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My chinchilla, Chica, keeps biting my brother, but only nibbles me when I have a treat. She bites him when he s petting her, but she lets me do it all I want (with her own boundaries). He yelled at her last time she did it and she got super scared. How do I discipline her without scaring her?

Best answer: Liberals couldn't lie they would say anything

Best answer: Nothing. There are no animals that fit exactly what you are looking for. Guinea pigs, rabbits and chinchillas require different/more care than a hamster. Guinea pigs must be housed in pairs or groups. I believe chinchillas need to be in pairs or groups as well. Reptiles require far different care but they are... show more

Best answer: Sounds like you want a parrot. If recommend a green cheek conure. They are single person birds. That is they bond VERY strongly with one person and if your lucky learn to tolerate the other people in the house lol. They are not super messy or smelly, certainly not more so than a hamster. Although they do like to... show more

Best answer: Like ferrets they have their own unique smell, they are slightly hard keepers and unless your a night owl you will be paying for and caring for pets you can watch sleep. I had a great time with my sons, however he was ever so frustrated because he couldn’t even rouse them with food. I have had insomnia my whole... show more

Best answer: Responsible pet owners realize that providing vet care is part of having a pet. If you have no means for doing that, then you should not own a pet. For vet visits and emergency care, you need to pay up front as vets have learned the hard way that they are often "stiffed". There are credit cards and... show more

Should we check if they can afford? Do a back round check?

In my area in East London, there are missing notice alerts at the bus stops and all that all the time now.

That’s not dangerous for the rabbit or dog and will wash off. I’m hoping to paint it on their foot then put it into paper.

Best answer: Because it's easier to give in than to be a good parent and say "no".

Like I say ~ money no object, and imagining you had access to all the right food, living accommodation, veterinary care, etc...

Best answer: A rabbit is more like having a cat or dog than like Gavin a guinea pig or a hamster. They CANNOT live there entire lives in cages. Like dogs they can sleep in there cages and stay in them while your at work if necessary. But it must be litter box trained and allowed to free roam in a bunny proofed room or in the... show more

My name is Teutonicunts?

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Best answer: lmao bro, why ask a question about yourself then say I asked it you ******* weirdo

Best answer: Just go tell her. There isn't much to it -- you're not trying to split the atom, just tell her.

Clay litter for rabbits?

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Best answer: Do not use clay cat litter. The scent is not good for the rabbit. The wood pellets are THE BEST at odor absorption!! Hands down. I have been keeping indoor rabbits for decades and have tried all kinds of litters. The best ones available are wood pellets (NOT wood *shavings*). The pellets can be purchased at... show more

Best answer: As long as you dont lie and say it is a service dog worst they can do is ask you to leave it you don't and cause trouble then maybe possibly disordly conduct or something. Also would depend on if they caused damage and you refused to pay or couldnt pay.

Can I have a pet tardigrade?

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