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I came to US legally but my visa expired and I dicided to stay here and get married with my girlfriend that is a us citizen

possible to see that that never happens, so the next best thing is to keep illegal aliens out of the country and that is the reason for the wall?

That way by taking money out of their paychecks and them losing money the democrats and RINOs in Congress would agree to Build the Wall, close the borders and send all illegals back. There is Nothing more that these career politicians care more about than $$$money.

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I get one job offer letter from USA,but they required Affidavit of support documents for Visa process ,they said this is my own expensive ,it cost $1500.I have doubt this is Genuine or fake please help me..

I’m studying to be a doctor in UK and I was told by my manager I could work more than 20 hours a week if it averages out eg 25hours one week 15hours the next and now I’ve found out I can’t and I worked 24 hours the past two weeks, will this have any concequences and will the fact my manager told me I could do it... show more

Best answer: It shouldn't be. If we deported all illegals (including DACA) then hardened our borders so that far fewer can enter, there would be no debate.

Best answer: Give them a path towards being a legal resident. Deport the ones that abuse the concept but give people a chance to right the wrongs of the past. It's about treating people with respect (as well as treating the law with respect).

Why was immigration created?

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I am married to a British man I have been in the UK for 3 years now, I have a marriage visa and I have also just had a baby girl. My daughter has a British passport. The huge problem is my 7 year old son stuck in Tunisia. Please tell me what I need to do to get my son over. It s been so long I haven t seen my... show more

Best answer: The same way he deals with all those North Koreans who say anything or are suspected of saying anything against him or his regime, imprisonment without trial in concentration camps or kill them.

Best answer: No. Everytime you change your hair color or hair style, you are required to get a new passport. My daughter got about 30 new passports last year alone. Great question, by the way!

TERRORISTS FLOCK IN which seems to be exactly what you want,considering you are insane traitors.

Best answer: If you can't be yourself in Canada you probably can't be yourself anywhere. Doesn't sound like you're a refugee living on taxpayer funded benefits. So no one should have any reason to resent you. It's only been quite recently that Syrians have been considered impoverished and needy. There was a... show more

i was not actually deported by i was suggested to leave i got into quarrels with neighbors , the police took me to mental hospital for about a month and a half. so i want to know if there is a way to check from here with some canadian institution if i'm ever eligible for re entry maybe some time in the future ,... show more