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I always thought it was a Democratic state, but when I was telling a friend about West Virginia being a Democratic state, they corrected me and said that West Virginia is a liberal state, not a Democratic state. Which one is it?

Best answer: Could it be your mucus plug?

Best answer: You would become a father.

I was starting on the 9th then the 7th for around 6 months straight... then for about 4 months the 28th now I am at the 1st and 4th.... wtf is going on..... But ever since I got messed up from the 28th.. I have been having heart burn, not been able to go to the bathroom, and my grandma keeps asking if I am... show more

I’m on birth control paragaurd iud but I’m ovulating and it looks like if it was Sperm could I be pregnant? Even if I’m on the iud

How do I tell him?

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Best answer: I wouldn't say anything until I had confirmation of pregnancy. You are using birth control, right?

Could I be pregnant?

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I had unprotected sex with this guy I've known for about 6 months. He's a decent amount older, so we have to keep it quiet. It happened almost a week ago(Friday) and I was supposed to get my period on Tuesday.. But it is now almost Friday and I still haven't gotten it. I have really bad cramps, am... show more

Best answer: That is very normal.

How can I safely start labour?

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Best answer: I personally did squats and was bouncing on a ball a day before my due date because I was so scared of going over and having to be induced or having a c-section. (My plan was to have a med free natural birth) & it worked It actually put me in labor just hours later on my due date. Walking, doing squats, lunges,... show more

Best answer: It's normal to have a normal sex drive, to have no sex drive, or to have a crazy high sex drive. Pregnancy hormones affect us all differently, woman to woman and even pregnancy to pregnancy. Male partners can be affected, too, either being crazy attracted to their pregnant partners or having reduced sex drives.... show more