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stuff like the Sinnis Scrrambler and Mash models? I'm seriously thinking of getting one!

I was wondering if there are any scrapyards or chopshops I could take my 250cc honda CBF. I ve dropped it many many times and it has currently been sitting outside in my backyard for roughly a year and definitely does not even start up. I see no way I would be able to sell it without spending hundreds if not... show more

Best answer: Indiana until 2 years back(?) didn't require license plates on 49cc 'Moped' smallest scooters- were treated as 'bicycles with assist' instead of 'motor vehicles' requiring license plates, drivers license, and financial responsibility/insurance proof' Bicycle causing damage- civil... show more

My 85 honda 250 rebel wont start?

4 answers · 8 hours ago
hi i have a 85 honda 250 cc rebel i was just driving it today and just two hours later i went to take it out again and the engine wouldnt start i heard it spark over about 8 times then silence it sparked but didnt turn over at all i made sure all the switches were in place the kickstand was up and the bike was in... show more

Best answer: Absolutely not. Just no. The first corner you come to, will also be the last. Very bad idea, don't even think about it.

Best answer: I would take it to a professional and ask their opinion. I would rather not use a paint remover (but there are many) maybe bead or sand blasting is a better solution. But before you go down that route there are alternatives – replacing with secondhand – even new need not be that expensive For example (this is not... show more

Best answer: This is all from memory so don't quote me! The TS ran for a number of years and they changed it around a bit, so there are several possible arrangements. If your carbie is behind a cover on the RH front of the engine, it has disc valve induction. It doesn't have (or need) reeds as the inlet ports are... show more

I can’t find the blue official looking title, but I did find a black and white one that looks like a copy, I can’t remember if it’s the original one o got, but can I use this to sell my motorcycle?

I have an 04 Honda shadow spirit 750 with a blown motor. I want to try to do an engine swap. I was wondering if engines from different years would fit?

A guy near me rides by every day on a Sinnis Retrostar 250. Not a fashionable brand but I think it looks brilliant!

The carburetor is a multiple unit motorcycle carburetor (from a Ninja 250, not that it matters). I've asked this before and been told to change the oil in the carburetor but im near certain this type doesn't have any oil. I thought maybe the diaphragms were torn or messed up but they seem fine. I've... show more

I'm getting a honda cbr 125 repsol soon

I fell really bad kicking my bike and partially tore my acl... ikr, stupid. Has anyone else had this issue?

Best answer: Ask for the title first. Ask the seller for his driver's license and compare it to the name on the title. Check the title if there is an entry in the lien line. Everything checks ok, test drive the bike. Offer a price if you are satisfied with how it starts and drives. Seller agrees with your offer, he... show more