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Do you havea dog?

31 answers · 2 days ago
Where did you get your dog, a breeder, shelter etc?

A few months ago it randomly started so we took all the balls away from the backyard and even through months (2-3) of rest (No heavy Running or playing) she still is limping.

I just brought home my 8 week old Husky/Malamute puppy. A few minutes after I got her home she began barking and growling slightly at me and my husband. I don't think it was aggressive I believe she is just scared. I told her to stop as gently as I could so I would scare her and she did so every time I told her... show more

Some background information: I'm 20, been living with my mom and two sisters while I attend college the next town over, though this month I dropped out so I can go live with my dad and (hopefully) more easily find work (then eventually attend college there). We have two dogs, one I'll be taking with me, and... show more

My puppy lunges at me and bites hard if I’ve told him no or if I lay back on the couch or if I sit on his level. I’ve tried the yelp which seems to make things worse he bites even harder and I’ve tried to get up and ignore him but he doesn’t seem to care and when he keeps lunging at me I put him on his back and try... show more

Puppy odor?

11 answers · 18 hours ago
I recently got a puppy she’s about 3 months a German Shepherd & she pees all over the house! we’ve tried potty training her but she refuses to use the puppy’s pads, she will go outside to do the restroom but also inside! how can I make the smell of pee and poop go away? Is there something u can buy so the odor... show more

Best answer: You have two choices. You either risk it and if you get caught end up with the dog seized and pts. or You get in touch with DEFRA who then get the dog certified along with all the rules and regulations that go with it such as castration, muzzled etc

so i was thinking of getting a dog. but how much do they usually cost to own? also should i get a puppy or adopt?

My soon to be 16 year old Chihuahua keeps going to the bathroom about 10 times per night mostly to pee. He also drinks a lot of water. He's also sleeping a lot more than usual. Nearly all day long. So are these behaviors normal or do I need to take him to the vet?

Dog’s mouth is bleeding?

18 answers · 4 days ago
I have an 11 year old yellow lab and the roof of her mouth has been bleeding for days. She still eats regularly and doesn’t seem to mind. Idk what’s wrong.

Am I bad dog owner?

10 answers · 21 hours ago
I love my dog, She is my biggest love (+my bunnies are too) but yeah, I am 15 so I have school and my parents want my dog to stay in the room that is unheated, it's not so cold like outside but still now in winter is often just 10 celsius (50 degrees), she can only be in the hallway and in the kitchen, no other... show more

we take my dog to the vet yearly. Now, she has a huge tumor that is rapidly growing on her although she is acting fine. My mom is arguing that we dont have the money which I understand, but I just want to go to the vet and see what it is, but she will not pay for any more than the yearly visits and I have no money.

My boyfriend owns a 8 month old full breed collie. She is very sweet but extremely timid. She also isn’t spayed yet (not sure why). Whenever we bring her in the house it’s almost as if she gets too excited, or scared and pees and then we have to take her outside again. Is there anything I can do to stop her from... show more

We've had our doggy for three years now and every single time me and my parents get comfortable and cozy, he will start to whine. We will take him to the bathroom but then he still starts whining. Why does he do this, and how do we direct him to stop? Thank you

Am I bad dog parent?

8 answers · 9 hours ago
I made this question already, but it became unactive after time so I really need more answers. On another question everyone said I need to give dog to the other owner, sell her, but remember I WOULD NEVER LET MY DOG!!! She is my entire world. Let me explain. She lives in the unheated room, so sometimes it gets... show more

My dog was having a planned breeding but the 2nd was an accident, I don’t know what to do And my dad told not to panic because the 1st planned breeding and was tied successfully and he said the accident mating won’t have any effect on the puppies (if she is pregnant by the 1st dog) please help and she is still... show more