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So I know I did something I shouldn't. One day I was invited over to my bosses place. In a way. I feel attracted to my boss even she's married. When she comes to work. She wears flats and when I looked down on her feet. It makes me highly erected. So we both were drunk and we had sex. I seduced her giving... show more

Ex- like casual sex and party drugs (not heroin) and drinking. If they were amazing at their job when they were there

My parents were telling me that my younger sister really looks up to me and they think that if I talk to her it will make a difference. I guess she has been talking back to them a lot lately, ditching school and just doing things that they tell her not to. They said they’ve tried grounding her and doing the same... show more

What do you think of the name Reena?

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Do you fancy the name Queen/Queenie for a girl?

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Our backup name is Lorde, like the New Zealand pop singer.

What is the justification for a tithe when there are bills to pay?

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IM FIFTEEN and have no access to plan b what do I do?

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My boyfriend pulled out but *** got on my labia (outer skin of vagina) could I be pregnant. Or does have to be inside of you? I’m 15 and cannot ask my parents cause then I’ll never get to see my boyfriend again.

My co-worker told me she has no compassion for pregnant passengers standing on the train, particularly teenagers who she loathes and perceives then as sluts. I said, “what if she’s 9 months?” She said, “Doesn’t matter.” Her motto: “if she had all that energy to f*ck, then she has enough energy to stand.”

Should I ground my daughter?

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She lied to me last year and went to have sex with her boyfriend, I got over that well we went to the dr to get her on birth control and they took her blood and they called saying she tested positive for gonorrhea. I am BESIDE MYSELF. I paid for her medicine and I told her she was grounded. Am I wrong??

Is Jamiqua a cool and unique name for a baby girl?

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Jamicqua is another spelling

Best answer: No kid deserves a beating. It doesn't matter what they did. Please tell a teacher.

Which name Gabriel or Conor?

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Best answer: Connor. I've never been keen on Gabriel, much prefer the female version Gabrielle.

Molly and Matty or Holly and Luke?

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