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Best answer: Hell no. U S citizens can't reciprocally become citizens anywhere in the world. ( not that we would want to)

Especially not Justin Trudeau- I can’t believe what a moron he is

dont we have enough people now?

It would seem to me that Illegal Aliens would commit very few crimes in the US, because they don't want the chance to be caught and sent back to their very poor or dangerous countries. What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree or disagree and WHY?

I never drive, so i dont wanted to keeping on renewing my driver license. But i need picture id to apply for some paperworks. Beside passport is there another options to get picture id?

I am a 23 year old male, software engineer (no degree but over 12 years self taught). I am wanting to become a UK citizen where I wish to spend the rest of my life. Many generations ago my family settled in America from the UK. Sadly I can not prove so; but my mother and gran can. Once again, sadly mummy has passed... show more

Best answer: Notice how much DOUGH the Democrats appropriated for illegal Democrats who 'supposedly' can not receive federal benefits. Similarly Democrat do not weep for those who must die so Democrats can receive just a few extra $$$$. An extra congressional Democrats.

Best answer: It depends what skills you have and if they are a shortage occupation in either country. For example in Australia, certified Accountants are on the Skilled Occupation list while they are not in Canada. So if you are an experienced accountant it's much easier to get a work visa to Australia than Canada. Same... show more

Best answer: How many times do you need to ask this question ? Until you get an answer you want to hear ?? The serious medical issues she has are going to make it VERY difficult for her to live in Australia. Even taking out medical insurance won't cover 'existing conditions'.

I don't understand this system, if someone that comes from a different country, lives in America and breaks laws, even the serious ones he committed especially after being arrested, like he has, why hasn't he been deported? And then you have people like Theresa Gudience's husband, commits a serious... show more

I dont think they should

Immigration to US/Canada?

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I m a european union citizen that is working as a truck driver for 5 years, does Canada need truck drivers in their country and is it easy to get a residence permit?