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Best answer: It’s ok

Best answer: That's one way to keep from getting an STD

Last summer I took up a new job to pay for college. Overall I seemed to enjoy it, and agreed with my manager that I could come back the following summer to work there again. However, upon coming back, things have changed. The entire staff is different, with more difficult people. New hires are quitting left and... show more

So I d say almost every single one of my friends has an iPhone, and I m sort of jealous because I want one too. The thing is, I used to have an iPhone 5s, but nothing on it works. The apps stopped updating and there s no way of downloading them again. And so I got a Motorola as a replacement, but it s nowhere near... show more

im supposed to start my period soon so hopefully i get it but im super paranoid that im pregnant. I was ovulating from the 7th-12th and we had sex multiple times during that period but used condoms. im also paranoid that my pms is actually symptoms of early pregnancy. the last time we had sex was 11 days ago.... show more

Would you think less of me?

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I was anxious at work today and I messed up a lot of things. All of my coworkers and the customers were very displeased with me. I tried my hardest to calm down but I guess it just wasn’t enough.

I take a birth control pill for reasons and the guy could wear a condom. Would it be ok??????

Why do abortion bother you so much?

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Best answer: It doesn't. I'm pro-choice.

What can you do at age 13?

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Best answer: Study, play sports, develop hobby, work on your behavior, make good friends, start differentiating from good and bad, start working towards your career, make a career plan and stick to it. Stay close to your family, develop good habits so you become a good citizen, make your parents proud by just being a good human!

Best answer: Don't reward her for stealth. Tell her that you were going to give her some but now that she has attempted to steal, you're not going to give her any. See if she apologizes. If she does, give it to her.

Best answer: "Give me head until I'm dead" Me: Wait WHAT 😡😠 "It's a campaign for lettuce" Me: Seems regit 🤔😁 ⓂⒾⓄ³

Wasn't going to answer of their questions anyway and can't even see their Q & A, so they need to be not seen or heard lol

To begin with I'm not 16... or 17, or even 18. I'm 21 years old, and living without a driver's license only gets harder and harder as the years go on. I did driver's ed in December, but because I've had 0 driving experience the road lessons were not effective. They were meant to accompany... show more

Best answer: They’re useful for avoiding panty lines when her clothes fit tightly. My wife wears them constantly. She has real panties too but she usually wears a thong.

I don’t wanna be tall?

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Hi I took my school picture last week and I was the first person in the second row (out of 4 rows). I like being in the front row because I get seen better and I don’t wanna get too tall. My mom thinks “this kid stretched” but it makes me sad to think that because I don’t wanna outgrow my jacket, outgrow my bike,... show more

I come to U.S when I was 13 w/my stepmom .My dad always filed taxes with me since I was 13 but he never save money for me to go to college,Never pay a dime for me .I had my associate in science I pay with my own money.I been taking care of myself since I came here.But he had my little brother and sister 2008-2013 ... show more