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Ok so I have been with this guy for a year already and I have a son who is not his and I always accuse him of not liking my son and this is why when I first got with him my son would irritate him if he sat by me and one time my son said he had to throw up n I was trying to get off the couch with him and he pushed... show more

I take my 7 year old son to a sitter she just tuned 30. She is super sweet , bubbly and very nice and takes very good care. However, its a little alarming how carefree she is and I don't want my son to take on some of her habbits. Her house is an absolute mess dishes piled in the sink, clothes everywhere, two... show more

Best answer: Russians and hillbillies. What do you expect?

Best answer: $12 gift card to someplace she likes to shop 12 lip glosses or lip balms (Walmart has sets, but you might need to combine them) 12 temporary tattoos 12 ponytail bands 12 candles on a cake (or 12 cupcakes to share with friends) 12 socks 12 pennies in a piggy bank 12 gel pens --... show more

He’s two and a half years old. When he gets mad about something he likes to try to hit me or bite me. He never used to hit and so I can only assume he’s picked it up at daycare being around other kids. I tried to ask his father what he does to discipline him at his house and he likes to claim our son is a perfect... show more

Best answer: Movies, park, bowling, board or video games, legos, lots of things. If you're privvy enough to watch them, that suggests you've been around them and should well know their interests. Really you want some sort of activity because it will get them tired.

Best answer: Good for them

This morning while eating breakfast my son seemingly forgot how to hold a fork. Instead of a proper grip he was holding it with a pinch just between his pointer finger and thumb and couldn’t figure out how to hold it properly when I asked him to. I eat breakfast and dinner with him every day and before this morning... show more

Baby won’t go to sleep?

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Our baby just turned a year old about a week ago. She’s slept fine the past year but for about 2 weeks, we’ll put her to bed at 7PM and she’ll wake up every hour and want to get up and play until about 1 or 2AM. It’s just getting so tiring and frustrating and my patience is wearing. Not sure what we’re doing wrong.

Just yesterday he was fine and out of no where he falls, he said he couldn t see anything. When i picked him he was turning really pale, his tongue was white and lips were losing color . He also couldn t control his eyes. They kept moving around he could look at me straight and he could barely talk. He lost all his... show more

I recently purchased some flash card with random things on them such as tree, apple, house, horse..things like that for my toddler that just turned two last month. So far the only words he says are, mama, dada, go, thank you, you’re welcome, bye bye and hi. He understands good i just want him to be able to identify... show more

Best answer: IF you raised them right it wouldn't be necessary .....................

Goodnight everyone?

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My 2 year old son all of a sudden cannot use his left arm. He didn’t fall or hurt himself he all of a sudden just can’t use his arm. When I touch it he screams and he screams whenever I put on his shirt or coat or put him in his car seat. It started Tuesday evening today is Thursday I took him to the ER Tuesday as... show more