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What to do if I don't like to work?

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So I am cutting my self as self harm and I am suicidal I don’t know what to do I tell my mom everything but I’m scared if I tell her this she will think lower of me and think I’m crazy which I guess i am.

My therapist dosen't like me?

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He doesn't show it but his feet always point away from me and I've read that people do that when they dislike you. Should I get a new therapist?

Best answer: Nope there is no cut off date for anyone remember you are not getting older you are getting better!

Best answer: well, I'm afraid it's a REALLY lousy idea -in general.... I suppose you're young enough to be my son/ daughter- to begin with... if so, you're at the utmost age of flourishing in every way on one hand- and a difficult age, too, on the other hand. until/ unless proven otherwise you might... show more

Is this a suicide note?

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My dad sent me a message saying “life is full of surprises... I love you all.” And messaged my sister saying “I wish I could’ve been a better dad, I love you both” and also posted a status saying he loves everyone. He won’t answer my calls, does anyone know what this means?

I'm 19 years old. And my daily life is waking up, be on the internet, eat, go back and shut myself in my room, eat, sometimes clean the house. I only go outside to get the dog out, i only get out of my room to get food. nothing more. Thats my daily life Why am i still living with my dad and in his house? i... show more

I am 23 and I am working a low skilled and low paid job, I’ve never travelled by myself abroad and I am desperate to do that but I am too scared to in case things go wrong. I live at home with my mum and I hate it but I have to. I don’t have any friends anymore. They’ve all drifted apart now and I feel really... show more

Do I have a panic disorder?

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Best answer: Sounds like a panic attack. I have had one and it was diagnosed as such by a doctor. Although frightening you are not going to die because of one. The best advice I can give you and this is what the doctors told me so I know it works is find a PAPER bag it must not be plastic. Hold the paper bag over your mouth... show more

So my boyfriend used to have an addiction watching porn and has “overcome it” it’s been awhile since he’s watched it but wants to go back to watching it (he’s watched hentai instead) but I don’t feel uncomfortable mainly for the reason that he will go back to his old ways preferring porn over me because of... show more

Best answer: Should we cut the ***** off the men who helped create the unwanted child? Just asking

Best answer: demons and devils know what's written in the Bible they can read it besides that they don't have any more knowledge than any man about the coming of Jesus Christ.

What helps with depression?

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