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Is it pets mart or pet smart?

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Will you be my little piggy?

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Let him go in the woods? I got him off of craigslist in the us yesterday and its to mean to keep at all.

Best answer: I would NOT recommend birds or rabbits (both are high maintenance, especially for an apartment) Ball pythons are very low maintenance but can be a bit costly as they need about a 40-gallon tank. They also do not need to eat every day if given a proper size mouse/rat. Do require heat pads and proper humidity. Can... show more

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUKeRJhW... looks sad

Chicken or fish?

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Best answer: I prefer fish its healthier

Far away from its natural habitat.

My rabbit raped my head?

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Best answer: You were "humped" (not "raped"). It was what male or female rabbits will do (usually to another rabbit) to assert dominance. I'm guessing she isn't fixed (though fixed rabbits may hump for dominance as well). By humping you, she is asserting herself over you. Don't let her. Make... show more

I drive a 2006 Honda Accord Coupe & one of my rear speakers is distorted past a certain volume while the other speakers sound fine. It almost sounds like some of the music is “missing” from that one speaker. I already swapped speakers & it still is coming from that same side so I know it’s not the speakers.... show more

She’s in a x pen and I need to take her to a different room so she can free roam. However, she does not like being picked up at all!

Best answer: There is no such thing as a micro or mini pig. What you see is a baby pig. To keep them on the smaller size, you don't feed them a lot, which in my opinion is starving them. They will still range from 100-400 lbs when fully grown. They don't stay tiny like you see in the pictures of videos. And a... show more

My daughter's birthday is coming up and she will be six. All she talks about is a pet so I've been considering getting her one. Cats and dogs are out due to our lease. Fish and small animals such as a hamster or a mouse are more what I have been thinking. Also the pet will need to be kept in her bedroom so... show more