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Best answer: I'm 32 and don't want to have kids. I don't have the urge don't really care. I do however want to get married.

Best answer: No, that would be insane.

Where do babies come from?

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Should i masterbate?

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First off, I haven’t had sex since May 2018 I was 5 months pregnants, I had my baby in August and still no sex since her father is in another state. I get the urge to masterbate sometimes but I feel bad since my baby sleeps with me she has her little matress but its next to me. I was holding off on doing anything... show more

Getting rid of mommy pouch!?

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Best answer: It depends on what is causing the pouch. Some women don't ever get rid of it, but there are things you can try based on the reality of your situation: 1. Diet. If you are still carrying a few extra pounds of "baby fat," getting rid of it may, in fact, solve the problem. 2. Look up articles or... show more

So I started to watch a friends baby. (Its there first child). I was just informed that I needed to not feed him more than 2 ounces. I don t agree and not sure what to say to her since she is a friend. What do you think?

Best answer: Plan for the next day.

Im 15 taking pure cold shower what are risk if i continue to take cold showers till i get old ??

Last night I babysat a 3 month old from 10:30pm to 6:30am and I was struggling a bit to stay awake. I'm going there tonight. I am used to staying up late but for some reason I was really tired, maybe because the only thing I could do was read. The baby only woke up twice to eat and for a diaper change, so I... show more

Best answer: Loyalty. Seldom appreciated.

What resources can I use?

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I am expecting my first baby. What are some resources that are good for first time parents aside from other people? I want to learn as much as possible so I can be more than prepared when my princess gets here.

Am I crazy?

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Before I went back to work in November my son was on the way to sleeping through the night. He had next to no sleep associations and could even talk himself to sleep. It was great. I got into a bad car accident the week I went back to work and have been staying with my parents because my stepmom said ashe’d watch... show more

How do i get diapers?

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