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I am having trouble answering other people's questions. Is this happening to you also, AND what can be done about it?

Best answer: 24 cause that's what I am now.

Best answer: Put a parental block on his tablet.

Teacher says add. At home he has started to not want to sit and do homework. Not anble to go right to sleep some nights or looking like hes not paying attention to someone reading to him which he usually loves. With. Cold weather he also cant get outside everyday

Best answer: You should were underwear and your clothes if your a kid or an adult who single. But if your married wear nothing and get your wife to wear nothing.

Best answer: Don't send your kids to public schools then. Teach them yourself.

No tricks like more wishes or teleport back in time and use more wishes or any of that stuff

What are some good dead memes?

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Best answer: Well, I don't know since your profile hides your questions. Answer to Question 1: Walk away. Don't let a game control you. Answer to Question 2: No. It's not too personal to ask about video game frustration.

Men and women of all religion and race, how old were you when you made sex for the 1st time? oral sex doesn't count...

Best answer: No it is not a Violation of the Yahoo Answers Community Guidelines you were Falsely Reported I would Send in a Appeal for it you will Likely win it Go here Select Contact a Yahoo Specialist then Appeals then Follow the Instructions... show more

I have a 5 year old little girl. She s kinda had me concerned here lately. I used to be able to wake in her room and gently shake her and wake her up for school. But here lately I ve had to almost yell at her, sit her up, and shake her kinda hard (not violently) to get her to wake up. She s fine and a normal 5 year... show more

Babysitting 8 and 10 year old boys?

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So I'm babysitting tonight from 7 to 11. I have years of experience but I haven't babysat in a few months, so I'm a bit nervous and I'd like some help. The boys are 8 and 10 years old, and they go to sleep towards 8. However since it's the first time, the mom will stay with us until... show more

I am still having difficulty with my stepdaughter. Her father and I have tried talking to her, taking her things away when she misbehaves. We have even given her one on one time with both of us, thinking maybe that would help. And yet she still is disrespectful and tries to bully the other children. So now we... show more

Am I a 2000s kid or a 2010s kid?

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I was born in October 2002

My 10 year old suddenly wants me to coddle her. She almost cried when I refused to let her sleep with me at night (at first). There's a lot of "what if's" and this started a couple of weeks ago. Anyways, my child seems to be scared of getting attacked, someone against her or harming her. She was... show more

Best answer: Someone for some reasons feels like harassing you. he (or she?) probably doesn't have the trustrating to delete your question on his own, and since the question isn't in violation, nobody else supports his report by adding their own. Some people seem to dislike me too, if I look at the 14 thumbs down my... show more

Why is this child a brat?

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I work in a daycare and I have a nine year old who is such a spoiled little brat. She thinks she can do whatever she wants, whenever she wants. She spends too much time doing activities on her own and not playing with other children. There's one adorable little boy who can not get too close to her or she just... show more

How do you ride the bus?

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Best answer: You can either call the bus station and tell them where you need to go and they will tall you how to ride the bus to get there or look for the bus schedules online and figure it out. Busses aren't like taxi's where you call and order one or flag one down and tell them where to take you. Busses have a... show more

What should i do? My sons a bully?

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Best answer: If this were my child, my first step would be to try to find out why he's doing this. Bullying typically stems from anger and feelings of inferiority/insecurity. I would be trying to figure out why he's experiencing those things, and then try to alleviate those feelings by changing the circumstances. If I... show more