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Which is you favourite TV Show.?

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How often do you over eat?

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Best answer: Frequently in the afternoon.

Best answer: Someone critiqued my question to give a damning psychological assessment of me. I found it amusing

Do you sleep with your baby?

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Please be honest, I have a big dilemma about this. I’m very aware about SIDS, but I also know many people lie about not sleeping with their baby to avoid being lectured and criticized. I have a bassinet next to my bed, but every time I put my baby to sleep there she cries a lot, keep moving, and won’t sleep. I try... show more

My 4 month old was diagnosed with a viral infection that has caused little red bumps / rash all over his body. The doctor gave him a stomach soothing medicine for gas and said the infection and rash will clear up in a few days and it had to run it's course. He said to try Pedialyte. So I picked up his medicine... show more

I breastfeed my baby anywhere and anytime she is hungry.. why is that a big deal?!

Best answer: Yes, and also sexually.

When they cry i wanna abuse them so they cry harder and louder. I also love it when my sister's baby cry so hard that she cries until she needs to breathe in to make sounds to make another sound. Please dont say im crazy because i can already predict it.

What can I do for my Son?

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Best answer: Definitely consult your doctor and they can suggest some medicine to help with constipation. I don't think juice will help him at all and he is too young for it anyway. Also, tummy rubs and doing bicycle legs can help.

New mommy who indeed breastfeeds anywhere anytime my baby is hungry...

Best answer: It’s actually recommended for babies to sleep on their backs to reduce the risk of SIDS. Of course, my parents were told to put babies on their bellies 30 years ago. The only thing I can tell you is that our daughter slept on her back in a swaddle for 4 months, on her back in a sleep sack until 1, and now all over... show more