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What's the point of living?

17 answers · 2 days ago
I have no friends at school. The ones who say they are never come around wanting to do something or initiate a conversation. I always have to. I feel like a bother to everyone around me. On top of that, I'm mentally abused by a family member and nobody in my family stops it. I have depression but I don't... show more

Even though I’m 25, they still don’t respect or treat me like an adult. I asked them grownup to grownup to please keep the subscription. Binge watching Netflix is the only thing I enjoy. They told me I should get my own account even though they know I’m unemployed and would never be able to tolerate spending 20... show more

I know lib leftists hate hearing false flags, but why arw side effects to medication so unheard of then? It's not even acknowledged, as if it's not possible.

Best answer: Maybe she thought your hands were cold and needed warming.

Should I be afraid?

12 answers · 10 hours ago

Suicidal loser?

9 answers · 7 hours ago
A guy 30. Living with parents, don't have personal transportation. I sometimes use the car if mom isn't sing it. I live in a lame country part of town. I go for walks, but can walk certain places because of where i live. I get haircuts, keep my beard trimmed, tall, slim, light skinned, workout. But what... show more

Are you looking for trouble?

11 answers · 1 day ago
Best answer: You found me. My first name is Trouble. Now what are you going to do about it.

I come from an abusive past with men in my life, whether that be family or a romantic partner. I am dating and living with my boyfriend who plays competitive video games online. When it isn't going well, he screams and yells and gets incredibly angry. I can't go anywhere and I don't have headphones that... show more

Best answer: The USA is in fluctuation and unsure. We need to Trust Trump.

Best answer: Baron Trump is autistic His parents should use the bully pulpit of the White House to increase the public's awareness of autism.

Why am I afraid to die?

9 answers · 1 day ago
Best answer: Everyone is.

Liberals, do you condone this type of behavior?

They would see that almost every cable movie channel and all the mainstream media is owned by Jews who are probably following the Elders of Zion agenda to kill everyone who isn't a Jew, or they're following their Torah, that says the same thing. The Jewish Zionists control goes all the way back to the US... show more

Do I have schizophrenia?

8 answers · 10 hours ago
So backtrack im 17 female and live with my mom and work part time at a grocery store. Everytime I drive home by myself I talk to myself as if someone is there an I sometimes here voices then il continue talking but I only do this in private. I also get paranoid that theres voice recorders in my house and near the... show more