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I'm trying to buy something and when I asked the person to meet me at a store in my town he said "I don't have a car I don't think I'll be able to do that." To which I replied "I expect you to figure this out and get back to me. So that I can meet you on Tuesday(today)." He... show more

That would just be such a blow.

Best answer: When they can use the restroom and bathe themselves.

Best answer: The problem you have is far bigger than the relatively minor issue of whether a mother accompanies her daughter of 7 to the bathroom. You say that your wife reacts with a 'bad temper' if you question her behavior. That is problematic, because you will not be able to discuss anything seriously that might... show more

Should I beat my 9 year old son?

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My 9 year old son and I are about to play chess. Should I beat him or should I let him win?

So, I have a son with autism who is 20 years old. He loves watching cartoons (especially Danger Mouse and Yogi Bear) and likes playing with his plushies/action figures. When he graduated from school, I put him on social security income and arranged for some services to help him learn some life skills. This one... show more

I ve seen parents on youtube do this before where they get their child to hold up a sign or wear a sandwhich board that says what they did and while a lot of people say it s abuse others say that they re doing the right thing. As for me well I think these parents are doing the right thing because grounding them and... show more

almost every time she sees me , she brings up how she needs to be spanked or “ beaten “ .. my 5 year old has adhd , sensory disorder and possibly on the low spectrum of autism and she knows this ! But she won’t stop. I find it creepy .. I DO discipline my daughter, it’s just spanking makes it WORSE and doesn’t do... show more

He has Asperger’s, self harms, and hears voices occasionally. He used to be quite liberal, but he became very angry with liberals after being banned from a mock government chat server for threatening to rape children, and the mock Democratic Party controlled all 3 branches of the mock government at the time of his... show more

Best answer: Now that is what You call real parenting. My kids are going to be raised the old fashioned way as well, Childhood should be outside playing from dawn to dusk and not on the iPad etc etc That’s the way I was raised as well with good old fashioned values.

Wants family to watch her kid?

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A neighbor ask me if I would be willing to watch her kid while she works, because she doesn't have a back up. I don't understand why she even ask, because she just wants her three cousins to watch her child for her. She told me what she meant was if she is in desperate need of someone. If she can't... show more