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Best answer: yes

Do you have any pancake batter?

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Best answer: I have bisquik,,,,and I know what I'm making for breakfast. Thank you

Do you like cheese?

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Best answer: love it

Best answer: Rocky Road .

How to throw a suicide party?

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Best answer: Same reason people don't grow their own food. namely, it IS NOT the money

Best answer: That's typically how its done. The drinks an kids items. are usually sold at a loss

My husband and I just moved in to a new home. I am planning a housewarming party and was considering doing a 1950's dress up theme. The guests are all in their mid to late 20's. I'm wondering if a theme is trying too hard. What is your opinion on a dress up theme housewarming? Would you rather go to an... show more

Best answer: If you don't use them, it's a lot. You could use them. Take them out of your closet and rotate them, every now and then, in your primary utensil drawer. Or, if you don't want to, try selling them individually on ebay. Someone may be looking for those very spoons and you might profit from it. There must... show more

Best answer: It was five loaves of bread and two fish and it fed 5,000 men and an unspecified number of women and children. Subway are working on it.

Best answer: Samantharoxy. Com

My daughter is turning 16 and we want to throw a party for her friends because she loves parties. However, our house is very small and wouldn’t accommodate her friends or a very good party :( Where can we plan this? If she was little I’d say Chuck E. Cheese but I’d like something a bit more grown up because that’s... show more

What meat goes best with swiss cheese?

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Tips for hosting a low-key gathering?

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Am hosting a small, low-key gathering this summer with just some close friends- no more than 10 guests. I DREAD that it gets boring or people don’t enjoy themselves - it will probably be during the day and I have a big garden so would probably be spent out there. Any tips to make sure we enjoy ourselves? Anything... show more

What goes well with avacado?

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Best answer: I'm not a fan myself, but theres a trend at the moment for seasoned crushed avocado on thick toast, topped with poached egg/s.

Best answer: If you are having troble eating tomatoes because of their acids, acids is what gives them their red color, and they like to grow in an acidic soil best. Please try the yellow, lemon, or sunny yellow variety of tomatoes. The yellow tomatoes have much less, nearly no acids in them. And they taste much the same.