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It’s so impure and evil imo.

Best answer: It's easy to get carried away in the heat of the moment isn't it. It seems to be possible for some semen to leak out before ejaculation but you are still unlikely to get pregnant from what you did. Couples who say that they pulled out perfectly every time still have a pregnancy rate of a few % per year. ... show more

Pregnancy question?

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My doctor said I should have a dnc at 21 weeks. I’m 26 weeks pregnant but baby died at 21 weeks, should I do it?

Best answer: Virginia? Not in the vagina, but in the uterus. But yes, it is possible and these days is fairly common practice for people who want to have biological children but can't conceive. The woman carrying the child of another couple is called a "gestational surrogate." But even stranger things have... show more

I had unprotected sex, and I ovulated the night before. It’s 3 days later and I’ve been feeling really down, my boobs ache suddenly, and I have back cramps. I know it’s not my period coming. I’ve heard it’s impossible to feel pregnant so soon, (I know theres a whole process) but I’ve also read others’ stories... show more

hi a couple days ago i had unprotected s*x , in the end he did c*m and with his finger he wiped it on my bikini parts and i think only a little go inside me but not far . i had a period tracking app which said i had a medium chance of getting pregnant at the time , since my ovulation is supposed to be in a couple... show more

Am I pregnant?

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Best answer: You're probably not pregnant. See your doctor before going off to college. He can do a blood test which will definitely answer the question.

Can my girlfriend get pregnant?

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Ok so she was a virgin when the first time we had sex. I took her virginity out and I came inside her like twice the day after her period. Then like two Days later we had sex again and I came like 4x inside her... then the day after I came Inside her like 5x again. I know I should’ve pulled out but it feels so... show more

Could I be pregnant?

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Best answer: Of course you might be pregnant. If you don't want to be pregnant, stop letting him in without a condom. The first time, he might have leaked pre-*** which might have sperm in it. The second time, any leakage would definitely have sperm in it. Men can NOT feel it when they have pre-ejaculation leakage. It... show more

Best answer: I never felt anything until 3 months.

Am I pregnant?

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I m 17, been with my boyfriend for 3 years today I have been off my birth control for about a month, no period. My gums are swollen and hurt alot, my boyfriend said my boobs look like they re getting bigger. I pee like every half hour. *Tmi* I masturbated and my *** was like really white and thick and milky. It... show more

Im so intrigued and find it interesting how people don't know they're pregnant, drop me some of your stories