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my parents won t let me smoke even though I m eighteen, and I pay for tobacco with my own money that I make. When they found out they took all my stuff away. Is this okay or not?

Best answer: The first thing that comes into my mind are 8th grade, nagic cards, and innapropriate humor

My mom and I have had this fight many times. My cousin and I share a room basically and she sleeps on MY bed she has her weeks and stains the bed and it’s disgusting that I have to sleep on that I’ve basically slept with my dog and cat the last few days and once I confront her my mom defends her. I get it accidents... show more

Best answer: Talk to a therapist.

I don't really have the desire to "serve the country" nor am I willing to participate in some war in the future. I just want the physical training experience, just for self improvement and also want to learn how to shoot guns. I'm kind of interested in learning how to shoot archery and guns, not... show more

He is fifteen and he has always bullied his step brother my son(who I love more than anything) mostly because my son is gay. My son is thirteen anyway I was alone with my step son and I was angry over the way he treats his step brother so I said that I don't like him that I tolerated him and if it were up to me... show more

So my parents want to re arrange my room later but I have 2 packs of smokes in my room how to I get them to not re arrange my room until a few days so I can get rid of them? Help please I'm 16, my parents would kill me if they knew I still smoked cuz they caught me before but they think I quit

Best answer: You should probably get someone a little bit older to keep an eye on things. A 15 year old is a little bit young to handle some situations. It would be okay if it were for a few hours, but it sounds like it is going to be some time.

Best answer: Gonna be honest here, I had a little bit of the same problem when I had huge papers or exams due in the morning. You are turning to masturbating as a method to waste time/avoid your work as part of procrastinating. For some people, it's YouTube or Netflix, for you and me, masturbating. I personally had to... show more

J: could they help the war effort by dropping some form of mini bomb? GF: uh yeah I might be able to make anti-matter capsules but they would be more expensive then the large bombs because the would have to be magnatized exactly correctly and they might b dangerous J:but the evil bunnies don't have those.... show more

Best answer: Just be bold and go for it and try not to be so self conscious. Its really not a big deal and if you feel that nervous, then just shower quickly.

My daughter just wants to wear dark clothes all the time now. She says that it looks better on her and all her peers are dressing in white, grey, black, etc. I do agree that she looks great in them, but I wonder if something else is going on. Back then, the goth kids were the “depressed” who’d do drugs, self-harm,... show more

They are 15 years old. He is a very nice young man, although somewhat quiet and socially awkward. My daughter has known him since childhood. Since she didn't have a good relationship with her older brother, the neighbor boy has sort of filled in as a brother to her. What really concerns me is the boy's... show more

What are your Goals for this year?

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I have been trying to make goals rather than resolutions. Basically I have divided things into segments of my life: faith: read entire bible go on a missions trip (even if it just local) Exercise: lose 40 pounds run a 5k try a "fad/weird" exercise class learn a martial art Arts: take a drawing... show more

Best answer: Nope, I wouldn't. Too many moving parts, too many nooks and crannies. Let one twin have a sleepover one Saturday night, and the other, the next. You can't deal with 10 kids at a time, nor should you mix them. All you need is for one couple to slip into the bathroom or somewhere else, and you've got a... show more

Best answer: My son sags his pants about mid-thigh so when he takes his shirt off, we see all of his boxers. It happens. They're boys. The girls seem to like it and not be bothered by it, so I just let it go and hope that the button on the boxers works.