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I am aware that U.S. citizens traveling between the U.S. and Canada, or the U.S. and Mexico,for the last several years, are required to have passports. I have also heard that a U.S. citizen does not necessarily need a passport to enter Canada or Mexico, and that the requirement applies only to re-entry into the... show more

but living in Europe and not being American?

Canada vs the United States?

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What are the pros and cons of living in Canada versus living in the United States? Everybody in the U.S. seems to complain and argue about everything, literally everything. Is dual citizenship allowed in Canada? Is it difficult to find a job?

I spelled my second name wrong Cathereine on the application and its already been signed by authorities. I have no space to write it again beside it. I left the "e" letter out. Should I write it above the mistake with a line through it, or Cath (line through Rine) erine. I need the passport asap so... show more

How do I gain them citizenship? What is the legal process? How long must we be married? What can I do to protect my assets and my income in case of a divorce?

Let's say a person travels to a different country (lEngland per se), and by mistake someone figures out his/her social security number, what happens? Can that person travel to the U.S. pretending to be you? Can they do any damage at all to you from England?

Hitler vs stalin who was worse?

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Best answer: Unless you're putting it in some deprived area and hiring lots of locals to work there, about a million USD. But you should work with a business specialist on this as its chances for success are minimal (this not being an arena where there's any shortage of extant talent).

Can i enter Italy with 2 felonies?

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I am from USA and i have 2 felonies. Attempted Armed Robbery and Attempted Kidnapping. Will they let me in their country with 2 felonies?

Can I sponsor my grandson to usa?

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Hello: I'm currently lawful resident, looking forward to bring my grandson from India. My daughter doing her masters and currently busy with her studies. So we planned to bring my two old grandson here for two years. I checked on website, but couldn't find any category. Thank you

Don't they have to be legal citizens to receive welfare? I don't know what the law in the US is, but in my country, you have to be a legal citizen to receive welfare.

Best answer: I would think you'd need to apply for citizenship.

On the Canadian passport it says that a Canadian citizen is offered help and ‘To allow the bearer to pass freely, without delay or hindrance.’ So does that mean a Canadian cant be denied access to enter England?