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Shouldn't that "poor trash" be their demographic? Instead of insulting them?

Best answer: poor people are poor hence have less access to information or facilities that would help their behaviour

My friend, Cindy (not real name), has daughter, Kaori (not real name), that's 17 years old. She's 4 feet and eleven inches. She weighs 94 lbs. She's also very flat chested. She is depressed that people also keep mistaking her for a 12 year old -boy-. Cindy keeps telling her things like "You're... show more

Ok so please no rude comments as this is already stressing me out enough ! Ok so basically my daughter is in second grade and no matter what precautions I take , or consequences I have for her she is bahaving so badly in school and everyday Theres another complaint . She argues with her teacher and refuses to... show more

Is this normal behavior for age 5?

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My 5 year old was an easy baby, and a mellow toddler. He did not have terrible two's and generally did what he was told to do and not to do. Now that he's started school, he has become demanding "give me water now!" constant whining, asks for his hand held while he completes basic tasks, pouts... show more

Need help with bf's daughter ASAP?

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Her birthday is in a few days. I want to buy her a gift card to get this expensive doll she wants. But I'm worried her younger sister will get jealous. Ages 9 and 6. Obviously, I'll buy the 6yo the same thing when her birthday comes in a month or so. Thoughts?

Perverson tends to the very thing Christians say and it can be demonstrated statistically About half of the LGBT adults surveyed (48 percent) say they have no religious affiliation, compared with 20 percent of the general public I asssure you there is no other explanation for such a fantastic outlier.

Idk, why men like women's bodies so much, women bodies are not that visually impressive just some fat stores, curves, and that's about it.

Best answer: Damn right... if he doesn’t take you out for a fine dining experience at Panda Express, then he doesn’t love you...not even a little bit.

Best answer: I did not personally but I've heard of it before. Everyone I said I was with or talking too, were actual people.

Best answer: Most people idealize the time period upon which they were young, not for the fact that it was good or bad but for their memories within it. A large portion of modern Americans were teenagers during the 90's and are the mom's and dads of today. When they go back to the 90's, they aren't seeing the... show more

What school year is an 8 year old in?

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Am I in the wrong?

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My girlfriend has a 3 year old son and a 5 year old daughter, every night her son will stay up later than his mom and wake her up crying (I know it’s fake because I’ve seen him actually cry and I know when he fake cry’s) and his mom because she is tired allows him in our bed, I have no problem with that, but I’m... show more

Best answer: Liberals were getting wet and erect over Camel Face Harris until her adulterous corruption was made public. So now they are reloading their talking points for tomorrow. Don't worry they will be back soon with their usual lines of insanity and delusions.

Am I a bad person for this?

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Best answer: If it was what I call a coward punch - as in you just walked up and punched him in the face without warning, explanation or the chance to defend himself - then yes. What was so terrible that you still hold a grudge from 3rd grade anyway?