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My mother in law has a rep for not being that great with watching dogs let alone children. She told my husband that when we have the baby she wants to watch him. I dont feel comfortable with this because shes also neglected a dog to play on the computer letting him chew up our couch. She's wasnt the best mother... show more

Too tough on a 20 year old?

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Hey there, so I am a 20 year old girl home for summer break from college. My first ever run in with any type of trouble was a couple weeks ago where I was caught shoplifting a shirt and wasn’t arrested. I did however receive a Civil Demand letter in the mail which was expected and something I was beating myself up... show more

I mean, my personal life is NOT his business, nor does he have the right to judge my personal lifestyle or choices.


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For some odd reason i sometimes believe jesus died for our sins, sometimes i do. How can i fix this ? Im very scared and now im just thinking " if im going to hell why not kill myself ?" can someone please tell me this is ? The devil? My teacher told me its him, but i have no problems fighting him off. Is... show more

Lets say if your depression leaves you with little or no energy and you can barely get out of bed but you still provide the child with basic needs (food and clothing).

Is this illegal?

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I recently discovered that my ex-wife has enrolled our daughter into a different school for next school year without telling me. We have been divorced for 5 years and have a custody agreement signed off on by the courts. Things have been fine. Until recently. She has decided to move across the state line with her... show more

Best answer: Are you doing this alone? If that's the case, you need some help. That might be a grandparent, Aunt, uncle, friend. Find some resources to get some help. If you are overwhelmed, it's going to show in your son and his behavior. Take some time to go on vacation with your son, time for recreation, time just... show more

For example, they let me go to other cities by myself (involving plane flights) to stay at family friend's homes, let me go out by myself etc. However, recently, they've denied me of going on an overnight hike with 3-5 other 14-18 year olds because they're afraid a random person will do something to... show more

Best answer: Not really. They hear that stuff in school every day.

Pronounced Tear-ra

Best answer: You say "OK, we will talk at Christmas about what you want then." That's it. Don't get upset, don't get angry. Show him that you're not fazed by any of this. Don't get him a replacement gift. If money isn't the perfect gift, I don't know what it. That card would have let him... show more

I'm 30, work at McDonald's and was forced to return home. I never know what to do about employment. Part of the problem is, my parents always say no to all of my ideas. The other problem is I'm stuck having to live with my mom who's also unemployed. She's here every single day and this... show more

Best answer: Not much. The sin is has more to do with the porn you use or lustful images you have to masturbate with. The act itself can happen while asleep when you have no control. Same thing as sexy dreams.

Best answer: Well yeah, of course. It's not like I have a backup guy standing by to play daddy in case daddy #1 kicks the bucket.

Do i have a right to be mad?

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its my birthday tomorrow and i wanted to have a family dinner tonight. The problem is my niece and nephew live with my parents. They are very loud kids really hard to calm down, they talk over you, tattle on eachother 24/7, etc. two weeks ago i told my mom i want to have dinner at this nice restaurant in my town... show more