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Do cats to to heaven?

16 answers · 1 day ago
Best answer: Wouldn't it be sweet if our dearly loved pets did go to heaven? Oh, damn, now I'm crying.

Best answer: To cats, showing their butt is a sign of trust and affection.

Will my cat remember I hurt him?

13 answers · 1 day ago
Best answer: Very unlikely! Our younger Ocicat Viola decided soon after joining us that she was "daddy's girl", and besides sleeping with me she follows me around a lot, and sometimes gets underfoot. This does sometimes result in a stepped on paw and a loud MEOW! The floors are almost all carpeted and we never... show more

Help! I don’t know if I should take him to the hospital or not. I found him stuffing the cat’s leavings into his mouth. I could tell his body was rejecting it because he was also regurgitating the droppings and shoving back into his mouth. Why would my son do this?!? What should I do??

My male cat who is 6 years old & not neutered went missing 7 months ago in march he was an outdoor cat & always came home to eat & sleep in the day then he'd be out for a few hours sometimes even a few days but he always came back within a week.. so 3 days ago after giving up searching for him after... show more

My cat can t eat solid food?

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Ive been over at my grandma s house a few times this week and noticed her cat looking very frail, skinny, you can feel her entire spine when you pet her, she s losing hair but doesn t appear to be over grooming it seems like it s just falling out, chirps kind of funny when you go to pet her. I gave her some hard... show more

Do you have a cat?

9 answers · 1 day ago
Best answer: Piper, a pure bred alley cat.

Best answer: Hi, I feed stray cats too, but I would first try feeding the mother and befriending her first before touching the kittens. You see, some cats dont mind, but some cats abandon the kittens if they find foreign scent on them. So, befriend the mom first....good luck.

I know this old couple who never bathe, buy new clothes or act like they know the state of their filthy house. Their home is like a dumpster, they act like they're on the streets except they're warm and have a roof over their head. They're one of my clients in my care job. Their cute cat crawled right... show more

It is just after one in the morning here. I am not sure how long the cat has suffered, he is eleven or twelve years old. Can it wait until morning or should I seek immediate care?

Best answer: No. Your cat is not old - he's middle age. If you cannot love this cat and keep him for the next 5-10 yrs, then you should not get another cat that is more exciting. I've had 15 and 18 yr old cats that would play and run around the house and were not boring. Very few people are interested in adopting a... show more

Best answer: Awww they want to love you. Actually the probs just want petting but the first sounds better so we shall stick with that one. 😬

Best answer: No. If a cat is showing "cold like" symptoms then it is likely an upper respiratory infection, allergies or feline herpes.

She doesn’t have fleas or ticks(I had her checked out), I don’t know if it’s a food allergy(just switched her food recently from Purina to Rachael Ray) so I don’t know if that’s the problem. And someone told be it might be that she has dry skin so I bought stuff for that. Please help!

I asked my vet and he just kind of shrugged" meh it's up to you, the new cat might catch it or might not" ?