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What goes well with avacado?

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Best answer: If you are having troble eating tomatoes because of their acids, acids is what gives them their red color, and they like to grow in an acidic soil best. Please try the yellow, lemon, or sunny yellow variety of tomatoes. The yellow tomatoes have much less, nearly no acids in them. And they taste much the same.

Best answer: Yes, I have once.

The fiancée and I are having an engagement party and to save money, we decided to just make the food ourselves vs spend a ton of money on catering, we just can’t think of what exactly we should make ! Any ideas on what would be good to serve about 45 people and how much of it we should need as a rough estimate?

Best answer: When we did that, we also had it at a park, near a play ground. We had volley ball, soft ball, a horse shoe tournament for who ever wanted to do that. some of the teenagers did face painting for the littler ones. You need help here..enlist some family members. We all helped. We brought photo albums for everyone to... show more

What goes well pizza?

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:D somewhere fun and happy

I will be graduating in June and will be having a graduation party to celebrate. I have invited about fifteen teachers, 40+ family members, and 12+ friends.

Best answer: Just speaking for myself, I would try to do it family style, even passing around the dishes. You want to make it as comfortable and friendly as possible, and they can take whatever they like and even have seconds. I believe a family style dinner is much more friendly and intimate, and the goal you want o eventually... show more

What goes well with BLT?

18 answers · 4 weeks ago
Best answer: a cold glass of your favorite beverage and some chips or veggie sticks.

What goes well with a patty melt?

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Why was everything brown in 1973?

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Best answer: That entire palette was in fashion during the 1970s: Brown, orange, golden yellow, avocado green...you name it.

like lets say it was 3 dollars an ounce is it something you would eat a lot because you love it and not just because of the high price.