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I come here because I have no one to speak to in my life and just like everyone else I don't see a future for myself. I'm am incapable of doing anything good, it's always been that way ever since I can remember. At 18 I know I'm not going to live long enough to have a wife and kids not that any... show more

They're coming to get me so that the criminals can rape my family & I can't defend myself?? God you libs are paranoid?

What are we smoking anyways?

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I can't feel my face...

I’m worried they’ll call the police on me again...

Best answer: probably yes.... but it depends of your schedule during the upcoming day and on how often this occurs and why

Do I have an eating disorder?

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Okay so I’m 22 I’m 5’2 and 105 pounds. My thing is I don’t make myself throw up,I don’t constantly exercise, I’m not on any diet or taking any diet pills.But I am terrified of gaining weight, if I notice I’m gaining weight I’ll just eat super small portions or nothing at all until I drop the weight. Another thing... show more

Best answer: The LGBTQ... SGEKSGSY whatever the freaks are called now, cannot be cured in the traditional sense. For example, even though a thief is also a criminal with a mental imbalance which causes the propensity towards stealing, you cannot cure their mental state like that. (with traditional tools like medication and... show more

I suffered from depression since I was a teen. I’ve tried exercise and anti depressants but they haven’t worked for me. I’ve come off anti depressants and gone for some CBT which has been very beneficial. Anyway, I’ve started meditating. First thing in the morning 20 minutes. Last thing at night 20 minutes. I... show more

I was bad with women, cheated, lied, robbed and disrespected them, but I changed after my diagnosis. I have gone through chemo and radiation, done everything right since I got cancer, but it came back. I’ve been doing my own research and I think the cancer is back because I treated cancer with cancer causing... show more

Best answer: No only the incredibly sound minded NRA and their puppet Mr Trump think so

Every day when i go to school i panic on the bus, panic before class and when i try to do homework. It s only been a month since school started and I ve already cried in almost every class over silly things. It s really embarrassing and I m always scared at school because of it. I also get too scared to go to the... show more

Long story short.. I go to therapy (I am 16, so she’s a child/teen therapist) for depression and anxiety.. I don’t really expirence sadness and worry anymore, but I love seeing my therapist, I mainly go for check ups and school related stress, But I feel like I’m taking up spaces from the kids who actually have... show more

Who is this troll ?

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Best answer: He thinks he's funny. Someone once said I should stop posting porn but I have never posted porn lol.

Please do help.. :(?

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I don't know where to start from. I feel like I m out of this world. I advice my friends but from what I am feeling these days, I cannot even come with advice. Everything saddens me. I see no point in life. I think things like "Why are we like this, Why is world like this, God doesn't exist, Even there... show more

Best answer: Let him know! Some anxiety meds can actually make depression worse. He might give you a med for both. But, also, if at all possible, see a therapist so that you can understand your anxiety and depression better, and can find better ways of coping than cutting.

Best answer: Absolutely. After all, depression and anxiety if they get bad enough can give one suicidal thoughts, so if you're trying to get help early, they would want that.