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Best answer: It's not impossible, good luck.

Without surgery and permanently

Best answer: Mother Nature can always spring surprises, and she never works to a precise calendar. if you are seeking pregnancy, have sex frequently at most times of the month. If you are seeking sex without risk of pregnancy, always use fully certified precautions.

Best answer: Eliminating the obvious like alcohol, smoking, and junk food can help, and anecdotally some women claim that lower carb diets like the paleo diet or low-sugar/low-starch vegetarian diets have helped. And of course taking a good prenatal. However, over 40 you don't have much time to lose, so if you're not... show more

Feel guilty I am pregnant?

6 answers · 1 week ago
I have been thinking about having a baby for some time but had to get some things under control before I was ready. In November I met with a high risk doctor (I am 35 and immunosuppressed) to go over my medications and what I should do. A few of my friends were pregnant and my mom was recently diagnosed with... show more

Best answer: She theoretically could... but most people with Down's Syndrome have health complications caused by the condition that could make pregnancy dangerous. The biggest example is heart defects. About half of surviving Downs individuals have some kind of congenital heart defect, and pregnancy is very demanding on the... show more

Did I have a miscarriage?

11 answers · 2 weeks ago
My boyfriend and I where having unprotected sex everyday twice a day and he would finish in me every time. I used the restroom one day and noticed very light pink blood on toilet paper . Then 10/11 days later I was bleeding I’m not sure if that was my period or not. I was very very stressed so I don’t know ?... show more

Best answer: If they are still having monthly periods which means they will still be ovulating then yes they can - I was 52 when I started the menopause and having irregular periods but doctor told me to still use precautions for 2 years after period stops completely as there is still a chance of pregnancy. My grandma was 46... show more

I’m I pregnant?

10 answers · 3 weeks ago
Hi just need advice I had unprotected sex on January the 28th and come on my period the week after full 4 day period but at this moment January the 28th I feel sick blotted and lots of discharge I’m worried sick I might be pregnant I’m really hoping it’s just the signs of my period on it’s way any advice... show more

Could I be pregnant?

10 answers · 3 weeks ago
Hi I had unprotected sex 4 weeks ago stupid I know but had my full 5 day period a week after we had sex now I feel blotted and eating a lot of chocolate cud I be pregnant or just getting ready to come on again xc is ther a chance I cud be pregnant even though I had a full period a week after the event

Why is everyone having baby girls?

5 answers · 3 weeks ago
I like watching gender reveals because it’s interesting but lately it’s like everyone is having girls. There are already more girls than boys in the world and now there’s going to be a lot more. Why is everyone having girls?