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Poll are you wearing a suit?

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Best answer: Metallica

Best answer: because of the worlds turmoil

my exs mom is threatening i have to show him and them proof via lawyers and judge to show proof of loss of baby at 27 weeks.... can they do this? I can't afford a lawyer and my mom doesnt think they can do this too me as i was not married to their son and had an very up and down relationship I moved to Miami,... show more

There's a baby shower coming up for a couple at work and I already bought the baby gift am giving them, but I thought I'd add in a gift card to a restaurant in there so they can treat themselves to one last evening out alone without kids before the child arrives. Am not sure if that's a thing or if... show more

Best answer: If you are in the US it is 1 scoop for every 2 oz. so for an 8 oz bottle you do 8oz water with 4 leveled scoops. (The water mark will go above 8 with formula but it is still considered 8oz formula

Best answer: Because everything has stretched to accommodate the baby. it needs time to shrink back down. It usually takes about 6 weeks.

Best answer: If the Calpol doesn't bring baby's fever down OR she's had a fever of 103 degrees F (39.4 degrees C) or higher, she needs to go straight to the doctor or urgent care. If her temp is lower than that and responds to medication, it's less worrisome. What you should focus on now is keeping her hydrated.... show more

Best answer: idk about your example, but i think truthfully, that prettier people might be more comforting to look at. Saying, I am not a pretty girl, only on the inside. i think it's because people want to be seen around with better looking people so they can... somehow like maybe get some habits that are cute? Sorry im... show more

I’m not breastfeeding. My son is a preemie he was born about 2 months early. His father would like him to spend the night. That is something I would like to do but everytime I ask someone it seems like I’m always getting a different opinion and that’s what makes it hard. I know there are people who think that after... show more

This was my fear at the start I didn't want to buy everything myself he says that I am bossy and I don't let him choose but that's not true he just doesn't take money out of his pocket unless I'm angry we hav a month left I have brought a few clothes blankets Moses basket he doesn't buy... show more

Best answer: In most states in the US, you must vaccinate your children for them to go to daycare, preschool or school.

For example if you get pregnant when your baby is only 6 month old. I’m so scared some experts says it’s tisky for mom. Have you ever have closely age baby and successful delivery tell me please

Controlling mother?

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I stay with my mom and my 19 month old. My credit score is low so I have to stay with her until I build my credit and get myself an apartment. But living with her comes with it’s ups and downs. We just recently got into an argument about baby powder.. I’m against baby powder for babies or toddlers. It gets messy... show more