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Best answer: She's nearly 50, so it's probably highly unlikely she'll be producing anymore kids of any variety.

Best answer: We cannot "give Hillary" the election. That is not how our polity and electoral system work. You know that. So, if you are as disgusted by little Donnie as other educated and intelligent voters are, then grow up and get serious. Mere trolling here is a waste of time.

I want to invent a device where men can continuously refill their bladders with water so that they can urinate endlessly. I think I can make a lot of money on this device.

His white underwear has brown from not wiping properly. He's ten years old but I think diapers might get his attention. How long should he have to wear them?

How do you find x?

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Best answer: My child's bus will stop. We also have an app to track the bus. He should of stop, and most likely making an excuse.

Best answer: Support him. Humans can't be trusted with nuclear weapons. We can barely be trusted with sharpened sticks.

A really jealous girl called me (years ago) in the middle of the night 8 times 7 of them were less than a minute to 2 minutes apart from each other. Plus she was texting me nonstop. She hated me before she met me because we like the same guy and she knew I had a chance with him.

Apparently a kid was pushing and name calling at lunch with everyone looking on. My son started to cry. Is this cause for punishment? And if so, what should it be?

Teacher revoking earned privileges?

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I have a daughter in 7th grade right now and she is in the school band class. At the end of the year all the band and chorus kids get to go on a field trip to 6 flags if they have one, maintained at least a C all year, and 2, attended every dress rehearsal and concert. My daughter had met both these conditions and... show more

Best answer: oh hell no you better talk to an someone about that ,them driver don't care about anyones kids all they care about is a paycheck .

Best answer: take him to some anger management classes

Best answer: Back off from this relationship, and insist this girl get therapy. She is obviously disturbed, and needs help right away. There is nothing good in your future, if you stay with him- you're leaving yourself open to being a target, all the while she gets no help. The things you did ncely for her were rookie... show more

Best answer: You'd never know if he was about. And he's totally unreliable... So, no. ~

My 7 year old girl has a “don’t tell me what to do” attitude towards her sister, who has the tendency to be “authority”. She may purposely rebel against everything her sister tells her NOT to do. That angers my older daughter a lot, and the younger one is glad to see her so upset. I can’t leave my children alone... show more