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My son is in high school and my daughter is in middle school. They were having sleepovers with their friends at our family lake house. It's not that I have a problem with it but one of my son's 17 year old friend slept in boxer briefs and in the morning came to eat breakfast in them and hanged around the... show more

Best answer: For a non-American please tell me what 7th grade means in terms of age. I might assume around 12 years, am I wrong? Indeed some girls of 12 years do have sex, thus have lost their virginity. But it is less common at that age than some assume - possibly some of those girls are bragging! Possibly also a source of... show more

Best answer: I only miss the summer I was 12 and spent with my grandparents. That was the one time I knew I was loved.

Best answer: My mother is filipino. She has zero wrinkles and her hair is black. She’s 57(almost) and she still looks way younger

My hate and envy?

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Best answer: Start by chilling the eff out. It's obvious you don't want a girlfriend, you just want sex... and guess what? Girls can smell that a mile away. They don't want to be treated like walking vaginas, just interchangeable flesh housing to something you want to stick your d**k inside of. Can you imagine what... show more

The mother is letting her daughter buy sex toys online, to stop her having the need to get a boyfriend and getting pregnant. Sex toys nowadays can easily replace people. But is it right for a mother to buy sex toys to daughter as soon as they learn and start to masturbate? She is 17

Best answer: The female breast isn't fully mature until age 25

She just turned 17. She has always been disrespectful, angry, cursing, breaking things in my house. She started drinking, doing drugs, failing classes, stealing, assaults. She went to juvenile detention center a couple times. Lots of community service, anger management classes, counseling. Now she is pregnant. She... show more

Best answer: It varies. Perhaps as early as age 22.

Why do teens have sex?

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Best answer: This can help answer your question:

Poll do you hate two-faced people?

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Best answer: I think it might be because she is afraid that it will taste bad down there. At least that is my reason... :)

Best answer: A movie and a pizza place sound good to me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!