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Could I be pregnant?

8 answers · 13 hours ago
I am 23, senior in college and my period is four days late. My boyfriend and I are sexually active, but we just use the pull out method. I know it's not the safest, but it's natural which is what I like. I have changed my exercise pace from half an hour of weights and cardio to an hour and started running.... show more

Best answer: Absolutely. Why wouldn't you? That is what the pill is for. When used correctly its more effective than condoms. The only time you would need to use a condom is if she is taking a medicine which interacts with the pill, like antibiotics. The pill is the best way to prevent pregnancy within a committed... show more

Could I be pregnant?

6 answers · 12 hours ago
My boyfriend and I were sexual earlier this month when I was on my period I had a tampon on and it was my 3rd or 4th day of my cycle and it usually lasts about 7 with an 8th day of brown discharge. We did not have sex but he was rubbing his dick on my vagina possibly only putting the head of his penis in and I’m... show more

Best answer: That entirely depends on the general mental attitude of the woman concerned, and on whether the pregnancy was planned. Most women in their late 30s and older are too sensible to be indulging in unplanned one-night-stands with no precautions in place, thus presumably their pregnancies are planned.

Am i pregnant?

5 answers · 19 hours ago
i rubbed my boyfriend’s dick from the outside of his boxers and he accidentally came on his boxers and pants, i didn’t get any *** on my hand though, all i felt wad his damp boxers with my hand but nothing really stuck on my hand . I accidentally touched my vagina from the outside of my bikini bathing suit for a... show more

Does anyone always go in raw a lot? She's not on birth control.

I had a little period this month and that's very unusual for me I had light spotting for 7 days my boobs starting getting milk again and my daughter is 3 almost 4 and I dry up like a year ago and I have stomach cramps with back pain i just starting dating this guy 3 weeks ago we were using the pulling out... show more

Am I pregnant?

3 answers · 2 days ago
So, around 5 days ago, me and my boyfriend had oral sex. He came on my chest and some dripped down onto my thigh. I wiped my thigh and hands before it could drip any further but there was still some on my chest. I went to take a shower immediately after and I’m worried that I may be pregnant. Is it possible... show more

Best answer: Naahhh... you should pay attention in your sex ed class. ~

Do making baby sex feel better?

9 answers · 6 days ago
Best answer: Hmm I would say no cause when you’re having sex for the fun of it there’s more passion it’s all about the sex... when you’re trying to make a baby it’s about making a baby not the fun.. not saying making a baby can’t be fun, but I don’t tell my partner when I’m taking ovulation tests as I don’t want him to feel... show more

Best answer: You can't and you shouldn't. If you're in a relationship with him, RESPECT him.

So I had unprotected sex on February 2 (it was also my ovulation date, as I track my period.) he came in me. Since then I’ve been having sore breasts, on and off headaches, back pain, and im so exhausted constantly and yesterday I had these weird tingling/feeling like a small needle going into my uterus on my right... show more

Help Trying to get pregnant?

12 answers · 1 week ago
Me & my husband 1st started trying in May 2018 & got pregnant in June, but I ended up having a miscarriage the day after I found out I was pregnant. We then still continued to try a lot especially times I thought I was ovulating, but I would still be getting my period every month. Last month I started using... show more

Me and my boyfriend are trying for a baby But he’s type 1 diabetic with gastroparesis, been giving a life scale of 5-10 years and now suffers from retrograde ejaculation due to his nerve damage. He told me yesterday he doesn’t think we could have children. He knows I want a child more than anything and it’s what... show more

Am I Pregnant ?

3 answers · 6 days ago
Cd 27 af due tomorrow. First month ttc 13 dpo Symptoms I have are as follow: 7dpo: lower abdominal cramps 11dpo: increased urination, cramps 12 dpo: very tired spent complete day in bed, mild cramps, sore throat, increased thirst. Headache 13dpo: tired, sore throat, on and off cramps with lower back pain,... show more