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Best answer: I wouldn't let them watch that trash

into a group home the same way Child Protective Services would do if these parents didn't provide adequate food, clothing, shelter, or don't protect their child(ren) from physical harm or danger

Does this make me a selfish son?

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I have asked my parents very nicely to let me prepare my own meals. My doctor said I need to lose 50 pounds, and stick to vegetables/fruits, nuts and fish or else I'm at risk for liver-failure. My parents don't want to work with me. Whenever I say: "no, thank you. I'd rather make my own food... show more

All the time i hear vaxxers say that “anti-vaxxers should be charged for negligence” which I never think makes sense. We are protecting our children unlike vaxxers who are willingly giving their kids deceases just because they are gullible and misinformed. My parents had me vaccinated before I could even talk... show more

I would love to help her out financially but can't because we are spending the majority of our money on tuition for our two older children to go to college. and the rest of our money goes into our retirement savings. We basically have no money left. The father of the child is a deadbeat and won't be paying... show more

After looking over my bank statements I found out my 12 year old son has spent $500 on an Xbox game add ons like fortnight and gta. I need to figure out a good punishment or should I not punish him at all

Best answer: I'm glad he's excited, ever child's parents should be that lucky to be so eagerly anticipated... but have to say, the realities of parenting are going to hit him like a ton of bricks. Parenting a newborn isn't all cuddles and giggles and ooey-gooey Hallmark moments. In fact, there isn't just a... show more

My 18 year old daughter who is about to graduate high school has no plans for the future. She is not planning on going to college or doing anything useful with her life. She currently has a job waiting tables and she plans to do that for the rest of her life. Is it time to kick her out? UPDATE: I have talked to... show more

Best answer: Yes I would. He would be sent to boarding school forever.

How bad of a spanking do I deserve?

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My mom is making me ask you all this as a punishment. I stole some makeup from the store and hit her.Now my mom is punishing me by spanking me. She’s going to give me 30 with the paddle, 30 with the switch, 30 with the brush, 50 with the strap and 100 with her hand. She wants me to ask you all if I should get 30... show more

I live in an apartment complex where there are lots of kids. It's Sunday evening 7:34 pm as I type this and there's still kids outside playing. I don't have kids but I think that's bad parenting. They should be getting ready for bed.

This is not a trolling question. My boyfriends 12 year old brother punched a hole in the wall because my boyfriend toke his Xbox so he can go do chores. He then started crying and talking about how useless and stupid he was and how he feels responsible for the family dog dying. Basically feeling sorry for hisself.... show more

Best answer: The second amendment gives us the right to own, and the fifth protects us from having our property taken without due process of law. So, unless they only want to abolish one of the Bill of Rights, the second amendment, they would have to have 100 million separate trials, at least. Abolishing the fifth amendment... show more

She is rough on her stuff and I don't want to pay for it and am sick of screaming at her about it.

Is it wrong to hate children?

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The ones that are spoiled brats and their parents don't teach them any manners?

If little children (especially toddlers or preteens) were to dress as superheroes to fight crime out of boredom (like for example) & their parents can get arrested for whatever crimes their children has committed, could this be the reason why babysitters or nannies were hired when parents were away?

That's how much allowance I get during the summer. Well it's not really an allowance, more like my lunch money. Both of my parents have to work during the day and obviously can't cook for me nor do they have time to cook for me before they go to work so they give me 20 dollars a day during the summer to... show more