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My daughter showed signs of puberty at 6-7 years old. Kids bully her for the extremely rare condition. They tease and fight her for this. Today, my 11 year old can pass for a late teen in high school. Cognitively, she is different from her peers as well. Some of them are just beginning to go through puberty, but... show more

Best answer: It becomes a baked rutabaga

Growing up, most of her friends are boys. She likes taking part in traditionally “male” activities. My daughter is starting to teach puberty and middle school. I wonder if it would be best that she makes some girl friends, or should I let her hang out with the kids she’s always hung out with??

What is in the middle of 3 and 5?

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so my 5 year old is going to start kindergarten , and they are offering transportation ( bus) , and theyre coming to my house to pick her i could see maybe coming at 715-730, but why 630? on the bus for 2 hours??

I have a 9.5 year old boy who is in year 4. He is a bit of a cheeky boy who likes to be the class clown which usually gets him into trouble but today I found out he stole a Ooshie from another student, wrapped it up and gave it to his best friend as a gift. The mother of the his friend will be returning it to us so... show more

If your answer is something like "it doesn't matter", I'm pretty sure a middle school would be made fun of for it. I'm thinking somewhere around 3rd grade?

My 7yo has recently been having breakdowns. Like any kid, he gets unhappy over not getting his way, but lately his reactions are getting worse, and over things that are complete routine that weve been doing for years now (going to the gym, getting ready for bed, etc). He's throwing Tantrums worse than his two... show more

Best answer: Men were fooled into thinking women are attracted to that smelly pheromones. We aren't.

Best answer: yes

Best answer: Join a school club. Be a friend. Talk to your guidance counselor about the situation. Just know that a lot of kids have trouble making friends, and keeping them. Be your own person, and participate in things you like to do. Hopefully, you will make friends with other kids who like those activities too.

My 10 yr old began to stutter a year ago and it has only gotten worse. He sees a speech pathologist but the stuttering has even progressed over the Summer. I have tried talking to him about how people may respond to the stuttering and it upsets him to even think about. My son is easily moved to tears. He isn t a... show more

My wife is a very loving mother to our son and daughter who are both 8. Our son has Aspergers syndrome and he plays up a lot for us, we understand that to a point he can't help it. However, our daughter is too young to be patient with her brother. Sometimes she will hit out at him when he is unintentionally... show more