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So I have a seal point Netherland dwarf, age of 7 or 8 and I've had to put blankets on the floor so she actually will come out of her cage and run around. However now I'm starting to run into a problem. I work night shifts and it makes it so hard to have to fold the blankets then put them back down every... show more

Best answer: I had a hissing cockroach pet. It was nice. I got it originally because I have a phobia of cockroaches, and wanted to desensitize myself. Well, hissing cockroaches are not really like the pest cockroaches you might get in the house, so it didn't really help. But I got along fine with the hisser. They are... show more

Can a pig be a therapy pet?

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Best answer: There is no general answer when it comes to this. If it isn't spelled out in your lease, ask your landlord, and be sure and get permission to keep the specific animal written into your lease agreement so there's no conflict later.

so theyre both fixed, the girl has been for a month and the boy has been fixed for 1 year. Theyre siblings and used to love eachother alot. Ive been trying to slowly introduce them in a neutral space, but today it escalated very quickly and the boy bit his sister on her back, there was a little red mark, and lots... show more

Ok, so I have a 6 month old unneutered flemish giant, we are having showings for selling our house and so we had to move him to my grandmas house until we move into our new house. He has been in the barn for lets say 2 weeks already. He is usually a house rabbit, but we had to put him in a barn in a big cage.... show more

Do pets remember their mothers?

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Best answer: Sure. My cat told me his mom was a rare orange tabby named Moggy and his name was Kitty Number 3.

So i've done all the research, saved all the money and this isnt the first animal i've ever had.. in the past i've had 6 hamsters all of which died from age (one had 6 babies which i gave away), and 2 cats.. I also had 2 guniea pigs for 2 years before giving them away.. in the past my brother had 24... show more

How to train my pet spider?

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Found a bunny.?

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Me and a few younger friends found a baby rabbit right next to an adult rabbit (female). We assumed this was the mother and washed him off, Fed him some alphalfa and tried to look for a home for him. (ps he had a broken leg) . I dont know who we should ask, where to get permits or anything like that. Pss I am in... show more

I cant have a dog. I want a pet that is about 10-12 pounds, warm blooded, snuggles and doesnt need a cage. Cats arent an option. I dont like them. Rabbits and ferrets STINK. They arent an option.

I was left her in my house about 5 days with some crackers and water. Now she has no fat like skeleton and limp, doesn't have any energy, and doesn't want to eat. She always lay like a grilled chicken (I'm not joking right now) and frozen, but she still gave some responses like little jump or walk but... show more

Overnight, one dog. Upstate Bew York.

Do you have any pets?

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What’s the best pet for me?

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So I’m 18 and just moved into a place of my own in Florida, my hole life I have had pets of all kinds, rodents, reptiles, fish, you name it most likely had it as a pet (besides birds lol), now Im looking for a new little friend, I have a dog and a fish tank set up and my roommate as 3 cats. I do work and have... show more

Can I get back an animal I sold?

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Best answer: No, once you have sold the pet it is not yours unless you had her sign an contract which stipulates that she cannot sell animals but that you will buy back any unwanted animals back at the original purchase price. Which I doubt is very common for rabbits. Mostly you need to try to do the vetting of people who buy... show more