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Best answer: Can't legally kill it but you can trap it and turn it over to animal control as an invasive stray . Sometimes Animal regulations will loan you a trap .

Can i bring a kitten to school?

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I want to bring my kitten to school and keep it in my locker. Do u think i can?

It just happened. I was playing with it and it just started crying like somebody is killing it and just took a dump. Explain why?

Instead of bringing it to shelter

Best answer: Because they are inconsiderate pet owners. Our cats are 100% inside cats - they have a litter pan so I don't have to worry about them pooping in neighbor's yards. IMO cats should be confined to your own property same as any dog.

Best answer: There isn't a right or wrong, or a 'done' way, because every cat is different and every domestic situation is different. You can only take it home and see what happens.

yesterday my cat was showing all the symptoms of going into labor, though we hadnt known she was pregnant - shes a stray we let in and stay with us she had begun leaking a reddish fluid, and then stopped. she even expelled some sort of sac and then ate it (gross) but since then, she hasnt pushed anything out. its... show more

How do i get a cat?

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I really want a cat but my parents don’t, how do i convince them

How far can cats jump without injury?

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Best answer: Cats can climb. So they jump up then use that momentum to keep going by using claws to scale. My cat caught a bird, then released it into the house. It flew into kitchen to the top of cabinet near the ceiling. My cat jumped up, scaled countertop and cabinet to catch it then scaled backwards to not fall from that... show more

Best answer: It is normal to feel guilty about this! I had hit and killed a deer a few years back and felt like the worst person in the world! You just have to try to get it off of your mind and tell yourself it wasnt intentional and not your fault. Keep your head up, it was an accident. You are only human. The best way to get... show more

Best answer: No. If the person drinks water from their own faucet, then its safe for the pets. We filter our drinking water, so the cats get the same water we drink. On trips, we use bottled water and so do the cats. If you boil water for kittens, their system never will adjust to the local water and the kittens will end up... show more

How often can cats have babies?

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i have two 3 year old cats we've owned almost their whole lives, and my mum always says it was cruel to keep them inside because then they'd be sadly looking out at all the mice and birds they used to catch, and said "well then who would clean the litter box?" (because frankly i vomit at the sight... show more

We just got a kitten yesterday and we were worried about our current cat not liking her but it’s basically the other way around! Our cat hasn’t shown any signs of aggression towards her, just more curious and wants to play with her. But the kitten keeps hissing at her and growling, is this normal behavior?

Why is my cat begging for food?

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I give her only two meals a day half a cup dry food one in the early morning and one late at night. I put the bowl down when I feed her when she's done eating and if there's kibble left I throw it away so that the bowl is clean for the next meal. But she was meowing when I picked up the bowl and she was... show more

Best answer: Is Feline Cuisine (kitten) cat food better than Whiskas or Friskies? I think it can go either way. ~Peanuts2345

Animal Cruelty By Neglect?

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Best answer: This is neglect. I seriously doubt that any animal control officer would accept this, as the animals are not being taken care of. Just putting out food is not good for the cats. If the cats leave their yard, look into what you can do to help a stray cat, and what makes a cat a stray. Usually, its if they... show more

I have a question about my cat?

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So I just adopted a 10 year old cat from my local shelter. She is the sweetest thing on planet Earth but I have noticed that she drools, but I usually only notice the drool when I m loving on her. Is it normal for cats to drool? The animal shelter told me she was missing some incisor teeth so I don t know if maybe... show more