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I ask cause sometimes I ask my dog for a kiss and he just turns his head away.☹️

Created to strike fear and hatred in to man kind in an evil attempt to steer one from the righteous paths of the lord. Possibly the German Shepherds dug their own way up to earth from the fieriest parts of the godforsaken land of hell.

My 4 year old English staffy has killed and badly injured 2 cats. My neighbours cats from both sides of my house ( 2 seperate neighbours) both times the cats were in my yard. He badly injured my elderly neighbours cat last night, I assume it will die from the injuries, it had no blood but was paralysed. The cat was... show more

I was thinking about going back home to see family for the holidays.... I live in a different state. The family member that i was going to stay with says i can no longer bring my pup. She initially told me i could. She is seeing someone and he is allegedly allergic to dogs. I asked if he is allergic to all dogs,... show more

Best answer: First, it is NEVER a good idea to just THROW multiple new dogs into a household, no matter how well behaved the dogs might be. The dogs have to be CAREFULLY INTRODUCED in a NEUTRAL territory away from both the home and the yard- which I am sure was NOT DONE. Secondly, the dogs from his parents WERE NOT well... show more

My dog just moved into my apartment with me from my parent's backyard. She has never really shown signs of aggression, but the last few days, she's been growling at simple things like me putting on or taking off her harness. I have to use the harness (which she used to love) because she barks at other dogs... show more

Yesterday she was at the groomers (she’s an 8 year old Shih Tzu) and now she keeps quietly whining like almost a quiet grunting noise. She’s holding her neck out and also won’t eat. She’s drank some water though. She’s been coughing as if to puke but hasn’t eaten so won’t puke. Not moving around much. She’s always... show more

Will these kill a dog?

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Many people with think this is cruel but it’s my only hope of not having to put my dog to sleep. She’s not people aggressive but even though she has been raised with the same dog for 8 years has become very aggressive. I just need something for when they lock on to each other we can separate them. Again I am... show more

Which dog name do you like best?

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1. Chewie 2. Charger 3. Chori 4. Cheddar 5. Chuma Or, if you don't like any of them please help me think of a name that starts with C or Ch, thanks!

Best answer: Labrador Retriever

My dog is a labrodour schnoodle cross and he is almost one year old. I want to know how much water I should allow him to drink because I dont want him to have too much in case its bad for him and gets kidny problems or something like that.

My dog had surgery for her torn ACL four days ago and stitches were put in. Things were going fine and I'd had her on bed rest. Today I guess she was feeling like she wanted to be active (even though I kept having her lay back down) and when I took a shower she decided she felt like playing with the cat. I came... show more

Why do dogs like to be domesticated?

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Out of all the animals why do dogs want to be owned and chained to a collar. Do they have some type of bdsm fetish?

Why is my dog acting weird?

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How do you train your dog to sit?

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