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How can I get help for him? At family dinner time, he sits there and complains that it is not arranged the correct way. We don't want to get mad at him. About 10 minutes into a futile family dinner, either my wife or I takes his plate from him and arranges his food to meet his satisfaction and give the plate... show more

My breast are big or small?

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Best answer: they are just the perfect size

Is the maturity level different?

Best answer: Today's feminists are the far left female division of the Nazi party.

Best answer: Your parents weren't innocent kids either.

Ok so I know adults usually think teens aren't always ready for it or mature enough to deal with potential consequences. And parents probably don't want to face the fact that we're not so innocent and young anymore. However, as they were once teens too, don't they understand what it's like to be... show more

Is it bad to steal?

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Best answer: My friends and I did a little shoplifting at that age. I didn't get caught but 2 of my friends did and they were (with parents consent) put into a police cell for a while with an older women (messed up drug addict) to basically scare them straight. Neither of them went on to a life of crime and neither did I... show more

Why is this the other way around?

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I'm a school gym coach and work with the kids during P.E Sports lessons. Some yoga is performed as well and students are required to remove footwear (shoes and socks also recommended) during our lessons. We have two rooms, left for the boys to go in and place their shoes/socks, the right side for the girls to... show more

I’m pregnant by my 17 year old boyfriend and I’m 18. He will be 18 in 3 months and we’ve been dating since he was 14 and I was 15. We live in California and I was wondering how much trouble I could be in.

Best answer: The brain doesn't stop maturing until the mid-20s, including the rational part of the brain that prevents some behavior. So no, you aren't for the rest of your life the same person you were as a teen. "The rational part of a teen’s brain isn’t fully developed and won’t be until age 25 or... show more

Best answer: Initially Facebook, but more so to keep up with my niece and nephews in college and when they travel around the world. But not so much now as I do not post anything there. There is a point of giving out TOO Much information.

My son recently took to sagging his pants like his classmates. He says it's comfortable. I don't really care because he wears a long-ish shirt that covers his boxer briefs. But when he is walking around shirtless, you see a ton of his boxer briefs. Parents, what do you do about your sons? Do you make... show more

This is hard to put into words so I’m going to try and just say everything. My girlfriend and I have been playing this back and fourth when we make out but it’s like we both want to go further but are kind of scared, like we don’t even talk about it. We’ve been friends for years and it’s not like we don’t love each... show more

What did teens back in the day do?

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