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They are 12 and 15 and they both listen to heavy metal.

I will be 26 two months before I give birth to my first child. I’m doing it as a single mother. I’m excited and obviously my kid is my main priority but if my dating life was hard before getting pregnant is it harder after giving birth? I do feel lonely at times and like everyone I want to find love again. I... show more

With the exception of not having a second child due to medical reasons, why do some parents choose to only have one child. How can you be so selfish that you don't even give your child a sibling? Please explain

Yesterday I had to tell my daughter her great grandma passed away. I started by telling her something she could relate to by talking about our dog that had passed away a year ago and went to heaven. (My daughter had known my grandma was in the hospital sick for a couple weeks and praying for her). I had explained... show more

He starts about 10 minutes late with her every lesson (she has 2 a week), they are meant to start at 5pm but she doesn't get on court until 5:10. Her coach is finishing off his previous lesson and then they collect the balls and then he apologises that they are starting late but they always finish on time... show more

Best answer: Why don't you just ask him?

Why is it that every time I hug an adult human, it feels normal and lighter, but everytime a kid or a baby hugs me, it's more tighter and warmer despite them being tiny in size. I have found my little nepew's hugs to be a great stress reliever but don't get same effect from a healthy normal adult. Why so? show more

The father of my child and I used to live together, due to unfortunate circumstances, I moved back in with my mom at the beginning of my pregnancy. Just gave birth to our precious baby girl last week and the father of my chld wants to be able to spend as much time with her as possible. Our relationship is on &... show more

I occasionally go through my teens’ phones. I have passwords to their accounts. They know this. I found out he smoked weed about 3 months ago. He also drinks at his buddy’s house. I’ve made it very clear to him that this will not be tolerated. That almost everything is ok in moderation but at his age he has no... show more

I have a 16 year old daughter who is a complete tomboy She’s all about football and always in her football kits or tracksuits. We have a family wedding in March and don’t have a clue what she will wear as she refuses to wear dresses. What can I put her in that will look smart but she will also feel comfortable in?

How can I make sure my child is well socialized? She doesn’t have any siblings and we don’t have much family around. No cousins All of my relatives are older. Therefore, she doesn’t have any children her age to play with. I’m sure she gets lonely at times when all she has is me to talk to and play with.

Best answer: Sit your mother-in-law down, pour her a glass of water. Make direct eye contact and say, respectfully mind yo' muthxfxkn business bxtch! This is my gotdaxmn child not yours ho. Your glory days are long over, are we clear?

Best answer: Good Boy ! Good Girl ! Good whomever you are .

Best answer: Depends on the 8 year old. My daughter at 8 could be carried easily, she's short and petite like me and supported her own weight. Saying it's abnormal or too old is a ridiculously blanketed statement. Is your friend ok with you carrying her daughter? That's the question.