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Telling my mom I’m pregnant?

17 answers · 2 days ago
i’m 14 and pregnant. i’m going to tell my mom tomorrow. she’s very strict and is going to be VERY mad, i was wondering if i should have my boyfriend (16, the father) be there and tell her with me because it is his child too, would that be more appropriate or should i do it alone?

My older sister got married rather suddenly. He proposed on New Years Eve/Day. They were married on March 16. At the time, I kind of thought that she might be pregnant then because they only dated for a relatively short time (about a year and a half) and the engagement caught my entire off plan. A few days ago,... show more

I feel like everyone is so focused on just one thing like women getting abortions because they don't want the child and they call them murderers like I agree on that part and the questions i would ask them would be why did you have sexual relations? why kill the baby? why not give it up for adoption? why... show more

My girlfriend and I are getting married soon. She just visited her gynecologist and she gave her folic acid tablets which will help her when she is trying to get pregnant. I'm scared about having children so was wondering if there is anything I can swap her tablets for that look the same. It's too early for... show more

Best answer: If you have sex a week before your calculated period and get pregnant, then you ovulated late by about a week. Not all that late, still well within the normal range of fluctuation. Which is why apps or counting days is not accurate birth control. If you conceive, you will miss the period that would normally... show more

Do all blood tests show pregnancy?

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I’m going to the gastroenterologist. If they work to take blood to test it, would it also show for pregnancy?

Okay I did ask this question already but I only received one response and I need more opinions. This is basically what happened. My boyfriend and I had sex a few days ago and we used a condom like normally but this time after he came he took the condom off and rubbed his penis on the surface of my vagina with still... show more

Best answer: Nexplanon is very reliable. According to one source you have a less than 1:1000 chance of getting pregnant in the 3 year life of the implant. Coming inside is a normal part of love making and the whole idea of using the implant is that you can enjoy this together without worrying about getting pregnant.

I had a c section almost two months ago and I feel like I have to pee so much throughout the day and when I have to use the bathroom I have to hurry otherwise I would wet myself if I waited too long or didn’t go right when I felt the need to go.

Best answer: You are on birth control so wont ovulate so only reason to use condoms is to protected you from sti. Stop stressing you are not pregnant.

I seen two heart beats im almost sure

Relationship question?

7 answers · 2 days ago
So my boyfriend is pro life. He doesn’t believe in abortions. I asked him “if I were raped and I got pregnant would you want me to keep the baby?” He said yes. That hurt me so much and I literally see him as a different person now. He knows that rape is a terrible thing to endure but all he cares about is the... show more

How do you view abortion?

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Best answer: He seems to want you to be fit and healthy, doesn't he? Lucky you! However, you want to be happy and enjoy your pregnancy, so you need to come to some compromise, no doubt. It's what marriage is about. Good Luck!

Why does my baby's mother hate me?

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Best answer: So you got her pregnant (and it seems like you have a history of this, three other daughters) and told her you could't help support YOUR child financially and expect her family to do it. No wonder she hates you. You had your fun now man up and take responsibility for your actions.

Best answer: Don't tell your parents you had an abortion. Why do you find it necessary to tell them? It's in the past - it's over and done with! Your parents will have no way of knowing you had an abortion - not unless you tell them you did.

Best answer: That it should remain safe, affordable, and legal up to about 20 weeks gestation, and beyond that just for serious medical reasons. But ideally we as a society should be actively reducing the need for abortion by a) creating better, safer, cheaper methods of BC for women AND men, and b) working to reduce the... show more