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Cat smelled my vape! Is that ok?

12 answers · 2 days ago
I was playing around with my vape and my cat was beside me. It was turned on and my cat came over and smelled it directly in front of the mouth piece. I didn’t know it was bad for cats until I did some research after, and now I’m really concerned. Is my cat going to be okay?

My parents say I have to keep her in my room at night as she jumps and scratches at doors waking them up early in the morning, but now she does the same to me by trying to get out of my room. We don’t have a cat flap so we let her in and out through windows, unfortunately my room is at the front of my house ground... show more

Animal rights question?

15 answers · 3 days ago
I’ve just come back from putting my cat down...the vet discovered she had a massive tumour in her jaw. Previous to this, this poor cat when thru dental surgery where they thought she had extreme decay, 12 or her teeth were extracted. Now one month after the surgery and two additional vets saying bloody discharge... show more

I usually have female pets simply because the 1 male cat and 2 male dogs I've had peed all over everything and I never could break them of it fully. The cat was the worst and that was the only time I've ever re-homed a pet. I'm interested in getting another kitten maybe a male this time because I like... show more

Hi! Recently I've noticed my cat sneezing, with a hoarse 'meow' with a running nose. After talking with my Grandmother, a retired Vet Tech, we've decided it's a cold that needs to be looked after. I have 2 other cats in the household. I have an 8 year old Male who was born without eyes (Sick... show more

why doesn't the bird just fly away when it sees a cat?

Best answer: You need to take kitten to the vet. Hopefully, a vet is open, being it is the weekend, so that means getting on the phone right away and calling. Bring a sample of the poop, if possible, but even if you don't have a sample, go there with the kitten. Often, stress can cause diarrhea, so this may contribute to... show more

Normally she loves to be around family and be in the same room. Now at random times you could be petting her and she will run into the bedroom closet and just lay down. No signs of pain or discomfort. Her diet has slowed.

IF U READ THIS, PLS HELP IMMEDIATELY. I think the kitten is 4 month old...

My cat loves coffee grounds. For the past few months, I've been putting a little bit on my hand, and he likes it up. But I do not know, how much is bad?

Want male kitten?

8 answers · 1 day ago
I’m going to be getting a kitten the end of February or early March . I want a kitten because I’ll be easier on my cat. Should be five months or younger , house trained and friendly with people and cats

My sisters friend who i have never liked asked my sister if i could take care of her cat for a week because she got kicked out of her place and couldn’t take it to her boyfriends parents house. I love cats and would never turn down one in need so i agreed despite my differences with the girl. Two months passed and... show more

Can I get my cat an abortion?

19 answers · 5 days ago
to make a long story short, my cat ran away, and came home preggers. I can’t afford to feed all these cats, i’m just trying to do the best I can. can I get my cat an abortion?

Kittens will be 5 weeks Tuesday January 22 and she still hasn’t even started to wean them. She is a first time mom but she does wonderfully at caring for her babies. Mom, dad and babies are pure breed Siamese but I’ve bred a Siamese before and she had 2 litters and both times she started weaning no later than 4... show more

Best answer: If it was a mist of water, don’t worry about a thing. If you sprayed it with a hose, then that’s pretty messed up.

How would you feel if you woke up tomorrow and the army had taken over, with a general announcing that Jacob Rees Mogg had executive authority until mid 2020, in order to sort out the current mess? The plan would be to hold an election in June 2020, then go back to normal with a new parliament. Good or bad? I... show more

pandas are naturally carnivores but have evolved to become herbivores by picking the right plant to eat to sustain their protein needs. i think in the future, we can breed cats that can be pure herbivores through modern science. do you agree?

Best answer: You're NEVER supposed to hit your pet. Nobody should have to tell you this.

Best answer: I do not think he will keep them on. Try washing feet off with a damp paper towel instead.