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out of all 45 presidents, do you think he is already in the top 5?

Poll: What is your name?

60 answers · 2 days ago

Is the reporter troll online again?

16 answers · 5 hours ago

Who told you?

17 answers · 2 days ago

Best answer: No, pretty sure my wife would have gone off the side of a Cliff long before now, if that were true.

Best answer: People have been to Antarctica There are several scientific bases scattered around the place, including one at the South Pole. People have crossed Antarctica on foot and with vehicles. People have flown across Antarctica. Guess what - none of them have seen a wall.

Do you have an incredible budget?

10 answers · 14 hours ago
Best answer: Incredible? No, not really. Maybe a little more, above average. than most; that, I would personally consider adequate. I only spend what I need to. I am retired, and am living on my 40' Chris Craft, Commander, anchored off of Malibu at the moment. Later today we will steam back to Catalina. I will only be... show more

Best answer: No, because the sun will burn everything up.

Are you the best at bragging?

9 answers · 11 hours ago

The Freedom of Medication Act?

12 answers · 2 days ago
I am having a civil rights attorney write a "Freedom of Medication Act". In the Freedom of Medication Act, there are several clauses. It Bans doctors from utilizing discretion when prescribing medications, it requires doctors to prescribe any medications that are necessary to treat any complaints of... show more

Best answer: They just make me feel proud.

Are you happily or unhappily?

30 answers · 4 days ago