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Best answer: The problem is when you live with your parents, even as an adult you have to live there by their rules otherwise they can and will do stupid stuff like take your bong. The problem with doing something like dumping their wine is that you are only escalating the problem and unless your parents are pansies they will... show more

Best answer: Yes, my three children started off vegetarian from birth and now two of them have chose to become vegan.

My dad keeps passing out in my bed?

6 answers · 6 hours ago
So my dad passed out drunk in my bed again. It happens at least once a week and isn't really a big deal usually but this time he kept throwing up on my bed and all over the floor. I've tried scrubbing the carpet and I washed my bra and the clothes I had down there but my room still smells really bad. The... show more

I've heard kids on TV call other children losers and I've especially noticed this with teenagers. As for the question well I don't even have any children but when I do have them if they ever call another child a loser then yes I will discipline them for it unless they have a good reason for doing it.... show more

Best answer: Yes, because it teaches them the true value of earning they own money by doing work.

What do I do?

11 answers · 3 days ago
I wake up in the middle of the night to my parents having sex and I have multiple times, but normally I just hear the headboard in their room and moaning, recently I started hearing them and I saw them naked on the couch in our family room that there three kids sit and sleep on everyday. I respect they have a sex... show more

How to apply for babysitting jobs?

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I’m 12 and legally able to babysit in my state and plan to take more babysitting classes by the Red Cross. But I’m not sure how to spread the word of my business because every babysitting app acquires you to be at least fourteen. Any ideas to spread the word? Or any websites where I’m eligible to apply? (This is... show more

I am 13 year old gurl and i told the peple at school that i half cancir so they rised monie for me and my famely. im afrade they will fine out it was a lie?

Isn’t that a bit young for hugs? You might crush them. And how do you hug them anyway when they’re so short - don’t you have to bend down?

My daughter is 17 and 5 foot 11 inches and 160 pounds! I am tired of her being so overweight and making me look bad to my friends. How do I make lose about 40 pounds before the end of this year?

My family got nominated for adopt a family. I ask for crayons and beds for my kids because they have a pack n play and cot right now. I also asked for a crock pot or blender. I am not sure what else to ask for? My boys have a bunch of books and toys. I am not sure what to ask for? Help please!

Best answer: It’s a very raunchy show BUT that’s what he’s going through. Let him watch it. The more you restrict things the more they’ll find it elsewhere.

Best answer: If this incident happened on the school grounds, then you can call the school. You can even call the police. You are not the detective. That is what police are for, is to find out who commits acts such as this one. Your child sounds traumatized and he may be afraid the perpetrators are going to do it to him again,... show more