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Best answer: Bone spurs.

Best answer: Fold down seats...

Best answer: A military veteran can be a soldier. I am a military veteran, but I was not a soldier. I am a former US Marine.

I have had my car since it was new and it is 10 yrs old now. I have washed it about 3 or 4 times in all those years. Whenever I've had it serviced, they say it's in great shape (even looking under the car). It doesn't look dirty. (I guess I chose the right paint color, haha). I don't not wash... show more

Best answer: 1. did two tours in 'Nam and then 14 years in the sand box .............. 2. that was too long ago, don't remember. 3. spent a year in Fort Gordon.................... 4. when I finally retired, it took almost a year the find a replacement before I could leave 5. made E-5 in a year +/- & retired as an... show more

Phlegm keep going through i throat so i exhale through mouth so i can spit it out