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Am i pregnant?

I laid an egg, am I porgenant?

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Best answer: Congratulations! You just discovered you are a chicken.

This is not a troll question. I been married for 2 years to a really bright man who's a PhD holder. We both want a baby. He doesn't want to have sex with me to conceive. Instead, he wants to ejaculate and inject it in me with a syringe. He says he finds disturbing that people come to this world through sex.

Funny how the democrats who tend to defend abortion tend to be white people, specially white men .. Reminds me so much of slavery.. You know , back then when it was " legal" and approved by " the people " to enslave black people .. The founders of planed parenthood had as goal to abort as many... show more

Best answer: No and not if you eat meat either.

My boyfriend and I are wanting to get engaged and get married in the future, like within the next five to ten years. we want to have children now or very soon due to problems with fertility in the family. My parents think I'm too young to know what I really want in life but all I want is to be a housewife.

Best answer: There aren't any.

Best answer: Speaking of Lindsey Graham. Graham is co-sponsoring the Honest Ads Act, a bill that would require online political advertisers to disclose their identity, the value of their ad buy, and who they are targeting — a measure that was first pushed in 2017 by Graham’s longtime friend, the late Sen. John McCain (R-AZ).... show more

An I pregnant?

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Ok so lately I've been sexually active w this one guy. We **** every 2 weeks, and the second time we ****** I got sick. I had cough and throwing up and always woke up sick. Then I noticed in eating wayyy to much then I would normally eat I don't stop. And today we ****** and after we were done I needed to... show more

I don't have money for Artificial insemination.

Is this a positive pregnancy test?

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We have been trying for a baby and I took this test the other day and I am sure I can see a very faint line. This was taking in the evening, I then done the same test the next morning and nothing was on there. I had what I though was a very light period the week before I took this test. I can’t get a doctors... show more

Best answer: if the man does his job and gets her

me. My fertility window is 2 days after it happened