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Best answer: You don't need to do either!?! Thanks to science you can use in vitro and comprehensive chromosomal screening to have a healthy child, rather than risk passing on a genetic disease. It would be far cheaper than many adoptions too.

Test One Week After Sex?

8 answers · 3 weeks ago
So I had sex on Friday (11/16/18) and he came in me, he also did on Saturday. (11/17/18) So would it be too soon for me to test this Friday coming up? (11/24/18) Or should I wait until NEXT Friday, (11/30/18) and if you’ve had experience with getting a positive after one week please mention it.

Without surgeries

I had my period 23rd of October and had sex on the 12th November so. But right before I had sex I had a bit of discharge so I thought I was ovulating ... am I safe ?

Best answer: its in the timing......some days she is safe

Best answer: Nope. If there was a gene that could be passed on that would be hugely problematic, we would've adopted.

Testosterone cause infertility?

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i just want to know since my boyfriend is taking testosterone boosters if thatll completely prevent me getting pregnant. thank you

Best answer: Of course he can.

I have a sticky situation- kind of. So I finished my last pack of birth control 10/06. Got my period/withdrawal bleed on 10/08 which is normal. So I had sex 3 times in October. And 1 time in November on the 4th. I m not sure when I ovulated because there can be some discrepancy when you re first getting off the... show more

Best answer: Religion is based on control, especially sexual control. If religious leaders have somebody by the balls, it's far easier to control all other aspects of that persons life. Too bad the religious have no self control when it comes to raping kids.

My girlfriend and i are wanting to have a chlild, but her mom would kill me if i knocked her up. I don't know what to do. I have a job and I would be able to support her and the baby.

Best answer: Maybe your guy fears fathering a child he has to support for 18 years. Is he going to stay with you with a selective pregnancy, not his. If yes, then you can find a healthy guy to have sex with, just don't let that guy know you are not on the pill. It's deceptive only if you try for support after the fact,... show more

Can anyone 18 and up purchased sperm or do you have to be a certain age ?

I know that men don't usually post here, but I have a question to ask: If a couple is not going to be intimate for the first time together until after the two of them are married, and he is a virgin, would it be a good idea to try to conceive on their wedding night/honeymoon?