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Best answer: You need one at least twice as long.

Is the christian heaven in Narnia?

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Best answer: Christians don't like facts.

Best answer: Fuсk that. But I'll bet a fundie would do it in a heartbeat.

How are fertility test done?

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Will I have to get a Pap smear to get a fertility test done or can they just check my blood and that’ll be good?

What are my chances of concieving?

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After having sex 5 days In a row encluding my ovulation day and before and after what is my possiblity of getting pregnant?

I've been taking truvision pills to lose weight (for a little over a month) and drinking 8 cups of water (sometimes less) a day. I've been trying to conceive which is hard because i have PCOS, which makes me irregular. Today my co-worker told me that for the past couple of days I've been glowing and my... show more

I mean come on, it's a complete contradiction. 'God', perceived to omniscient, omnipotent and be omnibenevolent, would have known, in theory, before he created the world, that the humans would disobey him and eat from the forbidden apple tree. Therefore, 'he' would know that that he would make... show more

Why am I not pregnant yet?

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I've been trying for over 6 months with my hubby. We even consulted my gyne to determine when is the best time to try for a baby. But today, I just got my period. And I'm just wondering why.

Best answer: None at all, I live my life and try to do what I do. If something dramatic were to happen to this country because of politicians, so be it. Nothing we normal middle class and lower class citizens can do about it anyway.

I've been trying for a baby since October 2017 after having my implant removed, is there anything I can buy such as tablets or anytning to help me conceive?

So about 2 weeks ago i had sex with my cousin and i think i might be pregnant i took 3 pregnancy tests 2 were positive and 1 negative im only 15 so im really scared and i cant tell my family because it was with my cousin and im 15 and i have a boyfriend but he has been in NY for almost 2 months what do i do?!?!