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Just wondering because me and my bf had sex for the first time without a condom and he pulled out. I take the pill around the same time every day (have never missed it)

Two of my friends claim they used protection but still created a child.

Best answer: 1) 95% of people (in the US) have sex before marriage. The current average age of marriage is 27 for women and 29 for men... anyone who thinks it's realistic for mature adults in their physical and sexual primes to NOT have sex isn't living in the real world, so congratulations, you're now an ordinary... show more

Best answer: not ALWAYS. but it is usually the case if he doesn't get custody since men are more likely to be working and working full time

I don’t understand this. -adoption pays better (costs less) -adoption is often paid for completely by the new parents -adoption allows the baby to survive and be alive, and live in a happy home -adoption doesn’t kill a child -adoption allows you to not have the suffocating horrible guilt that follows getting an... show more

Anxious after losing virginity?

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Best answer: It could be the birth control pills that are causing your breast to hurt. It also could be the consumption of coffee. I would wait two weeks and get a pregnancy test. You are probably not pregnant. Most pregnancy tests are super sensitive nowadays and can test the day after your missed period. Birth control pills... show more

I’m 15 and might be pregnant?

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Best answer: There's no need to feel you have done something terribly wrong here and there's no need to panic. You started to have sex while he was wearing a condom and decided not to continue. It's impossible for you to be pregnant if that's all you did. There are many reasons for a period to be late... show more

If a woman wasn't infertile, and could have kids, but instead chose to have a surrogate, does she come across as true mother material? They would be terrible mothers wouldn't they?

Am I pregnant?

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My partner and I are trying for a baby, is it possible that I could be pregnant if he has came in me 5 times. No not in a day but during my ovulation days? I'm just so worried I'll get my period and be disappointed

so about two weeks ago my bf and i were sorta dry humping and there was pre *** on his you know what and it was touching my area. I am a virgin and we havent done it yet but im kinda worried is it possible?

Best answer: It wouldn't be uncommon for a female to get pregnant the first time she has sex. First time or tenth time - it doesn't matter. , She could get pregnant any time, if she has unprotected sex.

Best answer: NO. NO. For the hundredth time, NO. You are not a product of the 90's no matter what you believe. Whether you were born in 2000 or 2001, you will forever be linked to the 21st century and the 90's are linked to the 20th.

I’m NOT asking how long I have to have one I’m not stupid. Some people say you need to be atleast 5 weeks as the sac can be missed then others say asap?

Could I be pregnant???

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Best answer: You would need to name that baby Miracle if you conceived.

Best answer: The worst that would happen is the contracts gets an STI. That's it. Having sex with another man CANNOT affect the DNA of an existing fetus. it's impossible. She could have sex with a dozen men, she could divorce her husband and marry those other 12 men in a cult religion ceremony and have a harem of... show more

Should abortion be illegalized?

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I think it’s killing another life, while my friend thinks it’s still her body and she can do whatever she wants with it