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I understand they all want a better future, but why not in a muslim country with good economy instead of a difficult future in completely different, in terms of culture, countries? If I had to leave my country I would try to go to a relatively close culturally with mine country.

I have been in contact with a Filipina girl who is still doing her Bachelors Degree. She is now 28 years old and the study will still take 1,5 years to 2 years. We are set to meet in the end of October. Relation wise everything is great, we call every day and she really wants to migrate to The Netherlands... show more

How can I retire from US to Italy?

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So i’ve just finished my 1 year course in college (btec). I’m 17 and living in england. Is it ok if i move to Germany to my dad for a year to work and then come back next year to do my A levels? We are really in cash atm and my dad has a high paying job for me for a year. Thanks

Best answer: A passport from any EU-member country is far more valuable than US passport. EU-citizens have unlimited rights to travel, work, live in any other EU-member country. US citizens can only work in US unless they fully qualify for an employment visa somewhere else, and actually find a job with a qualified employer... show more

But I don't know anything of that states. I currently live in Puerto Rico. I was wondering how high are the rents, the transportation, the environment, benefits.. any facts will be appreciated. thanks in advance

Best answer: You are American so, provided you're aged between 18 and under 31 and are a high school graduate (or have a GED), you are eligible for a 12 month subclass 462 Work and Holiday visa. On a W&HV, you can do any kind of work at all with the only restriction being that you can only work for a maximum of 6 months... show more

Best answer: Roughly the same level of difficulty. Worldwide labor glut of a billion adults already, with another billion on track to enter the world's workforces within the decade. There are nowhere near enough jobs in the entire world, and new technologies are abolishing not just jobs but entire occupations. There are... show more

Best answer: The oil, mineral workers that I know that work here. Are Australian's. They do 6 month rotations. 6 months here. Then 6 months home. Stay in company provided apartments. You would need speak the local language. Be able to work well with the locals. Most of these are joint ventures. Food is less of a problem... show more

Best answer: Under the circumstances you describe you've got two options. 1) Cultivate a relationship with a US citizen capable of marrying and sponsoring you... 2) Be eligible for the Diversity Green Card Lottery. With only a high school diploma you have nothing "America" needs and will only ever represent a... show more

I'm a British citizen and my wife is a Polish citizen living in the UK, we've recently had a son and we were wondering if he would be better off becoming a Polish citizen as Poland doesn't recognise dual citizenship wereas the United Kingdom does. I will be contacting the Polish Embassy and citizens... show more

New UK passport?

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I m applying for a new passport (because I ve changed my name) in the UK, do I need to attach my birth certificate to prove my identity?

Best answer: The majority of baristas at Starbucks & other such places are American college students or college grads! And happy if they are lucky enough to find such a job at a place with a "young, hip, classy vibe" & decent tips. No foreign workers - no possibility of any temporary visa. Even foreign... show more

About my US visa?

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I'm still waiting my visa for visiting my friend over US. It's been several month and I still not get. This guy is doing my visa process over US through agent, which I'm in overseas now. He ask me to send money through western union several times. He said someone represents visa interview for me, and he... show more

What should I do ?

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I got a job and they need me to bring in valid id and my social security card. I got the id but my mother told me she lost my social security card 2 years ago and never found it or replaced it.but I also memorized the number before she lost it. Can I jus tell them the number or do I have to have a card? What can I... show more

Do I still have to do my compulsory military service in Korea?

Best answer: "Why do liberals get mad at Trump for deporting illegals but were okay with Obama doing it?" Hypocrisy.