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I asked my 8 year old son to set the table and he refused. How do I get him to do it?.

My child literally refuses to wash?

13 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: This is not normal. Something has happened to traumatize your child. You should not force her into the water, but you do need to be firm about her maintaining proper hygiene. Why not, during a calm, non bath time moment, talk to her and ask her to please give you an explanation as to why she doe snot want to get... show more

My stepfather (Andy) has a 26 yo son (Jake) who is in the Air Force. He wasn't able to get leave for Xmas but he came back home with his 2½ yo son (James). His wife had to work so he came with just his son. He got in last night and two things happened today that makes me think he expects too much from James... show more

Should a wall be built around Trump?

7 answers · 15 hours ago
Best answer: Certainly. An excellent idea that should be part of the next budget. We can build it out of all the bricks he has excreted while tweeting about Mueller.

Experienced answers only please, and also no judgements. My 9 year old son was diagnosed with ADHD 3 years ago. Every morning The school gives him his pill around 9:00am because if given early, it wears out before school is finished and this way he is calm and can focus till at least 5:00pm. Before you ask, we do... show more

My 1 year old son always crying?

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He just turned 1 four weeks ago. And always seem to be crying! He can be fed with a clean diaper and cry.. I tell him to stop doing something he'll cry.. If I slightly raise my voice he'll cry! I'm over it. It's driving me insane. I just recently gave birth a week ago and every since I came home he... show more

Best answer: I remember it took me way outside my comfort zone - feeding disabled people and canoeing, climbing mountains in Wales and visiting police stations. I hated it at the time, but with hindsight it was a great learning experience that taught me things that school never could have.

Best answer: Call your doctor.

My son is 26 months, but at around 20 months he stopped growing. Im 5'5 and his dad is around 5'8. But my mother-in-laws family is quite short.

Best answer: Could be worse. Ryan could have had the integrity to investigate the Manchurian candidate immediately instead of covering for him like a Republican, and then he’d be president right now. For what it’s worth, I don’t personally believe Pence was in on trump’s treason. He’s a superstitious nutball; but I don’t... show more

Who is the president of the US?

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Best answer: Trump was a registered millionaire by age of 7. He was a self made 2nd grader! It's the art of the deal!!

I also read online that it's goid to add 1 minute according to their age: a 5 year old would have five minutes for example. I want to do 5 minutes for each age: A 5 year old would have a 25 minutes time out. I'd be outside the door holding the door obviously. It's like a little cell for the little... show more

Best answer: A 4 yr olds mind is active and can make up some great stuff. On the creepier side their minds are wide open to many things we as adults shut out and refuse to acknowledge. (Bet you’ll be checking the closet now. I did when my kids did this.)

Listen, my sisters 5 year old just came out of his room, and announced to us that he had wet the bed. Knowing that he was lying about it being accidental, she asked him if he was lying, to let him sleep with her tonight because he had asked to prior to going to bed. Anyway, after threatening to call Santa, he... show more

Can toddlers have tea?

8 answers · 2 weeks ago
Like black tea or green tea? No sugar added, maybe a little lemon juice or ginger at most? If so, is it better to give it hot or cold? And why? Also, if they can't have it, why not?

Best answer: Not really. They are trying to imitate what they hear, but don't know the actual meanings of words.