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What is the cutest type of dog?

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Best answer: A lot maybe idk cause I don't like dogs and cats

It wasn t even 1/4 of a teaspoon

Best answer: If you don't have a woman holding you back, then join the Marines.

I have never had this before but this morning I was walking to work and this couple were walking their dog a few yards in front of me, when i got closer the dog turned around and saw me, turned back, then turned around at me again straight away and just stared... and carried on staring at me as I walked past.. I... show more

Okay here's a little info on the situation. I'm twenty-three by the way and live in an apartment by myself, well with dozed now. Well my mom decided two months ago to surrender dozer to the shelter; (which I'd also helped take care of when I was living with her.) because her current boyfriend at the... show more

Best answer: What now ???? You return it to the breeder . ... a puppy is not a gift. It is a lifetime of expense, time and commitment that person is giving you and you really don't sound ready for that at all. The initial cost of a puppy is nothing compared to what is needed from here on, and if you have no... show more

I’m not talking about if they urinate and poop inside the house but do their bodies realease a natural odor?

I have a one year old shepherd and anytime I put her outside to potty or if I have to do stuff she jumps my fence and goes to in the garage or to the front door and I’m worried she’ll get out when I’m not home and someone will steal her or worse. I’ve tried adding wiring on top of the fence to make it taller but... show more

Best answer: Just because it is the "AKC" doesn't mean ANYTHING! you need to MEET the pup to make sure you two mesh!

I am a 16 year old girl and please dont take this as me whining, i just want to learn more. So I have been reasearching about fostering dogs for over a year. I wrote my parents a 3 page letter going over some good thing and bad about fostering. For the bad points i included how we could overcome it. When my parents... show more

Best answer: Put a sign on the dog that says "My owner served time in prison for crippling someone that pet his dog".

Best answer: Of course. I have two so I often need to identify which dog (hound!) I'm referring to. If I'm talking to somebody who doesn't know me or my hounds, I usually say (dog's name) my Basset or ((name) my Whippet. But it does depend on each situation - whether the individual needs to know the names... show more