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Why is my kitten begging for food?

16 answers · 2 days ago
She’s just begging for food! Why

I adopted a senior cat from the pound last year, I've had him for a year and he's such an amazing affectionate cat. I'm a university student (going into a masters) and I'm doing my very best to work while I save, pay all my rent and bills etc. In December, my cat had a heart attack and he almost... show more

What's something that will?

12 answers · 3 days ago
Deter a cat from coming onto your property

They are severely overly populated in some areas. Thoughts?

Which type of cat should I get?

8 answers · 1 day ago
Hello, Im 15 and I have always wanted a dog or a cat. However, my. family and I live in a flat, therefore I think dog would be unhappy. I like types of cats like birma or ragdoll, but I've read that these type of cats shouldn't be left alone (I leave home at 7am and come home at 3-4pm). Also, we often go on... show more

My cat likes to jump on my lap but when I start lighting a cigarette it will jump off. Is this normal?

What dog breed is this?

6 answers · 14 hours ago

Best answer: It hates you.

Have a year old male cat that gets mad when you pet his head or grab his paws.His tail starts moving and you better watch out.He will grab your hand between his feet and bite

I ask because cat only people seem very different from dog only people. Is it purely preference or is there scientifically more behind it?

I stayed over a friend's house for a while and their cat would follow me everywhere. He sat by the window when I'd leave and I was told he sat there for hours until he realised I wasn't going to return. He's now grooming me and he won't let the other cat near me, he hissed and scratched the... show more

She gave birth day before yesterday and everytime I bring the food bowl she doesn’t eat i have to smell her with my hands then she starts eating a little bit but not like always how she eats is it normal?

My cat's fur isn't growing back?

8 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: It will take time, just like it would take time for your hair, eyebrows, etc, to grow back after being shaved. You will see the fur start to come in as a fuzz then it will get longer til it finally fully grows in. It may take months to fully regrow. Sometimes there are health issues that can cause fur to grow... show more

What cat breed is this?

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How come my cat won t bark?

8 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: A cat was walking with her kittens through an alley when a nasty dog appeared at the only exit to the alley and stated to stalk them. The mother cat turned sideways, puffed herself up and hissed. The dog kept coming. Then she turned toward the dog and barked. The dog turned tail and ran. The cat looked at her... show more

Why I strongly dislike cats: 1. I’m Allergic (Cats & Dogs) 2. The Hair. I know not all cats shed but my boyfriend’s cat sheds like crazy! I can’t deal with the hair all over everything. It makes me feel dirty. 3. The smell of urine and cat feces is DISGUSTING! and lingers. (Especially, the urine). 4. They... show more