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Best answer: Have you tried counting the days between one period to the next period. Sometimes when you skip months, you might still be having a predictable cycle. Maybe you just have a longer cycle than the typical 28 to 30 day cycle that the average woman has. After all, if you have a 40 or 45 day cycle, you would skip a... show more

Extremely scared of infertility.?

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Best answer: Semen analysis can cost a few hundred dollars OOP, but other diagnostics are often covered by health insurance, and in fact in some states coverage for fertility services is mandatory. Cost may not be as big of an object as you think. Also, while it's possible that scarring may block your vas deferens on the... show more

Best answer: 1) Yes, you can become a single mother by choice via artificial insemination. It is most often used by couples who have known fertility problems, but can be utilized by same-sex female couples, surrogates, or single moms by choice, as well. 2) You're old enough now. 3) Artifical insemination with donor sperm... show more

I went to our version of planned parenthood to have a test done, they told me I was testing super early? That was 2 days ago. My last period was March 24th - March 29th.(alot longer and heavier then my usual) I track my periods on an app she according to the app my next period should have been April 22nd but it... show more

I could use some help... On the last week of my old pack I finished them up (placebo pills) and discontinued taking birth control at the start of my new active white pill pack. I stopped taking my pills on April 13th and my active pills started the 14th. I had sex on the 15th, 18th, 24th and 26th (all around 1-2am... show more

Ovulation question?

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On Monday April 21 I took a ovulation test that said I was ovulating, in that time frame my partner and I did what we had to. By the 24th I had some cramping which I thought it to be implantation cramping than on April 27 I started my period and today is slowed down to almost nothing. My normal period can last 6 to... show more

How can I win him back 🤣🤣?

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Best answer: Possibly, for some women. But others enjoy the experience, and the money. As with almost all human experience, there s no one-size-fits-all answer to that sort of question.

Best answer: Yes. Or at least that she is likely to ovulate soon.

Trying to concieve?

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HELP SUGGEST FOR CONCIEVING! Question for sexologists Or people with experience. I am a male of 36 years of age. I have been trying for having a child with my wife since last 5 months. Two days ago i went for my sement test after 4 days of abstinence. But prior to that on the same day in morning i could not control... show more

Best answer: No