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e have a 9 month old I grew up with this is your bed time and it was when mom put them in bed like 830 9 and let them cry or w.e till they fell asleep. my wife is now a stay at home mom and i always suggest how I grew up cuz it would give her or I more time to set a schedule but she would rather stay up till 10 11... show more

When I look at a baby I don't treat them like they're a unique creature from outer space. I don't see a difference between me a young adult vs a infant Like there's nothing special. A baby is going to grow up into a 20 year old, a 40 year old, a 60 year old, adult. A adult should not be treated... show more

Best answer: I would be kind of annoyed if that were my boyfriend as it would make me feel like they were not giving a good enough effort. HOWEVER, any class I ever took never helped me very much lol. I am not saying that there are not good classes out there and some people do not learn from them. But there isn't a... show more

I’ve been on Graco’s website and put in the model number and all of that but it won’t bring up the car seat. I need padding to go over it or there’s no use in having it but many people told me you could buy the padding but I can’t find the car seat online anywhere. I know I heard most car seats are good for 6 years... show more

Extreme baby fever?!?

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Best answer: Consider finding a part-time job or volunteer opportunity that allows you to interact with babies or young kids. For example, nannying, working in a daycare center, or volunteering at a hospital. The hospital where my daughter was born didn't have a nursery, but they advertised volunteer "baby... show more

Raising my 4 year old son?

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He asked me why people poop and pee. I told him his pee comes out of his happy little penis. Then this morning he caught me getting in the shower and said he was surprised I didn’t have a happy little penis. He called it a big hungry crocodile. So I told him it was my vagina. What else can I teach him about the vag... show more

I am breastfeeding my little boy I am 4 months into it. I do enjoy it and my baby is really active and healthy. However there are some days that I want to give up when I cant get anything done or go out with my husband as baby gets agitated when he is hungry and cries like there is no tommorow I feel scared to... show more

Why does my six month old flinch?

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Why does my six month old flinch? I have a 16 month old girl and she recently within the past week started to Flinch whenever we go near her face or try to touch her face or anything like that. I know me and my husband would never hurt her. She’s watched by her grandparents and her godmother. I really don’t believe... show more

Best answer: Formula and/or breastmilk should be the main source of nutrition until about 12 months old. Baby food is typically begun about 4-6 months of age depending on where you live and babys situation.

Best answer: Doesn't sound like she cares.Time to let her go. Plenty of other people out there that actually want to work and do their job well. Just be careful and Good Luck

So my baby is almost 10 months, yes I messed up and picked up every time I cried, but since he is crawling more., he Is starting to be more independent, but now he screams.bloody murder If I dont pick him up, and he goes ballistic. I feel like it causes more harm to let him scream his head, stress... show more

Best answer: Every birth is different, and every mom is different. Second births do tend to go faster when they're vaginal and uncomplication, and for moms who have second scheduled c-sections the experience is usually much easier than the first (which usually happen due to an emergency or after the mother is exhausted from... show more

Baby not eating until full?

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my 3 week old son is sometimes a great eater. all last night he was eating for 15-20 minutes, sleeping for 2-3 hours. i mean, i actually felt rested this morning!! however, as of today, he’s back to doing this thing where he’s “hungry every 10 minutes” in reality, i just have to keep feeding him every 10 minutes... show more

Best answer: Yes, someone who spent 10+ years becoming an expert in someone probably is going to look at you like you're stupid for refuting their many years of education and experience because of something dumb you "read online."