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How would you explain it to the cops?

What are your predictions for 2017?

16 answers · 2 days ago

I know, it's really hot, but if you went in the winter when the sun is only about 30 degrees, I bet you could do it.

Did you hear Laurel Or Yanny?

10 answers · 9 hours ago

I always hear atheists say how they don't want powers even though it would make them much more powerful when doing their atheism if they would only believe in God and sometimes I just cock my head to one side and question "why?" Don't atheists realise the benefits of telepathy and immortalness?... show more

Best answer: Sweaty bicycle saddle.

Best answer: I go one better..I don't turn it on!

Is it GLITCH time of year again?

9 answers · 19 hours ago

Best answer: Sounds like a perfect case for getting his kicked out.

Do you lie about your age?

16 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: I have before but I no longer do