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I took my report card, which was a mess last week and now I am grounded. He will not allow me hang out, be online(pretending doing homework right now),have my phone or computer,ps4 and ps3 or even watch tv and I will have to study all day. There have been like only 3 days I am grounded and I am suffering. Why the... show more

If a child sees her mother having multiple kids on government assistance, she's going to think that lifestyle is the norm and she'll probably grow up to be like her mother. Why do poor people even have kids?

Is it wrong to want another baby?

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Best answer: I think you could hone new skills before getting pregnant again. You need to rule those two little girl's roost. Daddy is the big guy, the swagger, but those little girls of yours need to be getting with the program now. Build a strong "we all belong to the same family tribe and the tribe has expectations... show more

My husband & I have a 7 year old daughter. Our best friends have a 6 year old son. They have always been around each other since they were babies. They always got along great as toddlers. Now that they are getting older, my daughter is getting to the point where she can't stand him. When we go over to their... show more

I’m 16 and last week I was at a party... and my best friend(guy) said at the start of the party“D(my name) is so ******* hot I wanna bang her so bad, I’ll **** the life out of her” I got nervous when I heard that,I’m a virgin,it’s the first time I ever got scared of him.When the party ended he took me home because... show more

My mum had me at 27 and I am now 17 and she is 44. Glad that she had me at such an young age. I think everybody else's mum's must have been at least 30 when they gave birth to their first child

My husband passed 10 years ago. My son does not live with me but he is visiting for a few weeks. He asked her to stop back talking but she woudnt. She literally was on the floor stomping her feet. I pay for the phone and gave him permission to take it. But I feel as bad for her. What should I do?

My son has a noticeable mustache upon his upper lip and has had it for a couple of months now. I have not really mentioned or talked about it with him. I do not know if he likes it or does not like it. It has gotten darker since he first grew it. I kinda want him to start shaving but I do not know what to say. Help?

I believe that my daughter is not mature enough for this app called Sarahah. She’s at the age where most kids don’t tell their parents everything. A few parents have had problems with their kids and social media. I haven’t had any issues with her but I’m afraid that she’s being pressured into joining this app.... show more

I live in California and have been looking for well-paying work for 10 YEARS. There isn't any outside of computers, healthcare or the vocation trades. I do have a 2-year degree in Mathematics but that isn't enough. I think I can do a lot of things but my ideas never seem to lead me anywhere. I can... show more

I feel like maybe my mom and dad don't care about me. They kind of leave me alone and let me do what I want. They aren't like that with my older brother. With him they give him chores, and tell him what grades he needs, he has a curfew, he has a bedtime, and he's grounded for something most of the time.... show more

Theres no such thing as girl and boy activities, just activities everyone can do

My brother is 22 just finished 4 years in college... He came back home last week with his girlfriend, now she's nice and all I like her she even did my hair and makeup for picture day. but the problem is my brother’s room is right next to mine! So every night I hear them having sex! last night I literally... show more

Best answer: Younger children should have a set bedtime, but not 12 year olds, unless they’re very immature. And in that case, it should be like 10 or 11, not 8 or 9. No 12 year old goes to bed at 8 or 9. When I was 12, I went to bed even later than I do now at 15. I was sometimes awake until like 4 AM on the family laptop. My... show more

Best answer: Let god heel her.

one of my friends and I were talking about our parents today when we met up at her house to finish a project for our history class and she was grounded for something so the topic kind of came up. She said she was grounded for a month over sneaking out. I told her my parents have never grounded me more than 3 days... show more

My husband's ex is Methodist while we are Jewish. When we have them they have to be retaught everything, then when they go back to their mother's she undoes our religious teaching and gives them her spiritual propaganda. What can we do about this?

Best answer: Ask any friends you have who babysit how much they get, or ask your parents to ask some of their friends and neighbors how much they pay for sitters. Sitters in my neighborhood have no trouble getting $15 an hour, but we are in a pretty well-off neighborhood.