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Best answer: A chicken tender sub.

Does it bother you to travel alone?

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Do you support open borders?

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Best answer: Zero tolerance for visa/immigration law violators. Anyone who violates any visa regulations, immigration laws, etc, should be PERMANENTLY barred from the country whose laws they violated.

Deniers first please

Best answer: Costs of illegal aliens have exceeded a TRILLION dollars a year every year since at least 2002. It's very difficult to dig out all the costs, especially since much of the welfare, food stamp, HUD housing subsidies, etc, are collected through fraud. However, if you really dig deep (as I did), you will find some... show more

How to move to usa?

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Hey i’m 14 and would like to become a high school teacher and also want to move to america does anyone know how to get visas etc

So my parents and my relatives in ho chi minh city are setting me up with someone who is a possible spouse for me. I've asked them to help me out cause I can't even get a single girl here in the states who would agree to date or marry me. I am literally dying of loneliness and I've been having suicidal... show more

So I am considering getting an mail order bride because my family for years have been trying to set me up with someone and had no luck. I am planning on going to an marriage broker in ho chi minh city next year when I go over there during the summer. I am reaching 30 and I am tired of being alone. Two women turned... show more

Best answer: Trump has no plan, just like he had no plan with healthcare or even the wall.

How can I deport someone anonymously?

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Best answer: You cannot deport anyone. ICE does that. You REPORT known info, and pass on evidence, copies of documentation, or anything else you have to support your claimed knowledge to ICE Hotline. Tell them what you know & how you know it. If you have copies of documents, photos, other sorts of evidence, tell them what you... show more

Best answer: Of course you need an appropriate visa for the purpose & duration of your stay. You cannot obtain citizenship, and long-term visas are difficult to obtain. IF you are accepted as a university student & prove you have sufficient funds for all school + living expenses + return transportation to your country... show more

A British couple who are friends of mine is getting married I'm a us Citizen

I keep losing my passport

How to get job in usa?

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Plus they have been coached to claim they are fleeing violence. How long will liberals buy this crap?