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Should I get a kitten?

19 answers · 2 days ago
I have been thinking about getting a kitten but and unsure. I just dont want to pay alot of money for them. Like if I get a kitten and later on it life it needs surgery I will put it down because at the end of the day shes just an animal and Im not forkin gout 2k for surgery. I am fully capable of buying food and... show more

Should I declaw my cat?

17 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: Declawing a cat is a really big decision, and one that can have permanent repercussions for you and your animal. I'll try to summarize some information for you. Declawing a cat is no simple procedure. It's not simply like trimming their nails or even cutting them off entirely. A cats claw is actually... show more

I don't want to get my cats declared, but they give me such a struggle when I try to trim their nails. I started doing this when they were babies, as advised, but when I try to trim their claws, I get shredded, rather than my furniture, bedding, curtains, clothes, etc. How can I make this easier on all of us?... show more

I want her to have a well-balanced diet.

Her cat litter box is down in the basement. It’s always been there and it’s always clean. She would just walk downstairs and go, but now she’s acting weird. She’ll cry over and over and stand at the top of the stairs staring at me. I usher her to go downstairs and she does a little but it’s like I have to walk down... show more

I have 6 five week old kittens I am trying to litter train. They are peeing and pooping EVERYWHERE. I have tried pellet litter(they hated it) I have tried a sand clumping litter(they ate it) and I have tried putting their poop and pee, that i had to clean up, into the litter box and showing them that’s where to go... show more

Kittens gender?

10 answers · 2 days ago
I just found two feral kittens and I’ve gotten them pretty good with people but they are still funny about being picked up and stuff so I can’t just lift up their tails. Are there any other ways to tell a male from a female kitten? Like face shape and attitude? Does size have anything to do with it because one is... show more

Is my cat exotic?

14 answers · 5 days ago
Best answer: No. It's just a typical cat with a pissed-off look.

I may be homeless on Monday for about 2 weeks or so and I don't want to get rid of my cats as I grew up around them and they're like family, is it a bad idea to carry them in a cage until I can find a camping spot?

He is about 9 weeks old, he was found on the side of the road with fleas and ear mites. He has no chip. I found him several days ago and so far there are zero posters/posts for him anywhere.

Best answer: Your cat prefers to sleep with you, rather than in her own bed. That's a compliment. It's up to you whether you want to allow it to happen, and a lot of people do. The only drawback is that your bed will accumulate cat hair. But personally, I would say that's a small price to pay to cuddle with your... show more

When should I feed my cat?

7 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: 2 times a day. More if you want (just split the same amount of food into more meals) but most people just stick with 2 because its easiest. 1 meal a day is not enough. I feed all my adults 5.5-6 oz of canned a day. Should be fine for your girl too since shes about the same size as some of mine. May need more if... show more

I gave my cat treats from a new bag. A few hours later, she started vomiting what looked like bright red blood. She vomited about twelve times overnight, and looked like she felt terrible. She wouldn't eat anything else. By morning she had stopped vomiting, but still wouldn't eat anything. I realize... show more

Should I give up looking?

8 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: i wouldn’t give up, my friend lost her cat during a blizzard and gave up looking but found her at a shelter 6 months later

Best answer: Too bad, tuna is not an acceptable cat food, it is far too salty and some canned fish has mercury in it.Borrow some money, get a job or rehome your cat so that it can be properly fed.

Best answer: If you did not agree to it being put down sue the vet.

Is my cat pregnant?

5 answers · 13 hours ago
My cat was in heat and she got outside . when I went to look for her I heard her meow very loudly , but only once . Then she came running to the door , so I let her in and she ran upstairs. I went to pick her up but she started hissing at me like crazy (she’s never hissed at me the 2 years I’ve had her ) is she... show more