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Are you a sensitive person?

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Best answer: Yes. I am sensitive to emotions and I get easily hurt by people who say terrible things when they don't realise how it makes me feel. Like you, I like to be polite. It's nice to be nice and comes for free. I think you and I will get along with each other just fine.

He wont take a pacifier or a bottle either. If I try to put him down to nap or sleep at night when he isn t fully asleep he just wakes right back up and wont stop crying! At night he sleeps 2-4 hrs at a time but will only calm down when I offer the breast. Anyone else ever dealt with this? Will he outgrow this? Any... show more

I'm 19 and I am expecting my baby boy on November 3rd. I worked my whole pregnancy so that I can save up money for my son to purchase everything he needs and now that I am no longer able to work (doctors orders) I have $1000 saved to buy everything he needs. My son's dad and I are not on good terms and my... show more

service??? Disposable diapers should be banned!

Best answer: yes, a long time ago my best friend jumped off a cliff aged 19, eye witnesses said as soon as he jumped he tried to grab the side of the cliff, he must have changed his mind but it was too late. He was my age and now i'm 73 so it's so tragic when I look back and see how much life he has missed, it turned... show more

...and being assigned to serve her was a punishment because she is such an aweful person?

Question about babies eye color?

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Best answer: 50% Your boyfriend will pass on the recessive blue, and you have both the dominant brown and recessive blue so it all matters on what you pass on!

Infants Tylenol ??

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1st time mom..My daughter is 3 months old running a fever after shots , I bought the infants Tylenol grape flavor and it comes with a syringe . The box says I’m supposed to use the syringe given in the box...dr said to give her 2ml but this syringe starts from 1.25 and then 2.5 Ml , is 2.5ml 2 ml ??

My 5 month old baby can’t stand straight every time I pick her up she fold her leg. She’s chubby is this normal I’m worried

My 4 week old baby seems to have trouble pooping but she isn’t constipated because her poops look completely normal for a breastfeed baby. She’ll push, turn really red in the face and cry. I asked the pediatrician and she said that it’s normal for babies to do this because they have to get use to it. That babies... show more

How do I pretend to like babies?

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My cousin is gonna have her baby this week. I don’t like babies at all and don’t have any maternal instinct myself. How do I pretend that I like them, I don’t wanna be rude

Best answer: By definition, a miscarriage occurs before 20 weeks gestation. (And the vast majority occur much earlier, almost always early in the first trimester.) There is nothing recognizable as a 'baby'. Usually just blood and clots. A loss late enough that the woman would have to 'push out' anything (20+... show more

Best answer: If you don't know just tell her you don't know. It seems for some reason she thinks you know the answer, clearly you don't. Just be honest with her.

Best answer: Babies have learned to crawl from the dawn of the human race. We need to stop pandering to manufacturers who create a need for something that's not necessary. And that's the 'they' you are referring to. First create a need by pointing out that babies might hurt their little knees, (diddums), then... show more

Best answer: Expect that, is my advice. The more you tell yourself that, by now, the baby should be in a routine, the fact is that he isn't. Continue to try to get that routine going, but be kind to yourself if he's still not getting it. Like puppies it can take a while. If you can't keep the house tidy,... show more

If their tummies aren’t ready until 6 months, so why do some say it’s okay ?

I baby sit my nephew from time to time, born in August. And I was wondering if it’s okay for him to sleep on his stomach when laying on my chest? I make sure every second his head is turned to the side and I always check his breathing, I saw a bunch of stuff about SIDS and now I’m worried.

I plan to have a baby in a year or so but first I want to know how to take care of it what precautions to take what kind of things do they need you know EVERYTHING basically. Yes I am old enough I'm 25 but I have always wanted to wait but my husband wants one. I just need to know stop I can feel prepared just... show more