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Am I the only one observing this?

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I am 17, most millennial's I've seen have been the most judgmental, mean spirited, rude people I have ever encountered. Yet they all preach for equality and acceptance when they are the ones taking a crap on others. Maybe its them that have a problem? Most older folks in there 30's and older tend to... show more

Out of nowhere, kids at my school starting going around talking about how good Tide pods are. They always take pictures of Tide products and put captions saying things like “now that’s a snack.” You’re not supposed to consume that stuff! It’s a cleaning product! What’s the huge random obsession with these chemicals?

I'm finding this subject quiet difficult. My daughter will be 11 in 3 weeks and she knows nothing about sex. She's never asked about it. She has asked how does babies come out of of women but that is far as it goes but she was quite young then so I avoided the question. Next year she will be starting high... show more

Best answer: I rather fancy owning a Rolls Royce, but it is not currently within my budget. I suppose I could sell my house to buy one..... We have to make such choices throughout our lives. Keep saving and one day yo will be able to afford one.

I am 16- at the waterpark you have to be 16 to be there alone. I would check my phone (it would be stored in a locker there) every 3 slides. They have a bike rack there so I would lock my bike up. I would bring my phone, a towel, and a change of clothes in a backpack and wear it while I ride my bike there. Do... show more

I am 21 and my boyfriend is 17. We live 2-3 hours away from each other so we only visit every few months. He has been depressed due to his living situation. He shares a room with his 12 year old brother who has the opposite personality. My bf is a tidy, calm and private person, whereas his brother is loud,... show more

I’m a freshman, she’s a senior. We don’t attend the same schools but she lives close by. She made mean comments because I’m a freshman and she felt superior. I felt pretty intimidated by her and the older ones. She’s really scared about graduating and being an adult, actually. I had a long talk with her and she... show more

Can David Duchovny Act?

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Best answer: Watched a bit of the recent series, and its just lost all the magic the early series had I got bored of the series before the movies came out

Best answer: The "too young" they are referring to is that you are not in a position to support a child. As soon as you had your first period though, you physically were able to become pregnant. Take a pregnancy test, and then get to a doctor.

Best answer: I’m 20, and although I’ve kissed people and have gone a bit further than that, I’ve never been in a relationship and I’ve never had sex. Some days it bothers me, and some days I’m glad. Relationships add a whole different worry/stress to your life, and my life is stressful enough right now. The vast majority of... show more

Prom after party ideas?

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hello! my school has a spring formal coming up next week so this isn't exactly for prom, but the thing is, everyone treats it like prom. they rent limos, go out to eat at a fancy restaurant, all that jazz. so prom, but for middle school! so the thing is, my friends and i want to throw a bomb *** after party,... show more

Prepaid Debit cards for teens?

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Is there any site I can find to make a prepaid debit card for teens (and for free). (International)

Best answer: because they haven't had sex yet and they worry that they wont be good enough when they do. they probly heard a lot of stories about size and they think its the only thing that matters, mostly from guys who are exaggerating how big they are or the stupid girls who believe them bragging about how good their... show more

I am 14, single, never had a boyfriend, and have no friends at all. When I go out in public and I see teens my age with their boyfriends/girlfriends, I feel jealous. I ball my fists at my sides and get angry. My mom keeps telling me I'm not allowed to have a boyfriend until after college. I feel depressed... show more

Best answer: Parents are legally obligated to provide "ADEQUATE" food, clothing, shelter, medical care and education for their children. Adequate isn't the same as what you have been led to believe is "necessary". You should also be aware that any money you earn until you are 18 can be taken for the... show more