?

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Is pregnancy possible?

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I was not planning on becoming pregnant. So, I have not been tracking ovulation, fertility, or anything having to do with becoming pregnant. My period is a week late. I tested and it was negative. BUT I have been much more tired than usual, I've noticed mood swings, and my boobs are a little bit sore especially... show more