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Would you vote for me?

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My plan: 1) Deport ALL Mexicans 2) Build the wall 3) Turn Iran into glass 4) Gas the Palestinians 5) Ban ALL Muslims from entering the US FOREVER

If they didn't come here illegaly they wouldn't be separated. Don't wanna be in jail? Don't break the damn law Same logic here.

Best answer: That is a no brainer, the ones that will benefit the country.

Such as a chartered cruise ship

If a undocumeted latina is pregnant with an America child then she cannot be deported due to seperation of families,that she is allowed to stay in this country as long as she wants, as the child cannot legally be seperated from the father nor can the father be legally seperated from the child and the mother,since... show more

Is the canadian visa expert a scam?

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This is an honest question, I'm a little confused. I see people crying over separation of families and children in those deportation centers, but why can't the parents bring them with them when they're deported? There must be something that's preventing them, but what is it?

Are immigrants humans or parasites?

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Trump said "they infest our country"

"legally qualified workers" are those who satisfy the legal requirements to work in the US such as: (1) Apply for and obtain a WORK VISA ( I e, registration with authorities as to location and tenure of the job, (2), Employer commit to report to authorities when job ends so that worker is required to... show more

Britain used to be great and safe until the nasty Welsh arrived.

Best answer: You can try - but less than 5% of Pakistani claimants are granted asylum. Mainly because Pakistan is considered a fairly safe country, and you'd have to claim exceptional circumstances to be granted asylum. Age is not that important - there are (unfortunately) lots of underage unaccompanied asylum... show more

So I've been living in Scotland since 2008, moved over with my mother is was a born UK citizen, and I have an EU passport saying I'm a british citizen (assuming my mother took care of all of it). I do also have US citizenship as well since I was born over there. So just wondering, will I be affected after... show more

They know they’ll be deported or arrested if caught. Possibly lose their children. They’d live their life in hiding having to lay low, no one wants them here, smugglers might even kill them before they arrive anyway. Especially in the current state of the US where so many Americans are fighting to remove them. It’d... show more