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Condom broke, help!?

14 answers · Pregnancy · 2 days ago
This early morning 1/21 my bf and I had protected sex using the ultra thin condoms by Trojan. While we were having sex and changing positions, the condom was broken and hanging barely on the ring on my partners area. When he pulled out I saw myself that the condom was broken and we were having unprotected sex. We... show more

Baby name decisions?

9 answers · Baby Names · 3 hours ago
We're trying to choose between four girls' names and six boys' names. Girls: Jenna, Lily, Kaylee, or Cleo Boys: Declan, Adam, Reid, Ashton, Jay, or Aiden. Thanks.

Best answer: Most of these are not names at all and the list of those that are usable as names is short Ally is usually used as a diminutive for names like Alexandra or Alana, not as a stand alone. Cherish could be excused as a 'virtue name'. Serene see above. True see above. Vera an established name which means faith... show more

What a common name? Brandon or Brando?

9 answers · Baby Names · 13 hours ago

What do you think of the name Myra?

9 answers · Baby Names · 13 hours ago

Rate these names and give an opinion?

12 answers · Baby Names · 2 days ago
I love these names for my baby girl, due in April, but I cannot decide between them. Please can you rate them and give an opinion. 1. Eleiyah Ivey(nickname Ellie) - pronounced like Aaliyah but with an "E" sound 2. Avaleigh Grace (nickname Ava) - I love Ava but I wanted her to have a longer name,... show more

Everleigh or Elayna or Eleya/Elya?

14 answers · Baby Names · 4 days ago

Best answer: Suppose you were visiting a foreign land and you did not speak the native tongue. No doubt, communication would be difficult​—but not impossible. For example, a phrase book could help you to learn the basic expressions of the language. Or perhaps someone could translate for you so that you would be able to... show more

Not expecting Please list first and middle names for a girl and first and middle for a boy.

First name ends Lyla ends an A and last name ends w ey sound so want something that doesn’t end w either so it flows well Al is after my dad, this is super specific and hard for me, bonus points if it has a long/elegant/romantic vibe

Opinions on Elta for a baby girl?

11 answers · Baby Names · 2 days ago

My son is named Wade. What is a good boy sibling name?

10 answers · Baby Names · 1 day ago