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So, this is confusing, but I need an answer: So, a kid's great-grandfather had a wife who gave birth to a different kid. The grandfather divorced her, got another wife, and had the great-grand kid's father. Then the kid from the different wife has a kid. What would be the relationship be called between... show more

Has anyone ever used ANCESTRY?

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I’m learning how to speak English better but a friend of mine who’s first language is English said that a surname is the same as a clan name. When you change your last name you are joining that family/clan.. when I did a search of what a clan means it says it is a sort of gang. So I don’t understand. My native... show more

Irish passport ??

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I've traced my grandfather's family back to Tipparry around the 17th/18th century although my grandfather was born in the UK Do great great great grandparents count when applying for an Irish passport?

Best answer: DNA-tests don't find your longdeceased ancestors. they find people with bundles of DNA (you have 47 of those) almost identical to yours - your (distant) cousins. Are there people with recent ancestors from 5 continents? there have to be some

AncestryDNA Questions..?

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Hello everyone. I was just wandering how I could narrow down information on my estimate to see how much of something I actaully am instead of just getting that im a percentage of England, Wales and Northwestern Europe? Any help would be very appreciated!

Best answer: No, the ONLY way to know who and where your ancestors were is to research and prove them from records as DNA tests are just for entertainment and tells you nothing at all about obviously no Native America tribe accept DNA results as do no other countries governments as it is proof of nothing at all... show more

Was elvis Presley Native American?

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My grandmother's parents are both listed as mulatto on a 1920s census. How much European might I be?

Best answer: Origin of the name Nadias is a 20th century French form of the Russian Nadya, a pet form of Nadezhda, which is directly derived from the word meaning "hope."........

Don't understand ancestry DNA?

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Best answer: Passing on genetics is not a mixing of paint. It's more of a lottery. You have 23 chromosomes from either parent, so 23 pairs, and when you make a baby, baby randomly gets one chromosome out of every pair of yours. When comparing fourth cousins, the probability of not finding a chromosome in common is bigger... show more

What's my ethnicity?

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I was born in South Africa. My dad's side of the family is British and Dutch. My mother's side is German, Dutch and French. We have a tradition of naming sons after their father and naming daughters with names like Anne-Marie, Andrea, Ann. As far as I could trace back, I have no black ancestry (not a shock)... show more