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I won't include all conservatives because I know some of you are decent people but I have to ask this question Do you like minorities and homosexual or do you stand with the "Proud Boy's" who were caught beating up Minorities and Homosexuals. Also "Proud Boy's" Do you feel good... show more

That stuff is for old people to worry about and it's boring. I have no idea why people get heated over it. Some people even ruin relationships over politics. It's pathetic.

Best answer: Drumpf, historically.

So my daughter is in 5th grade and one of her classmates showed off her belly button piercing to the whole class. My daughter thought it was really cool and now she keeps begging me to let her get one. Should i let her get one? i don't want to see her disappointed if i tell her no.

Why do girls wear shorts skirts?

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they know what guys would be doing

How do I stop bedwetting?

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I've never had this problem before. A friend of mine has been trough it during a stressful time. I've been bullied in school and my mom is on rehabilitation for 7 weeks so I'm pretty stressed right now. Do you think that this could be causing it? I'm too embarrassed to talk to anyone about it.... show more

Best answer: I saw the NYT article too , more devastating bad news for trump about cheating on his taxes . it seem he will owe a lot of back taxes to NY and NJ . a lot .

Best answer: That's ridiculous. Everyone knows that Obama sat on Biden's lap.

I gave my third grader a copy of “cards against humanity”. When I heard her and her friends playing, I was utterly shocked! My grandmother probably rolled over in her grave from the number of foul mouth obscenities spewing from these kids pieholes. I had no idea that’s what this game was about. I took it away,... show more

What should I save up for?

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Best answer: Cause you're a pervert that wanted to see panties. Or nothing.