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Best answer: That's totally fine, a big spanking when I deserved one did a whole lot to keep me in line as a kid.

He is 13 and does everything I say No, literally. He drinks coke at restaurant, orders fried food. The more I suggest him to make healthy choices, the more he just does the opposite. Take this morning as an example, I made him scramble egg with steak that I knew he likes, he got a bowl of Lucky Charms. I told him... show more

Women are the primary caregiver of children, and they have a maternal instinct that children respond to. And let's be honest here, who would you rather watch and babysit your children, a male or a female? There's a reason why most babysitters are female.

My wife had two sons; one 12 one 20. The three of them all lived together, until my wife overdosed a few days back. We had only gotten married on Halloween. But, now that I am legally the 12 year old's father, I have to take care of him. His biological father left when he was born, so he can't get... show more

Should I get my child vaccinated?

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Best answer: Get your child vaccinated. All those claims of vaccines causing autism are false. Autism is a genetic disorder, not something you get after a vaccine (unless the vaccine somehow plays with your genetic code, which it DOESN’T.) the whole purpose of vaccines are to help people, not kill people, and yes, you can hear... show more

Just wondering since I'm a man and I actually REALLY want my first child to be a girl. But I never really tell people this because I don't want people I know thinking I'm weird. Would YOU think it's weird?

Best answer: You could say Santa is real since she's young and keep the Christmas spirit in her, I would say this is a good lie. Or you could say the spirit of Santa is real.

I babysat my sisters two daughters and foster child yesterday and when I told the foster child it was time for bed, she slammed her head against the wall and punched herself in the face. Thank God my sister has an indoor security system that showed the incident and my sisters friend was there to witness. I do not... show more

i have seen and read cases about this. some parents think its just a tantrum to get the child attention or they say it just for retaliation. but why those parents choose to ignore it? what are your thoughts about this or what would you do?

My daughter is stupid?

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Best answer: Lol 6 year old daughter who is doing drugs, is pregnant, won't move out of the house and has a boy friend? lol ... Yeah kick her oh boy...what will Child Protective Services think about that? 6 year old lol. You are the mother? OMG lol...

Have been dealing with my 13 year old son playing too much video game for a little while. One time when I asked him to stop, he refused. I grabbed his microphone which attached to his headset. He fought to hold it. During the struggle, the microphone was broken. He started to nag me to buy another one ever since.... show more

My kids are out of control?

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I have 2 children aged 8 i have tried everything to get thier attitude and behaviour under control but all my atempts have failed, they swear, fight, break ornaments, scream when they dont get thier way and trash my house everyday. I have tried behavioural lessons, taking thier toys away, addressing the situation... show more

Best answer: You have *** hole parents.

Best answer: Oracle had the best idea. But if that doesn't work, you CAN throw them out at 18, school or no school.

My daughter is 12. Ever since she was little she had sensory issues affecting her feeding. We addressed this with OT. We had to coax her to eat and took a long time. When she was 5 she did an intensive feeding program which involved rewards. It helped some. At 12 she still needs to be coaxed to eat and sometimes I... show more

Best answer: I sent my daughter to reform school and she came back with a bible in hand and a gun in the other! She was a disgusting democrat but now a christian jesus loving republican! So proud of her.