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One time my Mom said about a baby boy "She's pretty" and one time she said about a baby boy named Tate who was in the cart's baby seat at Whole Foods "She's cute"

Best answer: Even after spending A LOT of time choosing Registration Names I can use as Call Names, I still manage to dream up stupid nick-names for mine over the years. My current Basset, Frankie, is Flealee. Don't ask why. Teazel Whippet is generally called Weaslie. Neither of their call names is remotely like... show more

She already has all the necessities, so i'm just looking for other ideas. I'd like it to be personal, something I don't think anyone else would get for her. i am already going to get a box of size 2 diapers, but I know she is drowning in clothes and toys and she has all the furniture. I was thinking a... show more

My baby niece has recently under went a lot of change for a 7 month old. Her mom walked out on the family so I’m now raising her. I have her twenty one hours a day, as my brother (the father) works third shift and literally sleep his life away. He takes her home to spend time with her for a little under three hours... show more

Best answer: If I believed everything I read here, then much more false

is mom has been giving him infant tylenol twice nightly for weeks now and goes through bottles fast. There are serious health issues that can follow and some developmental ones as well, what do I do!?

Best answer: A steaming hot bath, a good book, and a glass of wine. Soak and chill out while getting all cleaned and relaxed...perfect.

Best answer: Probably the Pineapple. It depends on how you're cooking the pork (in a glaze, breaded, etc). If you're going with a fruity glaze on the pork then almond might work best, but overall I'd go with anything pineapple instead.

Best answer: I give the best awnser I can.

Why don’t babies talk?

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Babies only cry. Why is that? Why can’t they talk? Is crying the only way a baby can communicate how they feel?

Best answer: Agree, strongly. Each day is special and unique, like people.

Best answer: I haven't done that since I was about 3 years of age. Thanks for the memory.

Best answer: The signature song of Patsy Cline, Crazy, written by Willie Nelson. If you haven't heard it, give a listen. Great song!

Are hot cheetos bad for a baby?

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So a friend told me one of her friends gives her 6 month old baby those flaming hot cheetos & that her friend wanted to know if they were bad for the baby. To me, it sounds bad even though I don't know why. Lol so can anyone let me know? Are they bad for baby? Why? What can happen if a baby eats it?

What’s the difference between 60’s babies & 70’s babies .And also which one acted worse in their teen years? I’m born in the 00s and really want to know.

Best answer: "First time ever I saw your face