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How to apologize to neighbors?

4 answers · 8 hours ago
My mother went out to water her plants and my dog ran out and my neighbors were outside with their doberman, i don’t know exactly what happened at first but my mom called me over and my chihuahua was barking at the dog while one of them held it and mine even went to bite the dogs behind. the one holding their dog... show more

And when she does play,it's not for very long.anyone have suggestions?

What should I do?

11 answers · 1 day ago
So I have 2 dogs. But I live with a roommate who has 2 dogs as well, I’ve been considering another dog (gsd) since i have been wanting one. I am financially stable and have more than enough room, I have a male gsd mix who is getting lonely due to the fact his sister (Siberian husky) is much older and doesn’t have... show more

I don’t know what to do. He constantly goes to the bathroom inside, but has free range outside with a doggy door and can go anytime. I walk him often every day. I give him treats when he goes to the bathroom outside. He just doesn’t stop no matter how much he’s taken outside

I am in the process of moving into a place with two large dos. The best approach is to slowly introduce them to my small dog, but in the meantime I need a place to put her. I also don t have a lot of money to spend, cause well moving. Do kennels offer some kind of service where i can pick and choose the days I need... show more

*Puppy Seizures*?

8 answers · 23 hours ago
Hi I have a 13 week year old puppy and he had a seizure when he was 10 weeks, he has had 7 since then, they only last about 1.5 mins but are still very scary when took him to the vet and they ruled out him having epilepsy as he is to young but to do any test it is very expensive and it may not even tell us whats... show more

you down the street, disobeying you, etc? If so, then you are NOT a good dog owner. Your Thoughts?

I've had him for a year now, he's usually fine with me and likes me petting him sometimes. I know he's territorial so he will get mad at me if I touch him when he's in his bed. He just came out of kennels and I was thinking maybe he'd be nicer. I was leaving my room and he came up to my door... show more

We have had a dog handed to us at the age of 4 as his old owner can no longer keep him. He's annoying at times and needs some work on his character. He barks at the tv over a load of sounds and scenes so we've been spraying him with water. He's massively on edge alot like he's excited and stressed... show more

Millions of dogs in the US are put down every year. That does NOT seem like reputable or moral to me. What are your thoughts on this?

We rent a house, all sides except for the right side, are all privacy fenced. The right side is a chain link fence. My dogs are trained to come, hush, and to accept boundaries. That means my dogs won’t hop a fence, and won’t jump on a fence. I’m always outside with my dogs, but my partner has mobility issues and... show more

Should I let this dog inside?

9 answers · 2 days ago
I asked a similar question involving the same dog. I live with my mother. And her tenants sister got a 6 month old dog, and its staying with him so hes training it. He didnt even ask my mom (the landlord) but my moms not doing anything about it. The tenant leaves around 8 am, and doesnt arrive until 12 or 1 am. He... show more