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Do you think he’d be able to recreate the modern world?

Best answer: No, but that and a box of Cracker Jack's will get you a Nobel prize.

My question gets deleted but not his. My questions get reported but it's ok to ask about guys carrying purses and wearing women's shirts every day. I asked a question in the health section and it's been moved around all day as well.

Best answer: I can't imagine she's proud of the fact that every couple weeks I buy a cake and eat the whole thing in one sitting because I'm sad

Best answer: Yes it is disturbing if Republicans make it fashionable for crazies to buy guns legally so they can go on a shooting rampage inside schools or workplaces or anywhere in public.

Best answer: Good luck with that trillion dollar debt.

Best answer: No, someone is bullied because of something wrong with the bully, not wrong with the victim. Of course someone can still be perfect and get "bullied" because again, bullying has nothing to do with the victim.

Best answer: just a tad bit food envious i have grown to become slightly addicted to the substance known as mcdonalds burgers

We're both guys (I'm 21 and he's 19). We've known each other since i was 4 and he was 2, so we're close like brothers. We're so comfortable with each other we don't mind letting a rip next to each other, and we find it funny and kinda enjoy doing it. Like we'll just spend an hour... show more

Best answer: Take him to a doctor, where he will get a sedative and then a lethal shot.

Best answer: At least once a day, and twice on Sunday.

Best answer: don't stuff your boxer briefs. She's mad because you're still trying to show off for other people...when she's happy with what you got.

Best answer: Reward her for good behavior. Say yes whenever you can

My 8th grade son doesn't seem to care and lacks motivation. I know this is typical, but I believe we are an extreme care. Please help. Here are examples: - He asked to go on two class trips (each was expensive and I had to work additional hours to pay for him to go); we agreed to send him. This year son... show more