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Best answer: You didn't miss a pill. If you're on the standard combined pill, you didn't even technically take it late. The margin of error isn't THAT small. You have no reason whatsoever to suspect you might be pregnant. You do need to take a long hard look at your relationship though. Your boyfriend and you... show more

Am I pregnant?

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I've been experiencing the common sicknesses of pregnancy. I'm still a virgin and have not come into contact with sperm. But I still have these symptoms

We had protected sex then he came into the condom and went to wash it off, then we hung out for about 10 minutes until he went back in unprotected because we were stupid and didn’t realize until minutes after. Are the chances really high?

I have a friend, she is unmarried and pregnant. She is no longer with the father of her unborn child. He ends up cheating on her, so she leaves him. What a dick! After she’s about to give birth. Anyhow, she’s gonna be a first time mom. Can she decide what surname the child can have? Can she put her last... show more

I took the test for the first time because it’s been over a week since my expected period date. I peed in a cup instead of peeing directly on the stick. However I only dipped the stick for 5 seconds and placed it flat. After a few minutes it came to a negative, but I re-read the instructions and it said I was... show more

I usually have my period regularly. But I lost my virginity a month ago and now I’m 10 days late from my expected period date. We used a condom but I don’t know if it might’ve slipped off or something. We had sex in the dark and he had to change his condom 3 times because I bled, and so I don’t remember seeing if... show more

I just did 3 home pregnancy tests 20 mins ago and all of them come back positive. Ive been single for 3 months since my ex broke up with me after a year. Over the 3 months I've been playing on tinder and probably met up with maybe more than 15 but less than 20 guys but I have no idea who the father could be. I... show more

Best answer: Get maternity pants whenever you feel they are tight enough to restrict blood flow. Is there a mark on your skin after you wear them? If so, you need to get a bigger size, or get maternity pants.

I am pregnant should i stop work?

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ww had infertility for 3 years...i have a son 6 years old after 2 miscarriages and pregnancy work is a teacher and i stand all day

So about a week ago I had unprotected sex and my period is late and I want to take a pregnancy test. Is one week still too early for it to determine whether I’m pregnant or not and if I am, what pills do I take

Best answer: Absolutely. Assuming that the woman still has a menstrual cycle and ovulates, men have the ability to procreate well into their 70s and 80s.