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Best answer: I wouldn't let them watch that trash

Survey: Do you love or hate zoos and why?

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True or false: you like pickles on your hamburgers?

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into a group home the same way Child Protective Services would do if these parents didn't provide adequate food, clothing, shelter, or don't protect their child(ren) from physical harm or danger

Best answer: Most people are actually moderate, but are forced to join the pro-life camp because the pro-choice camp is too extreme. Both sides are extremists and they are the ones that make the most noise. The pro-life side says life begins at conception, so no abortion no matter what. The pro-choice side says it is not a life... show more

Do you smoke today?

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Is my friend stupid for doing this?

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So, we are in 8th grade. Our school year ends on the 31st. But one of my friends is pregnant by her boyfriend (i swear not me) she is 15 and her boyfriend is 16 (sophomore i think). At first I thought she was joking as if she was to have one. No. She actually is pregnant. He parents aren't even against her... show more

Which boy name do you like best?

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Christian Jackson Nicholas

How to convince my mother that women don't have rights?

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but NOT Nicole, Grace or Rose because those are really popular nicknames. Also do you like the spelling Payton or Peyton.

The name Wolf for a little boy?

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Opinion on abortions?

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Why do guys feel they can have a say on abortions?

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I'm having to abort in secret for the second time without my boyfriend knowing, but because I will not be having sex for a while again after the abortion to avoid getting an infection, he might become suspicious that I'm sleeping with someone behind his back, just like the last time. 🙄

Do you prefer the name Jesse or Ashton?

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For a boy.

Is this a good name?

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Best answer: I have not heard this for years! It is a warm, rich, interesting and very pretty name.

Does this make me a selfish son?

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I have asked my parents very nicely to let me prepare my own meals. My doctor said I need to lose 50 pounds, and stick to vegetables/fruits, nuts and fish or else I'm at risk for liver-failure. My parents don't want to work with me. Whenever I say: "no, thank you. I'd rather make my own food... show more