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What’s the first thing you can think of that’s blue?

34 answers · Newborn & Baby · 20 hours ago

Do you prefer the name Jesse or Ashton?

40 answers · Baby Names · 2 days ago
For a boy.

Are most people you know personally nice?

25 answers · Grade-Schooler · 2 days ago

What do you think of the name Hazel?

29 answers · Baby Names · 2 days ago
Also, what are your thoughts of Angelina as the middle name? Lmk what you think. Hazel Angelina P.

You hear the name HELEN... what image comes to mind?

44 answers · Baby Names · 3 days ago

Telling my mom I’m pregnant?

17 answers · Pregnancy · 2 days ago
i’m 14 and pregnant. i’m going to tell my mom tomorrow. she’s very strict and is going to be VERY mad, i was wondering if i should have my boyfriend (16, the father) be there and tell her with me because it is his child too, would that be more appropriate or should i do it alone?

Is this a good name?

14 answers · Baby Names · 15 hours ago
Roma for a girl. What to you think

Flower names for our third daughter?

48 answers · Baby Names · 4 days ago
Our older two daughters names are Magnolia Destiny and Orchid Sophia Our last name starts with a C Boyfriend hates the name, Rosemary

He hates my 4 year old and we have a baby together what do I do?

8 answers · Toddler & Preschooler · 2 days ago
Ok so I have been with this guy for a year already and I have a son who is not his and I always accuse him of not liking my son and this is why when I first got with him my son would irritate him if he sat by me and one time my son said he had to throw up n I was trying to get off the couch with him and he pushed... show more

Was she pregnant when they got married?

11 answers · Pregnancy · 11 hours ago
My older sister got married rather suddenly. He proposed on New Years Eve/Day. They were married on March 16. At the time, I kind of thought that she might be pregnant then because they only dated for a relatively short time (about a year and a half) and the engagement caught my entire off plan. A few days ago,... show more

Which name do you prefer: Bristol Louise or McKinley Grace?

12 answers · Baby Names · 19 hours ago
Best answer: I love McKinley! McKinley Grace is beautiful

What is your favourite vintage boys name?

14 answers · Baby Names · 1 day ago

Why do Americans not like the name Sebastian ?

11 answers · Baby Names · 16 hours ago

Do you think September is a good name for a girl?

41 answers · Baby Names · 4 days ago
Ginger girl with freckles

Is it time to kick my 18 year old daughter out?

17 answers · Parenting · 2 days ago
My 18 year old daughter who is about to graduate high school has no plans for the future. She is not planning on going to college or doing anything useful with her life. She currently has a job waiting tables and she plans to do that for the rest of her life. Is it time to kick her out? UPDATE: I have talked to... show more

What's your opinion on abortions? here's mine.?

14 answers · Pregnancy · 2 days ago
I feel like everyone is so focused on just one thing like women getting abortions because they don't want the child and they call them murderers like I agree on that part and the questions i would ask them would be why did you have sexual relations? why kill the baby? why not give it up for adoption? why... show more