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Best answer: As long as you're an adult, do whatever the heII you want. If not, then wait until you're 18 and out of the house.

Best answer: The whole concept of timing sex so that 'male sperm' and 'female sperm' are more likely to reach the egg at different times has been found, in a FEW studies, to shift the odds by a couple of percentage points at most. It doesn't guarantee, even remotely, one sex or another. So yes, of course... show more

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Me and my husband has decided we are ready for a child now but it's been a week since my ovulation has passed. I keep hearing it is impossible and I also hear it is possible so I am confused. Please give any tips on to increase my chances

Best answer: It was a very nerdy kind of thing. The moment when Einstein's theory of general relativity and special relativity clicked and suddenly made sense to me. Thinking about time and space in such a way is very much counter to how we experience it in everyday life.

Best answer: i'd like to see a set of dynamite tiits

When to stop birth control pill?

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My finance and I are getting married in a few months, and we want to try and start to have a baby right away. When should I stop birth control? A couple months before the wedding and use condoms during that time? Stop birth control after the honeymoon and then have unprotected sex? I plan on drinking on the... show more

Best answer: No but can be very messy

What measures would you take to help them before help arrives

Best answer: No, of course not.

I cheated on my online boyfriend (yes we met up already) and at first he was mad and wouldn't text me back and said I hurt him but after a few days I apologized and asked him to forgive me and he did. The guy I cheated on him with gave me hickies and my boyfriend and I were having sex and later on he text me... show more

Best answer: I agree. I think one possible solution is to implement a feature where a member could "pin" or "anchor" his or her question to the desired category. Perhaps Yahoo could make that a perk for members who are level 3 or higher -- because surely by that time, they should have figured out how to... show more

Best answer: Obama was a failure , he failed to be an enabler of the zionist agenda of greed of wall street , corporations , and the bankers , who are robbing the working man blind . all Obama did was help the average guy .

How to please a woman in bed?

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